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Welcome to the final Wrestling Roundtable of 2015. This week we have a special edition of the Roundtable, as we involve the fans in the first ever all inclusive Roundtable with the questions coming directly from the fans of 7poundbag.com and the Wrestling Roundtable. What does 2016 hold for the WWE? What are our memories of 2015? This and so much more. Thank you fan in advance for your questions. While I was not able to get all of your questions posted. I have saved them for other segments on 7poundbag.com such as #ask7pound or In my Damn Opinion. Or even quite possibly another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable.

We at the Wrestling Roundtable wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all have a safe New Years Eve tonight.

Let’s start off with the Frosh Five

Frosh is gone this week, he’s probably out looking for his pancakes I stole. Jokes on him, I ate them! So this week you get Eric 5 and this week we will do top 5 Royal Rumble matches ( the actual Royal Rumble match is not allowed on this list).

5. Sgt. Slaughter vs Ultimate Warrior 1991, this match ended the Warriors almost year long title reign and put the title on the most hated heel at the time. It also set up a tremendous match at Wrestlemania with Warrior vs Savage.

4. Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan 2014, if you have never seen this match. You are in for a treat. Lots of back and forth action. Two men giving it all they got in a Hell of a fight.

3. Cactus Jack vs Triple H street fight 2000, all I can say about this match is dam! These pushed each other to the limit back and forth. Lots of hardcore action in a very brutil war.

2. John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar 2015, this match is what saved the 2015 Royal Rumble from being a complete failure. I loved this match, these 3 men worked so well together and put on a hell of a performance.

1.Undertaker vs Yokozuna casket match 1994, I know what your thinking wtf is wrong with this guy? I loved this match, from the attack on the Undertaker to the fact it took 10 men to beat to the promo he cut after the match. I remember being a kid and watching that match and thinking holy cow that was awesome. You can’t beat the classics!


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

1.Roman Reigns- Reigns once again stood tall against the Authority and Vince McMahon can he defeat Sheamus in the big rematch next week.

2.Dean Ambrose- Despite a big win on Raw, Ambrose was viciously attacked by Kevin Owens, will Ambrose be able to regroup and comeback to face off with Owens?

3.Kevin Owens- A loss to Neville may have opened Kevin Owens’ eyes as he is on a war path, destroying anything that moves.

4.Sasha Banks- Why not have a Diva on the Power Rankings? Sasha is on a hot streak right now with consecutive victories on Raw.

5.Lucha Dragons- After nearly capturing the WWE tag team titles on Smackdown last week, The Lucha Dragon came back strong by defeating New Day on Raw.


This week in professional wrestling.

Thanks to Eric from last week as my sources were completely off the wall as last week I gave the end of January This week in Wrestling results. I have fired my sources. And bring you this week in wrestling.

1983: The Iron Sheik defeats Bob Backlund for the WWF World Championship.

1999: Mick Foley wins his first WWF World Championship when he defeats the Rock on Raw.

1998: Goldberg’s streak comes to an end, as Kevin Nash pulls the upset to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


Here are the questions.


Question from Oliver from Milwaukee WI.


Kurt Angle recently stated that he will one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the WWE. First, do you think he is correct? And if so, when will be be inducted?

Steve: Im certain that Kurt Angle will be in the WWE Hall of Fame sooner rather than later. I would not even rule out one more match by the Olympic Gold Medalist. I see Angle likely getting the Hall of Fame call in 2017, after one more year in the WWE.

Eric:  Yes, I do believe one day Kurt Angle will be inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame. He has a history with the WWE and has accomplished a lot in the company. When, I will say within the next 7 years. Ok, I know that is a very wide range of time but I think Kurt still may have a few other things he wants to do before he retires and he’ll retire within the next few years then eventually will go into the Hall of Fame sometime in the next 7 years

Chad: He will definitely will get in some point in the next 2-3 years. His accomplishments in WWE are unparalleled and to me he is a sure fire hall of famer

Todd: Absolutely correct. I mean look at what he did just in his first year in the WWE. He did more in his first year than a lot of guys do their whole career. I think they have most of there line for 2016 Hall of Fame from the rumors I heard, so look for him to go in possibly 2017 as he is nearing the end of his career.

Jim: I honestly don’t think Kurt has ever done enough to be a Hall of Famer.  He has been around for a long time, but never really got the love of the fans.  And his beef with the WWE ownership keeps him from even returning to the ring.  How can they negotiate putting him in the Hall of Fame when they can’t even agree on a situation where he walks down to the ring for any reason.  He shot himself in the foot years ago, and good riddance.


Question from Rodney out of San Diego CA.


Do you think we will ever see Sting compete again inside a WWE ring? I know with his recent injuries some say his career is over. What is your take on this?

Steve: Never say never. Sting’s career in the ring is likely over after his neck injury against Seth Rollins this past September. I can’t see Sting, at 55 years old coming back to the ring after sustaining an injury of that nature. While I would like to personally see him in one more match, I don’t think we will ever see him in the ring again.

Eric: Yes, Sting will be back in the ring. It may be only for one or two more matches but Sting will be back in the ring. I know he’s getting older but Sting can’t have a losing record in the WWE. He’ll have to come back to compete so he can at least get one win at a WWE ppv. He’s winless right now, but I think he’ll come back and eventually get a win at a ppv.

Chad: I have a feeling that he is done he needs another neck surgery and he has had an almost 30 year career. I hope Sting stays retired for his sake.

Todd: No. Sting’s carer is over. He still needs another neck surgery from his match against Rollins. He has done the one thing he never did in his career and that is wrestle at Wrestlemania.

Jim: My honest answer is “God I hope not”.  He “retired” years ago, because of a serious injury.  He tries to come back and make a few bucks, and gets seriously injured again.  Hang it up Grandpa Steve!  Your grandchildren want you to be able to pick them up.


Question from Quinn from Boston Mass.

If you could re-tool or re-package any WWE Superstar past or present, who would it be and how do you re-structure them?

Steve: Good question, Quinn. I would go back in time a little bit and re-package Ricky the Dragon Steamboat in his early 90’s WWE days. I would bring him back to his original gimmick that he had in the 80’s and then again when he went to the NWA and became the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. I would make him essentially what they made Bret Hart, the excellence of execution, and would eventually put the WWE World title on Steamboat, maybe instead of Savage at Wrestlemania VIII, you have Steamboat vs Flair. These guys tore the house down all through the 80’s, and even the early 90’s. I put the title on Flair at the Rumble just like they did, but have Steamboat take the title off of him at Mania 8, and give him a nice run as the champion in the WWE.

Eric: Sami Zayn, I would repackage him and have him bring back El Generico. That’s right, the gimmick he had in ROH. I think having El Generico would be an amazing addition to the roster plus a pale masked wrestler. Sami Zayn right doesn’t really have any sorta gimmick, he’s just Sami Zayn. Putting him back to being El Generico would give him a gimmick and allow him to get over even more with the fans

Chad: I would pick Sami Zayn just because I would have him go back to his roots as El Generico where him Kevin Owens ( Steen)  had a great rivalry in Ring of Honor and right now I like Zayn but I think the WWE creative could have a field day with the El Generico

Todd: I’m gonna re-package a whole team. The New Day! First and foremost i’m gonna get rid of that stupid trombone. Xavier woods don’t need that no more. We Don’t need to here Big E’s voice at the start of their music. Shoot we don’t need their music at all. They need to come out to some heavy metal stuff. Their ring attire will consists of all leather and they will come to the ring on Harley’s. Their new name will be The Biker Gang.

Jim: The first thought is “retool New Day into three guys with normal jobs and no association with professional wrestling”.  But to answer this question, I would have taken Goldberg and made him learn how to wrestle before shoving him into the ring and handing him a belt.  He simply had no ring presence, and was a terrible wrestler.  I realize he started late, but he could have been one of the all time greats.  They just didn’t know what to do with him other than let him walk in and win.


Question from Reese from Portland Maine

What were your favorite memories of 2015?

Steve: My favorite memory of 2015 was the evolution of NXT. Bringing up guys like Kevin Owens, Neville, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch. Evolving Finn Balor into the championship picture in NXT. The future is really bright for the WWE and NXT. When they sold out NXT Brooklyn the night before Summerslam, they tore the house down and really put on a much better show than WWE’s main roster did. Then fast forward a bit to the Iron Man Match between Sasha and Baylee. Unreal!! So really anything related to NXT was my favorite memory of 2015. I think 2016 will be even better.

Eric: 2015 has had a lot of great memories. Some of my personal favorites: The tag team title Ladder match at TLC. This match was insanely bad ass! Everytime I watch it, I remember why I love that match. The divas revolution begins. I am a father of a little girl and it’s nice to see woman who can actually wrestle instead of just woman who are just looks and no in ring talent. My daughter loves to watch the divas wrestle and I like that it shows her that you have to have talent to get by, you can just rely on your looks. I enjoyed seeing Cena bring some life back to the US title. Let’s face it, before John Cena won the US title it was kinda just a prop. Once John won the belt and started his US title open challenge it brought some life back to the belt. It made it actually worth something again. Those are just a few great memories from 2015, there is several more but those are the ones that stand out to me the most.

Chad: NXT is a great memory in for it has come and the talent the came up to the main roster is a great. My moment of the year is the Kalisto spot at TLC there really hasn’t a moment in recent years like that one.

Todd: My favorite memories believe it or not came from NXT. The two matches between Sasha Banks and Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and NXT Takeover Respect. Them two matches should have been nominated for match of the year. I’m still pissed about that. The match at Brooklyn I thought was a little better even though the other one was an iron man match.

Jim: a. Seth Rollins injury.  Far and away my favorite moment of 2015.  It stopped a company from the HUGE mistake of continuing to throw this piece of garbage down our throats every week, and even harder on Pay Per Views.  He’s just terrible, and hopefully can never come back from the injury. b.  Roman Reigns finally winning the belt.  This is a story that can be sold, and I hope they don’t fu….screw it up.  c.  Daniel Bryan’s fading away.  Another Seth Rollins.  He’s just pitiful.


Question from Alan from Reno NV.

What is your vision of the WWE for the year 2016?

Steve: Hmmm…vision of 2016. Well I think as I stated in the question above, the NXT will continue to evolve and bring up more talent to the main roster. I think Balor will be on the main roster in 2016, Samoa Joe will likely be on the main roster as well. I think that we will see some interesting things with the Authority and Roman Reigns. If history has any chance of repeating itself, he will end up turning heel by the end of the year and joining the Authority. Rollins will come back around September as a face because Reigns will have taken his spot in the Authority and they will renew their feud that they started before Survivor Series.

Eric:  I hate spoilers! You wanna know what I think is in store for the WWE in 2016? Tune in to In My Damn Opinion this week on 7poundbag.com and see what I think will happen in 2016.

Chad: I think that the WWE-NXT connection will continue to improve and produce great results as far as in ring competition. I anticipate a Roman Reigns heel turn in 2016. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Undertaker as well. Will it be his final year?

Todd: First of all Roman Reigns is Gonna go into the new year as WWE World Champion and I believe he will hold the title for the better part of the year. I know there is a title match on the first Raw of the new year but there is not way Reigns loses, some how he will win or at least come out with the title. Bold prediction: when Rollins returns I see the Shield reuniting. They were so dominating when they were together. Brock Lesner will win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event Wrestlemania.

Jim:  I’m hoping 2016 is the year of “Listen to the Fans” for WWE.  But I know it won’t be.  It’ll continue to push substandard talent like Owens and Cesaro and ignore what putts butts in the seats.  There are so many great wrestlers down in the lower levels, while the WWE shoves Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno up our butts every week.  They’ll either figure it out, or they’ll have happen to them what happened to the WCW.  They can think they are the kings all they want, but at one time WCW was everything, and the WWE was way down in 2nd and 3rd place.  It can happen to them too.  And for the same reason.  Ownership thinks they know more than the fans.

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