NFL Wild Card Weekend

Time for the Wild Card Weekend!

nfl-picks1Being only a game behind, Joe needed a strong week to win the season, but Steve was in striking distance as well. Bill threw up a 10-6, as did Joe to keep the 1 and 2 spots for the year. Steve had the best week at 11-5, but not enough to climb out of third, but enough to stay ahead of DJ and David, who tied for 4th. Jim continued his push, tying Steve with a 11-5, but much like his Bucs, just ran out of season. Bill gets a solo win for the season crown, after tying last year, and gains the choice of going straight up or vs the spread next year.

The Final NFL Standings

Bill 160-99   10-6 Joe 159-100    10-6 Steve 155-105  11-5
DJ 152-108     10-6 David 152-108     10-6 Chad 138-91
Jim : 147-112  11-5 Unanimous: 69-31 5-2

Texans vs Cheifs

Jim: Kansas City is my sleeper pick for the entire thing.  They’re just peeking at the right time.  And how Houston is a playoff team is beyond comprehension.  So I think Kansas City wins big.

Joe: KC

Earl: Chiefs over Texans. Kansas City comes into this game on a roll. After a slow start to the season, the Chiefs caught fire and have not looked back. Houston overcame a ton of injuries, especially at the QB position, but I expect the Chiefs to walk out of Houston with the win.

David: I’ll take KC. I simply can’t see how the Texans are competitive offensively here. Of course, the Chiefs do have one thing the Texans don’t. Andy Reid. If the Texans can keep within one score- then Reid should give them the win.

Steve: Chiefs over Bengals

DJ: Chiefs


Bengals vs Steelers

Jim: Cincinnati is simply rolling, and Pittsburgh is beaten an battered.  So of course….Pittsburgh in the upset.

Joe: Pittsburgh

Earl: Steelers over the Bengals. Pittsburgh backed into the playoffs, after my beloved Jets threw away a chance to take the #6 spot against the Bills, but they are a better overall team than the Bengals. Also, in Pittsburgh’s favor is that Andy Dalton may not play in this game, and if he does play, he will likely be rusty after coming back from surgery for an injured finger. The Steelers behind Big Ben have too much experience and they should beat Cincy.

David: I love this game. If Dalton is here, then he’s an upgrade, but he’s also a guy that has as many playoff wins as I do in the NFL. Big Ben is a beast, and the Steelers should run with anyone, but that defense is the worst its been in years. The Bengals have a better defense, but again, its strength vs strength. So lets look at the coaches. Marvin Lewis is a much better builder than gameday coach, and Tomlin can be hit or miss at best, and getting worse as the years go on. I’ll take the Bengals, just because one good hit on Ben shuts down the offense, the Bengals can lose people on either side and be ok.

Steve: Steelers over Bengals



Vikings vs Seattle

Jim: I just don’t think Minnesota has the weapons to beat Seattle.

Joe: Seattle

Earl: Seahawks over Vikings. The Seahawks, like the Chiefs, have rebounded from a slow start and are playing great football right now. Russell Wilson and company beat down these same Vikings at Minnesota a few weeks ago, and should have no problems doing it again. I like what the Vikings have going, and Teddy Bridgewater should have a bright future, but he’s going to get his first playoff loss this weekend.

David: What Seattle team shows up? The one that played the Rams, or the one that slapped the Cardinals around? Oddly enough, I trust the two time NFC Champs than I do anyone on the Vikings. I’ll take Seattle.

David: Seahawks over Vikings

DJ: Seahawks


Redskins vs Packers

Jim: The only game I’m really confused about is Green Bay vs Washington.  Which Green Bay team will show up?  Since I have no idea, let’s go with the Redskins.

Joe: Washington

EJ: Redskins over Packers. I know Green Bay is favored, but the Packers have been up and down all season, and I think the momentum the Redskins are carrying into this game will push them over. Coach Gruden gambled big on Kirk Cousins and Cousins is making good on that bet. Beating Aaron Rodgers and the Packers might be too much to ask of him, but I think he and the Skins can get it done.

David: If I was going to bet that the Redskins were going to be favored in a playoff game vs the Packers, the cashier in Vegas would ask me how many times Rodgers had been shot. Can I trust Kirk Cousins? I’m not sure I can trust anyone on the Packers. I almost want to take the Packers- just on reputation, but they had everything to gain last week and lost to a team they should have handled. I’ll take Washington to do the same thing and end this Packers torture.

Steve: Packers over Redskins



Lets Rank the NFL Teams!

Jim Joe Earl David Steve
12.  Houston Redskins Vikings Texans Texans
11. Green Bay Texans Texans Redskins Redskins
10.  Minnesota Packers Packers Vikings Bengals
9.  Washington Broncos Redskins Packers Steelers
8. Denver Vikings Bengals Bengals Vikings
7. Pittsburgh Bengals Broncos Steelers Packers
6. Seattle Patriots Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
5. Cincinnati Steelers Steelers Seahawks Broncos
4. Arizona
Chiefs Patriots Broncos Seahawks
3. Kansas City Seahawks Seahawks Patriots Patriots
2. Carolina Arizona Arizona Arizona Panthers
1.  Patriots Panthers Panthers Panthers Arizona

Super Bowl Pick

EJ: Panthers versus Patriots

Cam Newton and Tom Brady have turned in MVP campaigns, and while neither team is perfect, in my mind they are the best teams in their respective conferences.

If I have to pick a Super Bowl winner in that matchup, I lean slightly to the Panthers. The Patriots are good enough to win the AFC, but I feel they might be a little too banged up to stop Cam Newton and company in the Big Game.

Joe: Right now I’m sticking with the NFC rep being Arizona and I’m going out on as a limb and saying the AFC rep will be Pittsburgh with Arizona winning in OT 24-21.

Jim: Even though that’s how I rank them, I still believe it’ll be Carolina vs Kansas City.  Who wins?  I think Carolina finally wins their first title this year.

David: The AF is still the Pats to lose, only they have come back to the pack. Name me the QB in the AFC that, down 5 on their own 20, no timeouts at the 2 minute mark you trust. Big Ben and Brady would be it. Name me the coach you trust. Not Tomlin or Reid, thats for sure. In Hoodie I trust there as well. How about the defenses? Denver’s is by far the best on the field, but again, the Pats have some skills there as well. Over on the NFC, Carolina has been killin folks, but I as the Panthers fan, am scared to death of Arizona. Well, the offensive line of the Cardinals. No Honey Badger gives me hope, but without Stewart, we have no chance. No other team scares me. Its Pats vs Carolina/Arizona winner. Carolina came in second last time, next time we get the upgrade on this.

Panthers Super BowlSteve:Going Bold here

Arizona Cardinals over Pittsburgh Steelers

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  1. A hard fought win this season, for sure. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to add my picks and commentary for this. I’ll drop them on later today.

  2. David was spot on about his analysis of the Pitt Cincy game except for the fact that Cincy made two dumbassed penalties late.

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