Be Careful what you wish for

Ok, Lets name all the great Tier 1 Football Jobs,

Notre Dame. Say what you want, but its here.lsuvsfla
USC, FSU, – can be considered T1 jobs, just for the locations.
Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Can all be here as well, just because of the base, the MONEY and the fact that for most of the year, you are king of all you survey. You can question Florida, until you recall that no less an expert on Florida than Billy Donovan stated after his back to back titles, he was still only a distraction until Spring Football.

Thats it. Those are all the T1 jobs.

I know Bama fans, get mad at me if you want. and LSU fans, I feel you, my wife is a HUGE LSU fan.
But T1?
I got I got 4 words for you.

Mike Shula.
Gerry Dinardo.

Nick sabinIf you hire, or have hired, those two men, and it wasn’t on a dare. Then you are not a T1 Job.
T1 Jobs are not jobs that you take a second choice on. T1 Jobs are FIRST CHOICE Plum Jobs.
Let me give you an example.
If you are the number 1 recruit
If you are the top DB in the country, and Kiper has already called you twice before your signing day, and you sit down at a table LIVE ON ESPN.

The Hats in Front of you are Alabama, Penn State and Iowa. All Fine Schools, All Schools you could play and start Day 1.

But where is the T1 School?
Alabama? You’d snatch that cap up now, but what if you get a call from Sabin on your way to the podium and he tells you he just took an offer to coach the Dallas Cowboys?

You taking another look at that stack of recruitment letters? Thats why Alabama isn’t a T1 school. If you are picking between Michigan, UCLA and FSU, and Jimbo Fisher tells you he’s leaving, you still are going to Florida State. Sabin makes Alabama. Sabin makes any school a top-tier school.

Sabin has done that before. Sabin did that at LSU.

Let me tell you something Bama fans, if Sabin leaves, and you don’t hire a good coach, you hire Rich Rod or Ron Zook, you will no longer be a T1 job anymore. Same for you LSU fans. You go right ahead and Run Les off, and hire Jim Haslett then Gary Crowder, and see how long it is before you are missing those days of the Peach Bowl.

Ask Tennessee if they wouldn’t take Fulmer v2.0 back right now.

alabama vs fsuThat’s not a dig at Bama, that just goes to show how great a coach you have. Sabin could take 30 schools to the National Title game in 3 years. I’d bet large internal organs on it. Come on. tell me if he went to Arizona State he wouldn’t have them in the playoffs in 2 years. Tell me he couldn’t take Michigan or even Pittsburgh to the big show in his first recruiting class.

The only thing he can’t do is win in the NFL. And that was more a problem with Daunte Culpepper and poor drafting than him. Its kinda like Pitino, he couldn’t win because of getting Tim Duncan. he got Ron Mercer and Billups, I bet if he was trotting out Paul Peirce, Tim Duncan and the Detroit-era Billups, Pitino would have coached a lot longer in the NBA.

Sabin is a T1 coach, make no mistake, Les Miles might be a T1 coach, he just has the problem that he’s not as good as Sabin. Of course, there are 300 coaches that could take the 1994 Cowboys to the Super Bowl, and just as many that could coach LSU to 7 seasons of 10-plus wins in 11 years.

Now that we are in the middle of the Bowl Season, a lot of these schools need to think of who they are, and not think they are “deserving” of playoff spots, just because they have a gym that cost more than it would take to feed all the homeless in New York City.

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