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Welcome to the Week 17 NFL Picks!
We have finally come to the end of a long NFL season, and after a stunning week last week, the Panel fell to earth a bit, with the Unanimous picks going 5-3, including my beloved Panthers suffering their first, and hopefully only loss of the season. Joe took advantage of a slip by Bill to close within a game of the lead, and had Cincy did the deed, would be in a tie and in really good position to stop Bill from going back to back. Steve had the best week, along with Chad, to retake third place as David also had a bad week to slip into a tie for 4th with DJ.


The NFL Standings

Bill 150-93  8-8 Joe 149-94   10-6 Steve 144-100  11-5
DJ 142-102 8-8 David 142-102 8-8 Chad 138-91 11-5
Jim : 136-107  10-6 Unanimous: 64-29 5-3


Sunday, January 3
New York Jets     vs Buffalo
New York Jets
Bill  / Joe / Steve / DJ / David / Jim
New England     vs Miami New England
Bill / Joe / DJ / David / Jim
New Orleans     vs Atlanta New Orleans
Bill / Steve / David / Jim
Joe / DJ
Minnesota     vs Green Bay Minnesota
Joe / DJ / Jim
Green Bay
Bill / Steve / David
St. Louis     vs San Francisco St. Louis
Bill  / Joe / Steve / DJ / David / Jim
San Francisco
Baltimore     vs Cincinnati Baltimore      Cincinnati
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David / Jim
Pittsburgh     vs Cleveland Pittsburgh
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David   / Jim
Jacksonville     vs Houston Jacksonville
Bill / Joe / Steve / David / Jim
Tennessee     vs Indianapolis Tennessee      Indianapolis
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David / Jim
Washington     vs Dallas Washington
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David / Jim
Philadelphia     vs New York Giants Philadelphia
Bill / DJ
New York Giants
Joe / Steve / David / Jim
Detroit     vs Chicago Detroit
Joe / Steve  / DJ / David / Jim
Tampa Bay     vs Carolina Tampa Bay Carolina
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David / Jim
Oakland     vs Kansas City Oakland
Kansas City
Bill / Joe / Steve / David / Jim
San Diego     vs Denver San Diego
Bill / Joe / Steve  / DJ / David
Seattle     vs Arizona Seattle
DJ / Jim
Bill / Joe / Steve / David

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  1. DJ is a homer all the way… and that’s cool. But, actually, though I picked KC, I hope Oakland does win… because if The Jets beat Buffalo and The Raiders beat KC then the Jets get the first wild card spot instead of the second spot.

  2. Don’t know if we are doing the playoff picks but regardless I’m on record… Arizona will be in the Super Bowl

  3. Still taking Arizona… damn Seattle… just can’t count them out.

    Not positive but I think Bill wins.

  4. Pretty sure a few risky choices buried me this last week. I guess we’ll have to go to the final calculations and see.

  5. my math says we tied with 10 wins and 6 losses… We differed on 4 picks and I had to go 3-1 in those games… we split… in this case the tie goes to the leader… you… aka Bill.

  6. Wow. I still find it hard to believe that I somehow managed to hold on this season. I’m amazed that I somehow managed to do it two seasons in a row.

    I shared it with Dave last season and have no shame in sharing it with you this one, Joe. Well played by all, for sure.

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