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Let’s start off with a little bit of bad news.


Recently Roman Reigns overcame the authority and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Sheamus after a lot of chaos. This is the first time in over 4 years there has been a title change on Raw. One of the most famous title changes on Raw occurred on Jan 4 1999 when Mick Foley as Mankind defeated the Rock to fingerpokewin his first world title. WCW attempted to counter at the time with Hulk Hogan coming out of “retirement” to fight Kevin Nash for his newly won WCW title. At the time Raw was be pre-taped so the title change took place before the New Year. In an attempt to gain back some control in the ratings wars between Nitro and Raw Eric Bischoff told his announcers to spoil the title change to get more eyes on his product since it was live. I’ve got some Bad News for ya…TV records show that once the announcement of the pre-taped title change were made that nearly half a million people changed from Nitro to Raw to see the action while WCW gave us the Fingerpoke of Doom and the reforming of the nWo, which turned out to be one of the bigger nails on WCW’s coffin.


Did you know?

Did you know that WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are in a relationship? Lucky bastard.


Here are the questions this week.

Edwin from Santa Monica California kicks us off with question about a famous rivalry

Did Jim Cornette and Paul E Dangerously really hate each other, or did they just have awesome chemistry together?

There was no love lost between the two that is for sure. Cornette never really like Heyman from the start, as he felt that he never paid his dues coming up in the ranks like he did. Now, I would disagree with that because Paul cornette vs heymanHeyman actually busted his ass to get to where he is today, and even back in the late 80’s when he was feuding with Jim Cornette, he had been a part of the business for many years up to that point. He took some serious risks, and even risked getting arrested trying to get a job with wrestling. He was taken under the wing of Dusty Rhodes, after he sat in during meetings that he was not invited to. He started off taking pictures of wrestlers, and would sell them to Vince McMahon or anyone who wanted to buy them. So to say he never paid his dues is incorrect. Now, as for your question. Paul never had a problem with Cornette, it was the opposite, Cornette didnt like Heyman, we have established that. The two of them had such chemistry together and worked really well together that it was so fun to watch during that time period. You had Jim’s Midnight Express with Eaton and Lane, along side Paul’s Original Midnight Express with Condrey and Rose. They had the battle at Chi Town Rumble where the loser of the fall would have to leave the NWA, Cornette’s duo won by pinning Randy Rose, and they claimed the title the real Midnight Express. The feud did not end there, as at the Great American Bash, Cornette faced off against Paul E. in a tuxedo match which was won by Jim Cornette. So the two did work well together even though they did not send each other Christmas cards as good ol’ J.R. would say.


Josh wants to know about Brusier Brody

What really happened backstage when Brusier Brody was stabbed? Was he the instigator?

On July 16, 1988, Brody was in the locker room before his match with Dan Spivey, near San Juan Puerto Rico, when Jose Huertas Gonzales, a fellow wrestler and booker, asked him to go into the shower to discuss business. Brody entered the shower stall and a few minutes later a scuffle ensued, followed by two screams, loud enoughbrody for the entire locker room to hear. Tony Atlas ran to the shower and saw Brody bent over and holding his stomach. Atlas then looked up at González and saw him holding a knife. Due to the heavy traffic outdoors and large crowd in the stadium it took paramedics close to an hour to reach Brody. When the paramedics arrived, Atlas helped carry Brody downstairs to the waiting ambulance as, due to Brody’s enormous stature, paramedics were unable to lift him. There is no word really on who the instigator was, I can only assume that Brody was arguing over the finish, and one thing led to another. Due to the code of silence that wrestlers have, no one said anything about what happened, and ultimately Gonzales was never convicted of the murder of Brody, even though he had virtually a smoking gun in his hand.


Kim from just outside Toronto Canada 

Who makes the most amount of money out of all the wrestlers today? I can only guess that it is John Cena.

cena money

I thought you were right when you said Cena when I read this questions initially. But I was wrong. The answer may shock you. The highest paid contract that the WWE has on their books right now is The Rock, who has a 3 year (part time) contract worth 3.5 Million dollars. Pardon my french, but how in the blue fuck does someone get paid that much money only to appear once or twice a year? That is freaking insane!!. Cena makes 2.75 million annually, and Triple H, even though he is the COO of the WWE makes 2.12 million. Both Cena and HHH have 5 year contracts. Brock Lesnar’s most recent contract was a two year deal worth 2 million dollars. Again for a part time wrestler that is just crazy. Now that being said, this is just how much these guys make on their contract in the WWE. This does not include merchandise sales that the wrestler has. I couldnt find the exact number, but if you take contract plus merch sales, then yes Cena has all these guys beat by a long shot, grossing well over 5 million dollars.


Hank from Glen Falls NY tough guy.

What is Shane McMahon up to now a days? I have heard that he may be coming back soon, is that true?

Well the first part of your question, when Shane left the WWE in 2010, he signed on to become the CEO of YOU On Demand, a broadband/Pay Per view company in China. He stepped down from that office in 2013, but still shaneremains the Chairman of the Board of that company. He also currently is on the Board of Directors for International Sports Management, which represents notable golfers Ernie Els, and Rory McElroy. Shane was at the 2011 US Open (Golf) and was seen shaking Rory McElroy’s hand on the 18th green. So that is what Shane has been up to recently.

Now, for the second part of the question. I have heard the same thing that Shane is planning a return to the WWE, however it will not be a permanent thing. From what I have heard from my sources, Shane will return in 2016 to assist Roman Reigns in his fight with the Authority and Vince McMahon. I am thinking that they will do anything they can do try and screw Reigns out of the title, only to have Shane’O Mac come and save the day as he still holds stake in the WWE. Doesnt this sound familiar? Like Austin in 1998,99 so on and so forth. So if that is any indication, look for Shane to screw over Reigns and join his family again, followed by Reigns turning heel and joining the Authority…blah blah blah. I really hope that isnt the case and they are trying to recreate something that happened 15 years ago. But hey, I am not a booker for the WWE. I am just a fan who is too involved with professional wrestling.


Bryce from WHOOOO Charlotte NC.

Someone told me that Repo Man was a former tag team champion. I looked on Wikipedia for title history for tag teams, and he was never mentioned. Was this a phantom title change or something?


Thanks for your question Bryce, well whoever told you that was partially right. While the Repo Man never achieved championship gold, the gimmick that he had prior to that did. Barry Darsow, who played the character of the Reposmash Man, was also Smash of Demolition. If you recall, Ax and Smash were former three time WWF Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately for Darsow, no one really remembers him as Smash, most remember him as Repo Man, gosh such an awful gimmick. I kind of hope that Frosh does a Frosh Five on worst gimmicks on the Wrestling Roundtable sometime soon and puts this one close to the top.






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