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Happy Holidays wrestling fans to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we agree to disagree, as the panelists will simply agree or disagree on a particular subject related to the world of professional wrestling.

Was Seth Rollins the right choice for Superstar of the Year? Will Roman Reigns be the WWE Champion after Wrestlemania? This and much more.

Let’s start off with the Frosh Five. This week the top 5 Women Wrestlers

5. Sasha Banks- Too early to call some would say, but other experts including myself say that Sasha Banks is quite possibly the single greatest in-ring women wrestler that I have ever seen. And she looks pretty damn good at doing what she does as well. She has charisma, talent, and great looks. Plus she is probably more over with the fans than any diva on the roster right now.

4. Trish Stratus- How can you leave off a talent like Trish Stratus. When she debuted as a simple fashion/fitness model. Most thought that she was just going to be eye candy for the fans, and the arm candy for the wrestlers. She turned out to be one of the greatest stars to grace a WWE ring in the womens division, winning the Womens title on multiple occasions.

3. Sherri Martel- One of the all time greats in the womens division, the Sensational Sherri pulled the upset of the century when she defeated the Fabulous Moolah for the Womens championship back in 1987. She had a great career before that in the AWA, and even after her in ring days, she went on to be one of the most successful managers as well managing the likes of Randy Savage, Ted Dibiase, Shawn Michaels, and more notably managed the many times over tag team champions Harlem Heat. That is four Hall of Famers that she managed. Can’t argue with that accomplishment.

2. Lita- Okay some would say that Lita is ranked way to high on this list due to her length of time in the squared circle, so before you get your panties in a bunch, allow me to explain. Lita changed the way of Womens wrestling. She did things that no woman would ever think of doing. Her finisher was a moonsault off of the top rope, now sure you see this in today’s era, but in the 90’s, and the early 2000’s, this was unheard of by a female wrestler. Lita also took part in the first ever womens steel cage match against Trish Stratus. Lita paved the way for women wrestlers as you see it today, and that is one of the biggest reasons she is a Hall of Famer.

1.The Fabulous Moolah- Who else could it be? Lillian Ellison, known to fans world wide as the Fabulous Moolah still to this day holds the record for the longest total reigns as the Womens Champion at 28 years. Now while this was not consecutive, it is still a feat beyond belief that one wrestler male or female could dominate his/her division for that long of a period of time. Not to mention that at the age of 73, Moolah won her final womens championship in the WWE in 1999 when she defeated Ivory. While that title reign did not last long, it capped off what I consider one of the greatest careers of all time, male or female.


Here are the RT Power Rankings

1.Roman Reigns– The WWE Champion is on a roll right now. Can the Authority stop the champ?

2.Dean Ambrose- The Intercontinental Champion looked impressive against Sheamus in the cage, and again on Smackdown defending his title in the triple threat match.

3.Bray Wyatt- Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family seem unstoppable right now.

4.Kevin Owens- Owens is on a down streak right now, but something tells me he is going to turn it around really quick.

5.The Usos- The tag team of the year had a pinfall victory over the tag team champions on Raw. Will gold be around their waste in the near future?


This week in professional wrestling

1992– Ric Flair wins his first WWF Championship by winning the Royal Rumble.

1992– Rowdy Roddy Piper wins his first singles championship in the WWE when he defeated the Mountie at the Royal Rumble.

2000– The Final Starrcade in WCW is held. WCW was sold three months later to Vince McMahon and the WWE.


Here are the questions this week.


Seth Rollins was the right choice to win the Superstar of the Year.
Steve: Disagree, and not that he did not deserve to win it. He is an amazing talent, and he was the WWE Champion for the majority of the year. I think the honor should have went to Roman Reigns again. Reigns was in the main event picture the entire year. He won the Royal Rumble, Main evented Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar, only to have Rollins steal the title cashing in his Money in the Bank. Then Reigns went back to a mid-carder, only to fight his way back up to the main event scene and capture the WWE Championship, not once, but twice.
Eric: Disagree, Seth Rollins did have an amazing year, but he get hurt. If he wouldn’t have gotten hurt, I would say Agree, but since he got hurt I say no. My choice for superstar of the year: Roman Reigns. This man worked his ass off this year and totally deserves that honor this year.
Chad: Disagree, I feel like with all the Roman did winning the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year and being the WWE champion at the end of the year despite all of ups and downs he had with Rollins and the Wyatts so Roman would have been my pick.
Todd: Disagree. I was really torn on this one. Seth Rollins was the Champion most of the year but the way he got it and the way he won his matches really hurt his character. To me WWE wasted a lot of talent with Rollins.
Jim: Disagree.  He’s terrible, and embarrassing.  He’s the third best Shield.  How can he be the best of the WWE?
You are excited to see John Cena come back next week on Raw.
Steve: Disagree, I like Cena, but I don’t think that he needs to come back this soon. I think they should have at least waited til after the new year, maybe even wait til the Royal Rumble. It makes no sense to bring him back already, because just a two month absence is not enough of a break for the fans who cannot stand him. However, if he beats Del Rio and wins back the US title, then I’ll change this to agree. Del Rio has done nothing with that belt since he won it back in October.
Eric: Agree, as much as I say John Cena sucks I am kinda annixous to see him come back. I loved it when he was US champion and his US title open challenge. I hope he regains his belt and starts that back up because thst was always something good to watch.
Chad: Disagree, I think he needed to be the surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble and then be eliminated by someone to setup a Wrestlemania feud.
Todd: agree. I think sometime early 2016 John Cena is finally gonna make the heel turn and make Reigns a bigger star. Cena might possibly join the authority cause Shemaus and the League of Nations really?  
Jim: Absolutely agree.  Reigns is going to be a bad guy for awhile.  Wrestling needs the ultimate good guy.
Roman Reigns will be the World Heavyweight Champion after Wrestlemania 32.
Steve: Agree, I think that he will be champion after Wrestlemania. The only thing that I am not sure of is if he will stay champion through Wrestlemania. Part of me wants to say that Reigns will end up getting screwed out of the title by Triple H and Stephanie, then will somehow win the Royal Rumble with the deck stacked against him, only to win the championship at Wrestlemania 32.
Eric: Agree, WWE is building him up to be the next Mega Star and I think they will have him break CM Punks record of 434 days as WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.
Chad: Agree, he is the new chosen one of the WWE and will have a decent title reign beyond Wrestlemania
Todd: agree. I think Roman Reigns will have a long title run possibly a year or longer.
Jim:  Agree. He needs to be the champ for a long time.
The Slammy Awards should have its own special show, instead of being on RAW.
Steve: Agree, It takes away from Raw storylines too much. I like the Slammy Awards, and now that they have the Network, what better place to have an event like that. I mean, you don’t see the Hall of Fame on Raw once a year. I do have a huge problem with the Slammy Awards as we have it right now though. How many awards were won by guys who were not even at the event on Monday night? It was ridiculous. Having its own show, would be able to get more guys to the show, and accept their own damn award. Not have Mark Henry accept Cena’s award. And what about those off camera awards that they announced? That is just plain stupid. Have its own show and it would be more exciting. I was far from the edge of my seat. However, I did like how R-Truth mocked Steve Harvey during the Diva of the Year award with Paige and Nikki Bella. Props to Nikki for giving credit to all the Divas. That was really classy, and that dress she was wearing?…..I only have one thing to say…… silent pause……DAMN!!!!!!!!
Eric: Agree, The Slammys is supposed to be a big show (no pun intended every year, ot seems only right it should have it own show.
Chad: Disagree; You can have the awards be in the first hour of Raw and then have the matches in the other 2 hours to expand the storylines and help eliminate the filter for a week.
Todd: agree. I think all the wrestlers and divas should be recognized for the efforts throughout the year.
Jim: Disagree. But only because the Slammys shouldn’t exist at all.
smackdown vs raw
The WWE should split the brands up again when Smackdown moves to the USA Network.
Steve: Agree, I was torn on this for awhile, but then I thought how great it would be to see the draft again, and have some of the great stars on separate brands, then have a special event once a year where it is Smackdown vs Raw. I also think it would be good because you would have the time and ability to showcase some of the talent in NXT, even draft from NXT.
Eric: Disagree, They just got away from having 2 separate brands and now are back to one WWE. Why would they start that back up? I think though Smackdown should go back down to just one hour and make RAW 2 hours, I think the less time the more people will want to see it.
Chad: Agree: If you’re going to have you’re shows on the WWE Network for 9.99 then what is the harm of having separate brands to showcase more talent on the roster to see who exactly you would have to see what you may need to bring from NXT
Todd: disagree. I think it would create too many different storylines to follow and the pay per views were not as good,not that they are any good now, just saying.
Jim:  Absolutely disagree.  The strength of the brand is in the continuity. It’s one continual show.  Smackdown is filmed right alongside RAW.  The network change strengthens that.

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