Hello again wrestling fans, I welcome you back to another round of Q and A with #ask7pound. I hope you all have recovered from the New Year’s parties, and have successfully transitioned into 2016 and back to the daily grind of work life. This week on #ask7pound, Are some of the newer talent coming from TNA being punished? Who holds the official record for longest and shortest time in the Royal Rumble event? This and much more.

Let’s start off with a bit of Bad News


I do have some bad news this week and generally it is about a particular event in the history of the business. However, this week my bad news is directed TNA for not knowing what to do when you make a new debut on a network. I will give them that they did tease a Beer Money reunion which is definitely a good thing. However do I have some bad news for TNA. You advertise a match involving a competitor who is seven months pregnant so you can run a substitution angle I guess. Then there is the world title picture So…let me get this straight you book a 32 person World Cup style tournament for a vacated belt that was vacated because the losing champ “went to court and filed an injunction against the new champ” which leads to Tuesday night where EC3 “valiantly” went through Lashley and Matt Hardy to once again the win the belt. At this point I think TNA is trying to see how many times the can crown EC3 champion w/o actually him actually lose a match and that makes cringe



And now before we get started with your questions, we will be having a new segment to bring to you. #AskTrevor. Trevor is a talking monkey who likes to weigh in on topics in the world of wrestling as well. He asked me if he could be on this forum, and I said why not. So if you have any questions for Trevor, or myself, send me a tweet @StephanHall or email me swhall03@gmail.com. One of us will be glad to answer your questions.Trevor will make his debut next week!


Here are the questions this week.

David gets us started about punishment on newer talent?

Is WWE putting all these new people in NXT as a punishment for being ex-TNA or is there a legit reason? You would think with the global experience guys like AJ and Joe have they wouldn’t need “training”


I don’t honestly think you could call it being punished. I mean let’s face it, Was TNA really a threat to the WWE? Hardly. Plus these guys did actually get their start in the WWE back in the 90’s and were in the developmental FCW back in the day. AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe both appeared on WWE TV at one point. No, I think the reason that Joe, James Storm, and we will have to see about AJ, as rumor has it he will be pushed right into the main roster, are starting in NXT is to get their character over with the WWE fans and get used to the style of wrestling that is in the WWE. Get used to the ring, as it is completely different than in TNA. Kind of work out their skills before being called up. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see them on TV in 2016. James Storm is rumored to be heading back to TNA. I think he was primarily being used as a trainer, and realized he was not likely going to advance past NXT. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because in my opinion, NXT is still a way better product than TNA, and even Ring of Honor. I would even debate the fact that NXT has better talent and wrestling than the main roster in the WWE. This is solely my opinion, but just look at the ratings that NXT is getting. So I don’t think it is punishment, I think they are there to get their feet wet before appearing on RAW and LIVE TV.


Jonathan from Guelph Ontario wants to know some record holders in the Rumble.

Can you tell me who actually holds the record for longest time and the shortest time in the Royal Rumble?

Absolutely, Jonathan. I might throw out there that if you would read the Wrestling Roundtable on Thursdays, you would have already known part of the answer, but that is okay, we all make mistakes. The longest entry was Rey Mysterio in 2006, when he entered in at #2, lasted 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 12 seconds eclipsing Chris Benoit’s record set in 2004 at 1 hour 1 minute and 30 seconds. Other notable hour long wrestlers in the Rumble include Bob Backlund, Triple H, and Ric Flair.


As for the shortest time in the Rumble, that honor goes to Santino Marella, who spent a whopping one second in the Royal Rumble in 2009. He broke a 20 year old record held by the Warlord, who in 1989, spent 2 seconds in the Rumble. Other wrestlers who spent less than 10 seconds in the Rumble match are: Mo from Men on a Mission, Owen Hart, Bushwacker Luke, Jerry Lawler, Titus O’Neil, The Godfather, Gillberg, The Miz, MVP, and Tazz. All these guys were in the Rumble less than 10 seconds.


Alan has a couple questions about some old school folks. 

Hey there, I have two questions for you. First, What happened to Howard Finkle? I have not seen him around these days. 


Howard Finkle is listed as semi-retired as far as the WWE is concerned. He does not make many appearances with the WWE, but he was featured on WWE Legends House, which can be seen on the WWE Network. It is a funny show, I would recommend you check it out. Finkle typically makes appearances in the WWE on special Raw shows, like anniversary shows, and to date, he is the only WWE personality, wrestler, or commentator, to appear at every single wrestlemania on screen. Not even Vince McMahon can say that.


Second question: Remember Jack Tunney? The President of the WWE? First off, was he really the President of the WWE or was that a gimmick? If it was a gimmick how did that start?


The title was ceremonial only to provide an authority figure to announce major decisions on television, as Tunney held no backstage power beyond that of a regional promoter; as such, his main roles were that of a storyline authority figure, to make matches, arbitrate disputes between wrestlers and announce major decisions or events on television. Still, he was thrown onto TV whenever a major decision had to be announced and his hard nosed way of doing things earned him the nickname “The Hammerhead”.His on-air decisions were portrayed as legitimate in storylines.

So to answer your question, Tunney’s Presidency was just a gimmick, he was not really the President of the WWE.


Stan wants to know about first ever champions

I have a loaded question for you and I hope you don’t mind answering. Could you tell me who the first of all the championships were? Primarily the major titles in the WWE, and WCW, maybe even the NWA if we combine WCW and NWA.


Here is the list we will start with the WWE

WWE World Champion- Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, Ironically while this is a feat being the first champion. He lost the title less than a month later to Bruno Sammartino who went on to hold the title for nearly 8 years.

WWE Intercontinental Champion- Pat Patterson

WWE Tag Team Champions- Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler- Yeah I’d never heard of them either

WWE European Champion- The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

WWE Hardcore Champion- Mankind when he was hand delivered the championship belt

WWE Cruiserweight Champion- Taka Michinoku won the Light Heavyweight Championship by defeating Brian Christopher, but was renamed the Crusierweight Champion in 2002 when X-Pac unified the Light Heavyweight title and Crusierweight titles.

On to the NWA/WCW- Note most titles were started in 1975. 

WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Orville Brown was the first NWA World Champion, Ric Flair was the first official WCW World Champion

WCW United States Champion- Harley Race

WCW World Tag Team Champions- The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene and Ole Anderson)


WCW World Television Championship- Danny Miller

WCW Hardcore Championship- Norman Smiley

WCW United States Tag Team Championship- Krusher Khrushev and Ivan Koloff

WCW Crusierweight Champion- Brian Pillman (was known as the Light Heavyweight Championship in 1991) Was reformed in 1996 as the Crusierweight Championship won by Shinjiro Otani of Japan



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