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Turkoglu won't be laughing at the end of the season.


Welcome to a new year and another edition of the NBA Roundtable. I Hope every had a great start to 2015! This week on the NBA Roundtable we are gonna talk about how the All-Star starters should be chosen,Kobe Bryants retirement tour compared to Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s retirement tour and so much more!

Here are this weeks questions:

all star

Should the NBA think about changing the way the starters are chosen to the All-Star game on account at times it has become more of a popularity contest?

Todd: I think something should be done because there is no way in hell that Kobe should be voted in as a starter where his team is currently 7-27. I don’t care how great his career was. He is just taking up a spot to someone who deserves it more.

Steve: Hell yes something should be done. I am not a fan of the All Star Game voting as it pertains to all sports with the exception of the NFL, where they are voted into the Pro Bowl based off their season that they had. There is no way on God’s green Earth that Kobe Bean Bryant should be anywhere near the court during the NBA All Star Game. He is probably in the third tier of players right now in the NBA. Invite him to the festivities, celebrate his career with a halftime moment or something, but keep him the hell out of this game.

Chad: Something needs done the fans are going to vote who they want but the fan vote should determine the final roster spot or something the fact that Kobe is on pace to start with the team being 7-27 is absurd.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

A lot of people are comparing Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Retirement tour to Kobe Bryant’s Retirement tour. Is this a fair comparison?

Todd: Well Kareem team went 57-25 in his last year and went to the NBA finals, they lost to the Detroit Pistons. Kobe team doesn’t even deserve to be in the NBA. enough said!

Steve: If memory serves me correctly, and I am old so bare with me. The Lakers made the Finals that year, and Kareem at least had a respectable season and contributed to his teams wins. Kobe is the typical Kobe Bryant and trying to take all the shots, problem is they are not going into the bucket. So absolutely not. This is not a comparison.

Chad: Kareem’s Lakers on his farewell still had Magic and Worthy and made the NBA Finals. The he current Lakers on Kobe’s farewell are not good are a destined for a lottery so unfortunately I don’t see the comparison


Draymond Green just recorded his League leading 5th triple double of the season. In your opinion is he the best all around power forward in the NBA?

Todd: Yes I think Draymond green is the best all around Power forward in the game today. Shoot he is becoming one of the best players in the NBA period. He does it all. He just recorded his 6th triple double Saturday as the Golden State Warriors just barely beat the Denver Nuggets in overtime.

Steve: Is the the best? That is debatable, I still think that Russell Westbrook edges him out by a little bit, but he is very good, and with that core of players around him, he may just get even better.

Chad: As fare as Power forwards go I would put Draymond at the top of the list as top ones like Blake Griffin and Kevin Love have either been out or inconsistent so as of right now Yes Green is the best PF on the league

NBA Eastern Conference

The top 10 teams in the Eastern Conference are separated by 4.5 games. What do you attribute to the parity with these teams?

Todd: To me there is no clear cut favorite. even thought a lot of people think the Cleveland Cavaliers are favorite, they are not running away from anyone.none of them teams are good enough to take charge. they are just beating each other on any given night. Its not like the West where the top two teams have way better record than the top team in the East and the third team in the West is just percentage points behind the Cavaliers.the Cavaliers will come out of the East but look who they have to play. If they were in the West they would be basically tied for the third seed with OKC.

Steve: Could it be that the East is just catching up with the West? Nah, I think what it is, is that every team in the East is just an average team, with the exception of maybe Cleveland. Anyone can beat anyone in that conference. However, that being said. I think they are a much improved conference and it is at least somewhat entertaining to watch. I mean the top ten teams are over .500 while only the top 6 teams in the West have a winning record.

Chad: I attribute the fact the East is a collection of 8-12 teams some of whom are slightly better than the others but really who give the top teams a run for the money. I still think the Cavs are the favorites led by Lebron and company.

Turkoglu won't be laughing at the end of the season.

Are the Orlando Magic Legitimate playoff contenders?

Todd: I think everyone in the east is a legitimate playoff contender with the exception of the Philadelphia 76ers. If you think about as bad of record as the Brooklyn Nets have they are only thirteen games out of first place that means they are only like 8 games out of 8th place that is kind of retarded since they have only won 10 games.

Steve: I want to say yes to this, but I don’t think they are. I think after the All Star break this team will come back down to Earth and fall below that 8th spot. They are much improved from last season, and the year before that, and could potentially compete in the East next season with the core of young players that they have. But a contender now? I don’t buy it.

Chad: They are in the East and not 76ers so …Yes!!!

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