The Blog About Nothing 1/8 Edition

Welcome to yet another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 8th of January and it’s the second edition of the blog for the year 2016. Last week I felt the need to address some things that I felt I had to say. I’m glad I did. It made me realize that people actually read this blog, and this blog space allows me to reach into myself and pull out some things I would normally keep buried.

I also found out that people like when I reveal myself, so I thought I would do that again this week. I’ve always liked writing, but my writing style is real conversational. I’m not a vocal person by nature. I have to really warm up to someone before I feel comfortable revealing myself to them, but behind these keys, I can be the conversationalist that I really am. I write like how I speak. I’m talking to you behind these keys. Good thing is that people are listening. Not a lot, granted, but people are listening. That’s good.

So when did I fall in love with writing? I’d have to say it was in junior high school. I was always good in school, but I was never a focused student. My grades were good, but my mind always wandered in the classroom. When my mind wandered, I would start sketching in my notebooks. Gradually by the 8th grade those sketches transitioned to words. In the margins of my notebook, I’d write little poems. Or rhymes. Yeah, that’s how it all started.

It transitioned on in to high school, where I’d keep a little black and white composition notebook in my book bag. My high school allowed for free periods, and honestly, it was a pretty relaxed place when it came to cutting classes, so I’d often find me a little space to write. It was my little secret that I practiced out in the open.

I’d also write at home. I had a little CD radio and plenty of CD’s because I was part of one of those music clubs that was popular in the late 1990’s, and I would always have my headphones in listening to music. My parents hated rap music, and since that was what I used to listen to, I always had headphones on deck. Whether I was playing videogames, reading, or writing, I always had on music and those headphones. It was just my life.

Anyway, I had a notebook or two stashed in my room and they were full of poems and rhymes. Early on my poems were silly in nature. Typical teen shit, mostly. However, as I grew older and focused on politics, I wrote poems that were heavily focused on current events. Also, as a typical teenager, especially one that always had a bit of a give/take relationship with my Dad, some of those rhymes were not very flattering of him. I kind of worried, he would find them. He never did, as far as I know, but some of those books did go missing when my room was redone in the mid 2000’s. So who knows…

I should admit that I also wrote love poems. Yeah, I did that shit. I had a crush on a girl I had known since we were both 7 years old, but because I was a coward I could never really reveal that. I wrote about her though. I wrote a lot about her. In our senior year, I showed her those poems. I initially told her it was about another girl, until I finally broke down and admitted they were about her. Then in my slick 17 year old mind, I gave her the notebook that was full of poems about her, and told her to keep them and read them over the weekend. Well, I got that book back, with a little piece of commentary: she liked them but we would NEVER have something together. Damn, that hurt. I found my high school yearbook recently where she wrote: You’ll still be writing about me. Some shit like that. I can’t remember the exact quote, but almost 17 years later, she was right. I’m still writing about her. We’re not friends anymore, and I haven’t seen her since I saw her on the train back in 2002 (or so), so I’m not worried about her coming across this.

That’s it, huh? Writing hobby done, right? Nope. I kept writing. My college notebooks are full of more of the same. Less lovey shit, but my poems transitioned towards raps. Yeah, I think like every kid from the ‘hood, I thought I could be a rapper. I even had a rap name which I will not reveal. Nah. It was corny anyway. Wild corny. One day in one of my history classes (I was a history major after all), I was just doing my thing and not even realizing my classmate is practically leant over my shoulder reading them. He taps me on the shoulder and told me he liked them. I got gassed up, of course, but I never expected anything from my writing. It was just something I did.

Like most folks, I graduated, got into the working world and my writing more or less stopped. That is until I came across a site called FanNation back in 2007. FanNation allowed ordinary Joe Blow’s like myself to blog, and I did it with full force. That website also came with a lot of bullshit, so I eventually quit it around 2010, but I wrote over 200 blogs. Some of them were pretty good, to be honest. There was no money involved, and I definitely was not running around telling friends of family that I was some blogger (actually I told no one I was doing that), but I enjoyed the opportunity to sharpen my skills in something I liked doing.

Through that site I was exposed to people like myself. People who liked writing, and using it as a forum to get better. That’s how I got to 7Poundbag, and there were a few bloggers on FanNation who have gone onto much bigger platforms. No disrespect to my colleagues here at the ‘bag of course. 7Poundbag allows me to continue doing something I’ve liked doing since I was a 13 years old. 21 years later, I’m still writing and I love it.

However, I haven’t written in a composition notebook in years. I keep telling myself that I need to because I miss doing it. I still compose rhymes and poems though. This next part is for my family and friends. If you have ever caught me looking at you, but looking like I’m lost in space, it’s likely because I’m free-styling in my head. I do it all the damn time. I’m constantly kicking something off in my head. It’s my way. I love words. I’ll always love it, and even if this site fails, I’ll always find a way to keep my love alive.

Thanks. Thanks for allowing me to share. Appreciate it. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting


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  1. Funny the way things are somtimes… maybe it’s why sometimes I feel a strong kinship towards you about our connection on 7Poundbag… a lot of what you write in this blog today fits myself… 32 years diffrence in our ages and soemtimes it feels like there is no difference at all. Huh… imagine that.

  2. Thanks again, EJ.

    I, too, enjoyed the FanNation days, feel “connected” to all my old friends from there, and still use my FanNation screen name on other sites. I might have been the oldest member of that community.

    My growth in writing was in many ways similar to yours. But I majored in mathematics in college? Why not composition? Because I cannot (or refuse to) be creative on Tuesday afternoons or whenever a teacher or editor thinks I should be.

    I am now free to write when I feel like it and free not to write when I feel like it. It is, after all, one way to deal with terminal writer’s block!

  3. Thanks Appleseed.

    I cannot write for the sake of doing it. Probably why I never thought of studying journalism or majoring in English. I can’t be technical in that sense.

  4. Truth be told Joe, you push me. I’ve said it before. You push me on this site. What you do every Wednesday, I try to top. So yeah, I’ve felt that kinship too.

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