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MondayWelcome to Brain Droppings. I figured I’d kick the year off with a return to my column, given up last year for the Musings. 2015 was a painful year, maybe a little writing and venting will help a bit.Or at least make 2016 not suck so hard.
Last night I weighed myself.
I’m under 300 pounds.
I cannot tell you the last time I have been under 300.
I don’t think its been this year.
I have been bouncing between 305 and 315 since the summer. I feel kind of bad that I have not used the treadmill I bought as often as I’d like, but it tends to hurt my feet after a bit.
Let me side track for a second. Why is that. Yes, I’m fat. Yes I WAS over 300 pounds, but that should make my knees or legs hurt. I have tried everything, wearing different shoes, wearing thicker socks, wearing no socks, even going barefoot. My knees are shot, due to my time in the Army, but its not my knees that are the problem.
So what have I done?lose-weight-756680
Not as much as you would think. I’m old, and I’m lazy, and I’m not about to try and do something like run 5 miles everyday. Or never eat pork again.
So what did I do?
1) I work in a cubicle. I work second shift, so when I get home, I go to bed. So step 1 was to not eat anything a minimum of 2 hours before I went to bed. Add in drive time, and it’s more like 2.5 hours. Considering my Job normally has me going to lunch 3 hours after I get there, I do normally want a snack, but I just started eating that snack on my second break or just skipping it. This does lead to me being a bit hungry, or a LOT hungry when I wake up, but that leads me to point 2.
2) Eating Breakfast.
I used to skip breakfast. Other than the weekends when I cooked, I still would eat several hours after I woke up. Now I eat a bowl of cereal, and drink the milk. I go in waves, I’ll desire Raisin Bran (cause I’m old) then go to Capt CrunchBrerries or Lucky Charms or something else for a bit. My #4 kid loves bananas so when they are cheap I throw those in as well. She hasn’t masted the smush the Bananas into the cereal yet.
3) Water.water
I HATE the taste of water. Always have. I can taste the difference between Disani and Family Dollar water or Spring Water and Distilled Water. I have a gallon jug of Spring Water sitting next to me as we speak, and I’d rather drink warm Gatorade than take a swig of that stuff. But after I finish my last cup of Dew, I’m drinking water.
And don’t give me that diet drink stuff either.
4) Salt.
Take a look at the meals you get for lunch. Look at the salt intake, one meal I found at Wal-Mart I was thinking of getting for lunch one day had 99% of the recommended allowance. Holy Shit. Thats in ONE meal- and it was TWO SERVINGS- So eating that for lunch is a dash away from 2 days of Salt. So I’m skipping that stuff. Its had to have taste without salt, so I’m skipping the frozen foods where I can. I’d almost take a fried chicken leg over a frozen one at this point.
Other than that, nothing. I’m going to have a hard time doing anything extra, and I do take the stairs when I can, but I’m not parking a mile away from the store or getting jogging pants.
So thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week talking about how I cracked 325 going the other way.

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