Brain Droppings: 1/11

Welcome to the 1/11 edition of Brain Droppings, I have a confession to make:Logo Brain Droppings
I don’t do resolutions.

I’ve put them out in the past before, but as I’ve gotten older, I think its almost a waste. I’m the same lovable sarcastic asshole in 2016 I was in 2015. 2015 sucked by the way. If I was to make a resolution, it would be to enter 2017 happier than I entered 2016.

Its not starting off that way.

But lets get back to things to improve on. I’d like to get more consistent in my writing. If you have looked at what we are doing, we have two things coming out Monday-Friday, and one thing on the weekend. That’s at a minimum. I’d like to get 2 more columns and someone to do something on music. Another movie reviewer would be nice as well, someone without five kids that can do new stuff in theaters. But back to the weekly stuff. I have the Brain Droppings on Monday, the Trivia and the Jokes. I’m also going to taking a few turns doing the Pounding 7s, along with the other writers, and the NFL picks. I’d love to get the MMA Roundtable going, might be able to once the NFL season winds down. I’ve got a personal goal of 50 movies this year, I should blow past that easily. I’m gonna throw up a poll on that soon, so watch out for that.

WriterSo if you haven’t already, signup with the Roost, Can be done on both Droids and Apple devices, so you get a message whenever we update. I’ve redone the site again to make it more mobile friendly, but the number of pieces on the frontpage dropped in half, but it loads quicker. Any thoughts or questions you can always throw my way. If you want to join up, or want to write an op-ed piece, let me know as well.

Finally, I do want to start up some Barstools. I have one in the can with Roni, that I’ll post as soon as it becomes relevant, but I do love me some arguments.

So one final question, what would you like to see in this space? You want more scattered pieces? A running diary of life? More politics? Vitriol?

As always, thank you for reading, you can post comments below, or throw them up on the Facebook comments as a cheap way to spread the word, and you can follow me on twitter and the site at large on Facebook.

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