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Star Wars VII
Star Wars VII:
The Force Awakens

I went into this movie with some fairly low expectations. I did like Super 8 (review coming) and I have enjoyed the Star Trek universe rebuild, but there is one major part of the reboot that I just HATE. and if I ever get to that movie series, I’ll get into it. But Lucas’ ideas for this one were tossed in the trash by Disney, and JJ has said he’s dumping the prequels, so they are saying all the right things. I’ll go far far as saying that George is the wrong Lucas to put on any Star Wars project after 1983.

So lets take a look at the FORCE AWAKENS, shall we?

Opening crawl, well, makes my stomach crawl. Its all about the “Brave Resistance” taking on the First Order, who I’m guessing is this trilogy’s stand in for the Empire. I asked my daughter why they have to keep saying Brave Resistance? Isn’t that a bit redundant? What would a resistance be if they weren’t brave? My daughter replies “French”

Star Wars 7Finn and PoeWe kick off with this trilogy;’s version of Han Solo (Poe) meeting with be this trilogy’s version of Ben Kenoibi, who gives him the map to where Luke Skywalker is. The First Order arrives and a battle ensues and one of the dying Storm Troopers wipes his hand across the helmet of another leaving a Wilson-Type smear across it. Strangely enough, the helmet doesn’t crush upon being touched. Poe attempts to escape in his fighter, but the Stormtroopers actually are able to hit the ship and disable it. Poe puts the map in R2D2- er BB-8 (now available at all your finer toy stores) and tells him to take off, and he tries to defend himself and the Villagers. Kylo Ren shows up and when Poe fires at him, Ren uses his force power to stop the blast mid-stream. Holy Sheepdip that looks cool. Ren takes Poe into the ship, and tells the Stormtroopers to kill the Villagers.

— That’s all you get from me. To go any further creeps into spoiler territory.

So how is the Force Awakens?

Better than any of the Prequels, to be sure. Far better. Its better scripted, its better acted (except one HUGE exception) and best of all, there is NO ANNOYING CHARACTERS. No Jar-Jar, no C3PO in excess, and no Ewoks! Thanks Disney! I get the whole toy-line, er new stuff and brands, but there is very little annoying here!

Star Wars 7 Death StarMy biggest problem? If you are a Star Wars fan, you’ve seen this movie. Take Star Wars, and add two zeros to the budget. Pretty much the same movie, I’ll go more into this with the spoilers, but lets just say this is a solid movie, that will ultimately be judged by parts 2 and 3. Kind of like the Matrix in reverse. The first movie is all kinds of awesome, but its dragged down by the sequels. I’ll give this one an 8, due to hope. Not a New Hope, but part VII did what it needed to do, after the prequels, after the Clone Wars movie, it actually made me excited to see part VIII when it comes out. So yes, the visuals are great, the acting the best of the series, and go see it.

More after the spoilers.

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