Movie Review: The Birds

While I am going through my 20-Movie pack of Alfred Hitchcock, and no, I have not forgotten it, its just that the silent films are KILLING ME. But, on one of my movie channels came one of the classics.
The Birds.Birds Sq
I think we have all heard of this one, possibly the second most famous of Hitchcock’s films after Psycho, but oddly enough, I have never seen it. So lets see how the Birds holds up, shall we?
So we kick off in a pet shop, and the Hot Blonde is talking with the owner ,.. Our Hero shows up, and pretends that the woman works there, she plays along, yet knows nothing about Birds. She figures it out, but for some reason becomes infatuated with the man. She tracks him down to his apartment the next day when the owner is able to get a set of lovebirds, something they were sold out when the man was there. The man’s neighbor tells the woman that the Man, Mitch has gone to his mother’s house, as he does every weekend, in Bodega Bay about a 45 minute drive. She drives on up there.
Hold up. So this dude shows up, acts like a prick, and runs to see his mommy every weekend, and she’s going to take off for an hour and half round trip to go see him on the advice of a neighbor? Gotta love the 60s, this chick needs a MAN badly!
Birds Kids ChaseSo meeting up with Suzanne Pleshette, a local teacher and we come to find out later, a former flame of Mitch. She directs her to where Mitch lives, across the bay. A local helps the woman get a boat, and she sneaks across the bay, and leaves the birds in the house. Yeah- sneaking across a lake. Mitch sees her as she leaves, and races around the bay to meet her at the pier. On the way over, a seagull smacks her in the face, giving her a cut over the forehead. Mitch takes her to a bar, and invites her to dinner, with his sister and his MOTHER! Oh wait, that’s the other Hitchcock movie. If Momma looks familiar- she should, that JESSICA F’N TANDY. If you never saw her before Cocoon, MAN. Miss Daisy got game. So after a fun meal, Melanie goes back to Suzanne Pleshette’s house, and a bird kills itself smacking into the window.
The next day, the attacks get worse.
So how is the Birds?
The movie starts SLOW. For so much time spent on the characters, I still don’t care about these two or quite get by Tippi Hedren cares about this dude. Just seems kind of a thrown together plot device.
Once the attacks do hit, the movie picks up, finally.
And the Birds does pick up. The terror of ordinary birds is made real, and unlike a lot of horror movies, there is a twinge of realism to it, You could see this happening. There is a welcome twinge of realism in the movie, and with all the noise about Hitchcock and Hedren and what may and may not have happened with them, Tippi does a great acting job here. Say what you will about Hitchcock, he does frame his actors well.
Final Verdict on the BirdsBirds Phone Booth
I think if you are a classic Horror fan, this is required viewing.
If you enjoy Horror movies, this is a required watch- once.
If you enjoy Black and White movies, the slow burn, you will enjoy this one. I can’t see myself ever watching this one again, without a solid commentary track, but If I’m flipping channels, I’ll stop to see where its at, and I’ll watch from there. I’ll give it an 8.

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  1. 1st saw this on TV with my uncle… I think I was about 8 or 9… watched it all the way through and when it ended I was kinda shocked… just looked at my uncle and said… “The birds are still there? That’s the end?” and he smiled and said “yep.”

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