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Thanks for joining us for another round of Pounding 7’s. This week we ring in the holidays with The Top 7 reasons to hate Christmas. No No I am not a Scrooge, and yes I do enjoy the holidays, at times. But there are some things that really just annoy the shit out of me during the holiday season.

Here is the list.


  1. Christmas is in Winter– So I am from the Midwest. If you can relate to what I am talking about you will completely understand.  I cannot stand the weather in December, it is cold, snowy, icy, people don’t know how to drive, and the roads are treacherous. Plus, who likes to get up first thing in the morning and have to shovel the driveway, or worse, shovel your car out of 10 inches of snow?


  1. Christmas Music– Sure it’s great right after Thanksgiving, you start singing along with all the different Christmas Carols, seemingly jolly. That is until you actually get to Christmas where you are ready to blow up your radio. These tunes are just so damn catchy.


  1. You gain about 15 pounds–  All of the leftovers that you eat after Thanksgiving, just to get you prepped for the big Christmas dinner. My mom does a Christmas brunch also so that just adds to the calories that you put on.


  1. Gift Giving– Who doesn’t like the season of giving. I do enjoy watching my children open their gifts on Christmas morning. However, I can do without the 6 months of credit card debt I have to deal with after Christmas. I will say this though, watching my kids on Christmas day doesnt get old.


  1. Putting up and away all the Christmas decorations– This stems from putting up and taking down Christmas lights outside and nearly breaking your neck trying to do so. And taking down the Christmas tree is about as much fun as putting it up. It is a miserable experience. Hell, I am not even a fan of decorating the inside of the house and that includes the Christmas tree. Do I have to mention how your electric bill skyrockets during this time as well?


  1. Crowds– Oh my Gosh, you cannot go anywhere without dodging large crowds during the holiday season. Sometimes I just want to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries. When I do, I have to stand in line for an hour. Ummm..no thank you. And the traffic?? Are you kidding me? Takes you damn near an hour just to get across town. I’ll just stay home and watch the nightmare on TV.


  1. Family-  I love my family, and for the most part enjoy hanging out with my family over the holidays. But trying to coordinate all of the family activities to compensate everyone’s schedule is a flat pain in the butt. There is always someone who is left mad and since I am the youngest of the bunch, I usually am that said person. During the Christmas get together, I don’t think there has been one year where someone didnt snap on someone else.

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