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It’s almost time for another year over and a new one to begin… so… before I even get into today’s column… the last one for 2015… let me say I wish that however good or bad your year was that the new one is full of more promise of good things than you could think possible. And, may it bring to you a better life than you have ever experienced in your time on the 3rd rock from the sun.


Now for some recent 3rd rock from the sun doings that may have passed you by until I thought to present them here for your perusal…

Monkey see… monkey do…

joe1Not sure if ya’ll saw the editorial cartoon that depicted elephant prez candidate Ted Cruz’ daughters as monkeys… but I got an opinion on it… but… first… let me lay down some ground work on why it was done in the first place.

Cruz himself used his children, first, when he showed them in a political ad that was critiquing the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), commonly called the “Affordable Care Act”(ACA)… aka Obamacare… where he and his wife read ersatz Christmas books titled “How ObamaCare Stole Christmas”, “Auditing St. Nick” and “Rudolph the Underemployed Reindeer.”

Cruz reads the elephant version of the Christmas classics
Cruz reads the Christmas “classics”

After that incident, Washington Post cartoonist, Ann Telnaes created a political cartoon that depicted the real Texas Twister in a Santa’s hat grinding away on a barrel organ with his two young daughters portrayed as leashed dancing monkeys… which by the by is essentially an added NYC/American affectation. And, after the Post relented to mostly elephant criticism and removed the cartoon, Telnaes said that Cruz’s 5- and 7-year-old daughters were “fair game” because of how he first used them in his political ad.

Cruz' Christmas reading list
Cruz’ Christmas reading list

In other words Cruz drew first blood by using the children, so, now they were open targets and therefore she was justified in using the children in any legitimate manner she desired… legitimate meaning not obscene or otherwise libelous.

Now my take… although I have reservations on the depiction of any politico’s children in a satirical and cartoonish political sense… especially a very negative one… I, kinda, sorta, hear where Telnaes is coming from. And, maybe if she stayed within some sorta guidelines that usually are adhered too but remain unspoken… generally politicians kids are off limits unless they used with explicit taste and due care… it would maybe be cool… however… and this is a damn way big beyond huge-enormous HOWEVER…  if that was a political cartoon and it was about Obama, and,  he was depicted as an organ grinder and his children… daughters I might add just like Cruz’… as monkeys what all kind of hullabaloo do ya’ll thunk would have rained down whosoever would had dared to ever create such a piece? Well… huh?

It would have been a deluge of wrathful criticism to rival that of Noah’s flood proportions… a catastrophe that would have been up there with h e coming of the judgment day itself… Armageddon… it would have been… simply… called a racist and despicable bullshit piece of hateful bigoted biased trash.

Yet Cruz is only a white Cuban dude from the South so it’s okay to show his kids as monkeys?

Sorry… what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

This time I reluctantly gotta side with them that’s doing the criticizing of Ms. Telnaes… the children as monkeys was wrong and is easily seen as a snide and hateful piece. And, yes… racist, too.

If, somebody would have drawn a cartoon of Obama as an organ grinder with his children as leashed monkeys it would rightfully be called out as being racist, and, if, that’s the case then everyone else’s children being depicted in a like manner also has to be seen as racist.

I didn’t draw these lines they were drawn a long time previously… this showing black folks as monkeys was determined as hateful, and rightfully so, for some while now and if it can’t be applied to the Obamas then all other candidates… regardless of elephant or donkey affiliations… are and should all be off limits too.

Just calling it fairly and evens stevens likes I sees it…

Feed the hungry… as long as they pays…

Let me present a scenario to ya’ll and ask what would you do…

You be working in a cafeteria feeding school kids… ya see a child who is just sorta moping around in the line… looking at this and that… ya’ll ask her what she’d like and she says… something like … maybe like… “Nothing”… ya’ll ask something like… “Ain’tcha hungry, child?

And she says maybe… “Yeah… I guess… but I got no money”….

So… what would you do?

A woman in Idaho when presented with that exact scenario reacted with exactly the right answer… she fed the child and said they’d work out how she could pay for it later. Unfortunately for Darlene Bowden a line supervisor saw what happened and reported her actions to her higher ups… and they told Darlene she was suspended until further notice…even after she offered to pay for the food… they essentially said too late now, honey…food

And… then just days later the human resource director of the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District sent Darlene an official notice saying that her ass was sacked because she stole school property and submitted inaccurate lunchroom transactions… aka she fed a hungry 12-year-old Irving Middle School child a $1.70 school lunch and reported it as a paid lunch.

A mom whose children goes to school in the district heard about what happened and, organized an online petition that asked for Darlene to be rehired…

In a short period of time they had 45,000 signatures.

Must be a lot of folks out there who like supporting hardened thieves who go around feeding hungry children.

The mom who organized the petition said to local media sources, “I think she did the right thing and I think we need to make sure that every child that wants lunch can have lunch. We do not need to humiliate or demean any child or worker in that situation.”

Bowden, a three-year cafeteria veteran with no disciplinary problems in her file, started her own online fundraiser and said she is thinking about suing the school district. Don’t know if she technically has a fight but I hope that if she does sue that she finds a judge who can use Solomonic common sense and rule in her favor.

She also says, she doesn’t regret handing out the free meal and that she “… truly loved my job, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t do it again,”lunch-lady-600x315

We got all sorts of problems in this fucking damn world of ours… in this country of ours… we got racism… we gots… assholes trying to be presented with the keys to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and run the country…  we got wars being fought… we got children dying in our streets… children firing weapons indiscriminately without understanding the consequences of the bullet hitting into a body until they feel the heat enter their own flesh… we gots cops killing our brothers and sisters … criminals running rampant killing one another, other folks, and, yes, our police officers, too… but… this Idaho school district thinks that their luncheon cafeteria peeps should never, ever feed a hungry child… that hunger is obviously not a reality in their school district and if’n it is a reality it ain’t no never mind of theirs… that any hungry child who ain’t got buck seventy for lunch just has to go hungry… the problem of hunger in the Pocatello school district solved.

Because if you get caught feeding a nonexistent hungry child on the school’s dole you’ll also have a nonexistent job and might become one of the nonexistence folks who be going hungry every day in this country of ours.

That mom was right… Darlene saw someone… a child… who was hungry and did the right thing… she fed that hungry child. The mom recognized Darlene’s good deed and then said not only was Darlene right but that there should never be any child in any school who should ever want for food… every child that wants lunch can have lunch.

How it gets paid can be worked out somehow…

It don’t matter where a person lives sometimes… Pocatello… NYC… Trumbull… Sleepy Hollow… Chitown… the best meal of the day their children may get just might be when they are in school.

That is unless some wrong minded greedy assed food workers supervisors say differently.chains

Seems to me someone should of got their asses fired for this incident in Pocatello…

… but that none of those asses that got fiered should have been named Darlene Bowden…

That’s what seems to me that needed to be happening.

“They are Man's. And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want."
“They are Man’s. And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want.”

Seems to me they should have taken Darlene aside and said to her… “Good job, Darlene. Ya’ll did the right thing and we are proud of ya.”

But… nope… they said “What the hell you doing feeding a hungry 12-year-old and then not reporting the $1.70 that she should’ve paid for that damn food? Hell, woman just be glad we didn’t have your ass busted and then have it hauled off into court for larceny in the 4th degree…”

Wonder how long the chains are gonna be that these damn Scrooges are gonna be carrying around in their afterlives as they do their penance for not doing their part to ease ignorance and want during their time on this planet.

More talk about Second Amendment rights…

On Saturday (12/19) there was a shooting of a man inside East Towne Mall (WI) during a busy holiday shopping afternoon and it prompted an elephant assemblyman to say, “Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law-abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags. Criminals no longer have any fear of our courts or our prisons, so it’s time that the citizens of this fine state stand up and fight back.”east town mall

Wisconsin’s elephant rep from the 58th district… Bob Gannon… released that statement in so-called support of the second amendment and he was blaming the mall’s gun-free policy for the shooting… “Personally I’ve never been in East Town Mall, as I refuse to spend my money at any business that believes my second amendment rights have to be left in my car.”

He added in his press release “A gang banger in the mall with a gun is going to think twice if there could be a law abiding CCW holder standing behind them fully prepared to shoot center mass, as this is how you’re trained to eliminate the threat these creeps pose to you, your family, and all law abiding citizens unwillingly dragged into their public crime spree.”

Ummm… no… no, they won’t…

Any gangbanger worth his salt on the street will be carrying no matter who all he thinks might also be carrying. In fact, if he… or she… thinks that there be almost anyone else packing heat then in that gangbanger’s mind that’s all the more reason to be carrying a weapon.

Now, about that first statement… that the grand old party member from Wisconsin done be making… that part where he says “…but with significant practice and careful aim, law-abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags.”

The problem with it is that even them “well practiced” folks… like cops  or maybe even FBI type law enforcement peeps… no matter how well they are trained… no matter well they are practiced… when they find themselves thrust into reality, in a real street fire fight and need to extract a gun real damn fast they can’t always be real damn sure where bullets might go when they be shooting… what all they might hit or what all might be ricocheting here and there and flying off hitting who knows what… like maybe an innocent bystander or a passerby just trying to find a shelter from the storm of hot lead and flying fragments that be raging all around them.

The truth is that if all these so-called law abiding citizens were packing and pulling out their weapons willy nilly they probably would wind up hurting… or even killing… more innocent folks than they would actually save from any of the bullets that be flying around that were intended for some bad guys.

Presented for your judgment…

Peoples exhibit #1…

In NYC… Brooklyn, in fact… a couple were gonna go hit a local take out place for some Chinese food when they found themselves in the crossfire of two probable warring gangbangers…

The folks who were caught in the crossfire hurricane of bullets were IDed by cops as TSA… Transportation Security Administration at Kennedy Airport… agent Andre Fields and his friend Zakiya Gittens, a Brooklyn College student, and, they were sitting in idling car when two dudes spotted one another on opposite sides of the street and  started shooting… according to authorities at least 11 shots were fired.

Shootout at E. 96th Street
Shootout at E. 96th Street

Video from local CATV sources on buildings show that two dudes were walking on different sides of the street when one dude sees the other and starts taking shots… within seconds the other dude realizing he’s under attack, and sees his enemy, he starts returning shots

Funny thing about those shots being supposedly aimed at one another… it appears none actually hit the intended targets but did hit Fields and Gittens who were sitting within some form of protection around their bodies… the car.

Fields suffered a graze wound to the forehead and a wound to his arm, while Gittens took a bullet to her cheek… lost some of her damn teeth.

The weirdest shit is that the tapes show that the wounded Fields gets the hell out of the vehicle and tries to chase down one of the weapon firing nuts.

Me… I would be getting my ass and my friends ass down between the seats as best I could or grabbing her and hauling ass the other way…

Both of the folks are gonna recover from the wounds they sustained but the entire point of the story is this… according to authorities… at no time were shots ever intended to be aimed at either of these folks… they were not involved in the shooting except for the fact  that they were innocent bystanders, yet, they both got wounded… one took a bullet to her face… luckily… yeah, I know, taking a shot to your face doesn’t sound real damn lucky… but still… luckily the worse that happened to her is she lost some teeth and won’t be chewing any food for a long while but will recover from her face being tragically torn asunder.

People’s exhibit #2…

A Jersey City Guy is sitting in a car …he’s waiting for a friend who just went into a post office to conduct some business… there’s a 1-year-old child sitting in back seat… a shot is fired and the child is hit… either with a shard of glass or a bullet fragment… in the right cheek.

Baby boy suffers facial wound in Jersey City shooting
Baby boy suffers facial wound in Jersey City shooting

Whoever fired the shot that did the damage took off for parts unknown…

The baby was seen at a local hospital and was released after some minor surgery was done.

Now here’s the skinny on this entire tragedy… cops say that the folks in the car were not the intended targets….

One more time… when folks fire off weapons almost all the time the shots fired go everywhere but the intended targets, and, many times hit innocent people  and many of those innocent people are children.

The moral of the story…

If we got all these so-called bad guys firing shots out here who rarely hit their targets… and I’m sure at least some of these bad guys do know what they are doing with these weapons and they still can’t hit the proverbial broadside of the proverbial barn… then what makes anyone think that a bunch of so-called good guys pulling out guns and racking off a bunch of shots isn’t going to just compound the amount of bullets being fired that miss their marks… the supposed bad guys… and go off hitting this and that… wounding folks with the missed bullets that have been shot off or with ricocheted fragments of the bullets or broken off material that was shattered by the bullets…

I… and everybody else… got enough trouble thinking about avoiding the random bullets being shot off from the bad guys out there and from the cops who supposedly are defending us all… we don’t need a bunch of stupid ass do-gooders adding to the cacophony of rage already flooding our lives and contributing to the carnage that already bloodies our streets.

Round up all of the usual suspects…

Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivered a 24-minute recorded message recently and essentially said that his “soldiers” should be patient because they were on the right path and that the U.S.-led alliance does “not scare us… nor do they scatter our resolve because we are the victors in any event.” He also said that “America and its allies dream of destroying the (ISIS) caliphate (in Syria and Iraq) through their proxies and henchmen, and whenever an alliance of theirs fails or a tail is cut, they hasten to establish another.”king

A day later Rep. Peter King (NY) told “Fox News Sunday” that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was “Unfortunately… probably right that after 15 months of, 16 months of air attacks by the U.S., it’s had really minimal impact on ISIS, considering how long those attacks have been going on.” Then he added that the best way for the US to protect itself against attacks in the US was to have more surveillance of the Muslim communities. Specifically he said, “This is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is that is where the threat is coming from. And we are kidding ourselves. We have this blind political correctness, which makes no sense”

king 2Ex-fucking-cuse me?! It’s nothing against the Muslims?!. Then who the hell is it against? Jews…Christians… Irish people…Russians… Croatians… Italians…. Black folks…Puerto Ricans? Funny… I coulda swore he said more surveillance in the Muslim communities which, by my book, includes places like mosques, as well as Muslim places of business and even their homes… sounds kind fucking illegal if’n ya’ll ask me. I might add kinda sorta Un-American and maybe even kinda sorta something that might be prohibited by the constitution of the country.

Not against Muslims? Not against Muslims my ass.

King is just like all the other politicians that says they is all for democracy and freedom until it doesn’t serve their purposes then they’re all whatever their vested interests want and what makes them sound like their following the party line…

Yep… just another politician playing to the paranoia of the country and using racist tactics to fester and foster fear among us all and attempting to say “Vote for us we got your backs”

Yeah, right… with a knife as they stab you in it.

There gonna be a party…

The famed Times Square ball is shinier than ever…

On Sunday (12/27), workers installed 288 new Waterford crystal triangle panels on the iconic ball, which will fall as the world counts down to 2016. All told, the ball has 2,688 sparkling crystals but every year they install, or actually replace, 288 new crystals with the message of the New Year… which this year is the “Gift of Wonder”.

Organizers expect approximately 1 million people to flock to Times Square for the big event. That’s 1 milllion peeps… give or take a few thousand here or there… that mash themselves into Times Square to watch the ball drop and then be doused with thousands of pounds of confetti plus whatever else stuff and/or  trash that can be tossed around and over all those peeps standing around yelling “Happy New Year!!”….

Then as they leave the area there will be 178 workers with 26 mechanical brooms, 25 trucks, 38 leaf blowers and other assorted equipment to clean up the mess… a mess that last year, when folks rang in 2105,  was about 52.3 tons of trash.

Times Square crsytal ball
Times Square crsytal ball

Now… all them cleaning folks, plus cops who provide security and EMTs for any health emergency that could occur that they need on hand, plus other workers I haven’t even thought about… they all need to be paid… and probably OT at that.

Now, I ain’t privy to what these workers make per hour but it’s gotta be a nice chuck of change. Would $100,000 or much more, be out of line for the wages? Probably not.

Then there’s that ball itself which costs between $1 mil to $2 mil from various estimates that I found. No one seems to be able to put an exact price on the damn thing.

That’s all nice and stuff… I mean hell we all deserve a big ass party once a year and someone has got to clean up afterwards and someone has to provide for folks’ safety and all… but wouldn’t about a million bucks plus feed lots of hungry people that walk the streets of NYC every damn day of the year… wouldn’t that money be better spent supplying soup kitchens and other places that feed those who need a meal?

Just some random thought that was wandering through my brain as I was reading about that damn crystal nball…

A WTF thought…

I was just reading this morning a piece from the Daily Kos… (yeah that kinda sorta left wing pinko website that strangely always seems to say the right thing… in just the right manner… that makes such simple sense… about most issues)… that was titled  “This news from France will help you understand just what a raw deal Americans get with health care.” And while the points the writer made about health care were really important, and sorta eye opening, he also made a point about paid time that the French workers get… “What if I also told you that French people who work in offices without cafeterias get highly-subsidized food vouchers to be used at any cafe or restaurant? Or that those who routinely work more than 35 hours a week also get an extra two weeks of vacation a year on top of their standard month of vacation days (plus national holidays)?”

U.S. fedral law dictates that American companys give, we the people.. the workers that keep America running… exactly zero paid holiday and vacation days a year… yep, ya’ll read that right. If you get any paid vaca its because your employer figures the company had better or it won’t get anyone to work there. One more time… in America there is no statutory minimum. It is left to the employers to offer paid vacation days as part of the compensation and benefits package.

This is in stark contrast to most other so-called economically developed countires where they workers get at least 20 paid vacation days. vaca

In France and Finland, they get 30… an entire month off, paid, every year… and in France it’s even better if you work at least 35 hours a week…

Now, explain to me why American companies can’t provide that same amount of time off… one damn month plus national holidays AND if ya’ll happen to work more than 35 hours… not 40… per week ya’ll get an extra two weeks.

Do the fucking math that’s six (6) whole weeks of vaca time.

My company starts folks out with shit for wages (in some areas it’s about $9 an hour) and then insults them further by only giving them a pitiful one week of vacation time. I know other companies who do the same. The company we also provide mailroom and copy services for employs a security service that pays their peeps less and they also give the same pitiful one week vacation time. What the hell kind of security guard ya’ll think ya can get for less than 12 bucks an hour? When the damn terrorist barge in, they be running the other way and I wouldn’t fucking blame them in the least. Risk your butt to save some rich ass suit on the 10th floor when they be paying you shit for wages?

I don’t think so.

Think about this… then think about the prez candidates… on both sides of the aisle…elephant and donkey… and ask yourself this question… Which candidate really has your best interests at heart? Which candidate really cares about the people and the workers? Which candidate will work to enact laws that protect your rights?

It’s an open book test. Go check them all out.

Then remember that shit when it comes time for ya’ll to cast your ballot.


This week’s gratuitous pictures…brooklynettes-news-archive


The Brooklynettes and the Brooklyn Littles at the Barclays Center. Dance Spirit Magazine, Friday January 16, 2015. Credit Photo: Erin Baiano


And another thousand words…



another 1000


One last word… or maybe more… from WTF in 2015…

Happy New Year…. and, may the coming year bring us all closer to peace and happiness and well being…

freedom from want and freedom from war…peace

Please…do whatever you can to help stop the killing… as the man once said… War is over if you want it…

And… if, I might add… the killing of innocent people in the streets… in the cities and the towns… violence is over, if, we all want it.


Happy New Year…


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  1. You did it again, Joe. Thanks.

    With regard to “gun rights,” I repeat my assertion that any rights are only as valid as the responsibility that must necessarily go with them. “Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins.” Many gun owners are responsible, but there are way too many who aren’t.

  2. Happy New Year. That incident in Brooklyn occured not to far from where I live. Sad to say.

    Anyway, I have a problem with the Ted Cruz thing. I just think kids should be left out of the mockery. Nothing wrong with political cartoons but depicting the kids is a low blow in my opinion.

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