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Welcome back wrestling fans to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. TLC is behind us and we have a new Intercontinental Champion in Dean Ambrose. We will discuss that. Also what is next for Roman Reigns? Does Finn Balor want to stay in NXT? This and much much more.

Let’s start with the Frosh Five. This week on the Frosh Five. The top five worst WWF(E) champions of all time. 

5. Hulk Hogan (1993)- When Hogan won the championship against Yokozuna after Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart at Wrestlemania IX. He did not defend the championship once until he lost the championship back to Yokozuna in June at the King of the Ring event. Hogan had no business as the champion during this time period.

4. Bob Backlund (1994)- Backlund defeated Bret Hart at the Survivor Series 94 only to lose the championship 4 days later to Diesel. It was the epitome of a transitional champion of all time.

3. Ivan Koloff- Talk about a transitional champion. Koloff shocked the world when he won the WWWF championship against long time champion Bruno Sammartino. He lost it just a month later when Pedro Morales took the reign of champion.

2. The Iron Sheik- Don’t tell the Sheik, but his championship run lasted all but a month. Why was he the champion? Simply to put the championship belt on Hulk Hogan and they didnt want Hogan to beat Backlund to do so. The Sheiks run as champion was irrelevant and the only purpose was to put the title on someone else.

1. Andre the Giant- The shortest reigning champion in the history of the WWE. Defeats Hulk Hogan in the Main Event 1988, only to surrender the championship minutes later to Ted Dibiase. Sorry guys it turns out neither one of you were proclaimed champion after that.

NOTE: I was highly tempted to put Vince McMahon on this list, however with the storyline between he and Triple H at the time, it actually made some sense.

Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1. Roman Reigns- The brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion won the championship on RAW, but at what cost, dealing with the Authority and Mr. McMahon.

2. Dean Ambrose- The New Intercontinental Champion looked great at TLC and again on RAW, but Kevin Owens is still breathing down the lunatics neck.

3. Kevin Owens- Despite losing his championship at TLC, Owens has swallowed the bitter pill and now wants his title back.

4. Bray Wyatt- Bray Wyatt is on a roll after multiple victories over the Dudley Boys and company.

5. Sheamus- Rough week for the Celtic Warrior. Was able to keep the WWE title at TLC, but not so lucky on Raw.

This week in professional wrestling.

1987– The first Slammy Awards are televise for the first time. It was the debut of Vince McMahon singing Stand Back.

1999– In a first ever event on Pay Per View. Miss Kitty disrobed to show her bare breast LIVE on PPV.

2007– Jeff Hardy wins his first ever WWE Championship

Here are the questions this week


Finn Balor stated recently that going to the main roster in the wwe may be a step back. Do you agree?

Steve: He has a decent point here, but it all boils down to the question, do you want to be a big fish in a little pond, or a small fish in a big pond. It is obvious that Balor would make much more money on the main roster, but if money is not his objective, and success is what he is going for, then sure I could see Balor staying in NXT and not going to the main roster. I think it may be career suicide if he turns them down though because that is what every wrestler should strive for.

Eric: Depends, after hear this the only way ot could be a step back for Finn is if he doesn’t think he can get to the top spot. Right now, Finn Balor is the top dog in NXT, he’s the face of NXT. I think he may think that if he goes to the main roster he may not get to that top spot like what he has now. Now I do think that the WWE is the main roster is the biggest step there is but right now he’s at the top of NXT and maybe he feels he may only be a high mid carder if he goes to the main roster where as if he stays in NXT he could continue to be the top guy.

Chad: Writing this having watched NXT Takeover London: I would definitely agree with that statement the Women’s Title and NXT title matches were both entertaining for the fans and great matches this kind of momentum that would need to be seen at the top level

Todd: To a certain extent i agree with this statement. At this point NXT is putting out such a better product than WWE. Triple H recently made a statement that WWE didn’t know how to fix Raw, well all they have to do is look at what they are doing with NXT.

Jim: Finn Balor is an idiot. There’s no better fame or money than at the WWE Main Roster level. Sure, in his current setting he’s the king…but I’d rather be a Vice President of Facebook than the President of MySpace.


Was it the right call to put the Intercontinental Title on Dean Ambrose? What does this mean for Kevin Owens?

Steve: Definitely! Ambrose has everything it takes to be the top guy in this business. He has charisma, and is over with the fans. I am very happy to see championship gold around Ambrose’s waste. As for Kevin Owens, it is clear that he will continue to face off for the IC title for awhile, but then will make his way to bigger pastures, quite possibly Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Eric: Yes, Ambrose needed the IC title. I think Dean is the right person to bring some credibility back to the IC title and make it actually worth something again. For the last several years the IC has just kinda gotten lost in the mix and now that Ambrose is the champion I think he’ll defend the title more and make it credible once again. Kevin Owens now needs to become part of the league of nations. Then eventually he could break away from them and turn face and then eventually get a WWE title run, but for now he’s gotta pay his dues and become a heel and be part of the League of Nations.

Chad: I’m all for it I feel like Dean Ambrose is a great talent to hold the IC championship for a good stretch to see whether it is a good idea for him to one day become champion.

Todd: Yes absolutely! Kevin Owens was a bad Champion from the get go. Kevin Owens will probably be another midcard wrestler and get lost in the shuffle.

Jim:  Absolutely.  Ambrose is fantastic, and has a giant fan base.  Owens is a flash in the pan.  I don’t see him lasting more than 3 or 4 years on the Main Roster.  He’s just not a good talent.  Ambrose will be around for a decade or more.  If it were up for me it wouldn’t be what’s “next” for Owens, it would be what’s “NXT”.


There has been alot of talk all over the internet and in the world of professional wrestling that many of the wrestlers involved in TLC matches “Specialty Matches” were not in very good shape on Monday. Should the WWE continue to hold these types of matches and put the wrestlers well being in jeopardy?

Steve: This is tough because from a fans standpoint it is fun to watch. Especially that triple threat tag team match. That move Kalisto did was freaking insane. That being said, I think that these guys go a little too far to impress the fans. While its fun to watch, these guys are not going to be around long enough for us fans to enjoy what they can do in the ring if they continue to put their bodies through this. Sure, its only once a year, but one wrong move and their career is over. Its not worth it.

Eric: Yes, not to sound vicious or heartless but these wrestlers take risk in every match they compete in. Any match could impact them and leave them hurt. This is one event of the year that they have these match types. That is why you can’t have them every week and what makes the event TLC so special is due to all the special match types you see on the card. If you take away those, you mite as well take away the whole event and create something else. I was entertained this past Sundayas I’m sure lots of other fans were also, so I hope they don’t get rid of them.

Chad: There has been the saying that this is not ballet even in a regular match things can go wrong Kevin Nash and HHH’s quad injuries were in regular tag team matches. I do understand this point of view as it almost seems like anybody that goes out in these types of matches tries to steal the show and rightfully show which can lead to hurt bodies on Monday. I don’t see the company stopping anytime soon as these are matches fans want to see and taking them away at this juncture could really hurt the ratings and view of WWE worse than it is now.

Todd: Well I know I enjoy watching these mates if the right guys are involved in them. I know none of these guys can sleep very well if at all on Sunday night. These matches could shorten or end careers but they are entertaining to fans. They probably shouldn’t do these kind of matches any more but WWE won’t stop them cause it helps bring in money.

Jim: I think the damage went way overboard.  It isn’t necessary, considering they were required to come back on Monday night.  You notice the tag team guys didn’t wrestle Monday night.  Watch the PPV and you’ll see why.  I did laugh when the “metal” ladder broke on the PPV and we saw the wood underneath the silver paint, but still, it hurt.  They only had so much makeup they could use to cover up Sheamus’s back.  It was a mess.


Monday Night featured a World Title change for the first time since 2011 when Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus. Should the WWE have more title changes on Raw over Pay Per Views to attempt to better the product?

Steve: People love title changes on national TV. Look at what happened back in 1999 when millions of viewers found out that Mankind was going to win the WWF title, and Tony Schivone announced it LIVE on Nitro. Those millions of fans switched over to watch, even though they knew what was coming. I don’t think that it has to be a World title change, but having title changes on Raw once in awhile is a must to keep the viewers engaged with the product. Last week was one of the most non predictable Raw’s that I saw in a while. I thought of every scenario except Reigns winning the title. I didnt think there was a snowballs chance in hell Reigns would win that championship on Monday night. Now, people are still buzzing about it.

Eric: I don’t think more title changes are the answer. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a title change hands on RAW, but what would be just as good would be more title defenses on RAW. I love it when a title is defended on RAW, it shows that this will be a big match and we could potentially see a new champion. However though, if it doesn’t change hands i won’t be that mad, because at least I got to see it defended. I think more title matches could be helpful when it comes to boosting the ratings

Chad: Title Changes; heck even legit title matches on Raw would help the product and build more suspense and intrigue which makes the product better and gets more eyes on the porduct. It seems like when HHH was champion for the first time in 1999 the title was on the line every week it seemed like and the ratings were higher too.

Todd: I think this was a special case cause they wanted to get the title of Shemaus so bad that Triple H  was willing to take an ass whooping and Vince McMahon was willing to take a superman punch. WWE was almost to the point of desperation. They were willing to try anything. Yes I think there should be more title changes on Raw to make it more interesting.

Jim: Since they rarely change title holders on the PPV’s, they have to do is somewhere, right?  RAW has a giant audience, and the fans should be rewarded more for watching.


What is next for Roman Reigns as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Steve: I hope to god that he gets a decent run with it. While Vince may be on his heels and he will try and put Reigns in nearly impossible situations, but Reigns will continue to overcome the obstacles and retain the championship through and after Wrestlemania. Have him hold the title until Rollins can come back and they can renew their feud that was abruptly ended due to the Rollins injury.

Eric: Well, I’m sure he will continue to feud with the Authority. He was picked on last night by both Vince and Stephanie and he took out Triple H on Sunday, so it seems only right to continue that feud. I’m sure those two will feud for quiet awhile possibly till Wrestlemania, for now his feud with Authority will continue and eventually Roman will come out on top and then move on to the next feud. I’m just anxious to c who will win the Royal Rumble match.

Chad: The obvious thing to do from here is to have Reigns vs Sheamus at Royal Rumble and the possibly the whole League of Nations at the Feb PPV in order to lead to a Mania title defense against one of three people Lesnar, Cena, or Daniel Bryan should Bryan be cleared to come back to WWE.

Todd: This is where WWE threw a curve ball. We all expected a match between Roman Reigns and Triple H at some point. Now that Reigns has the title. Whats that mean? Surely it won’t be for the title. Shemaus will have to get his rematch, i’m guessing at the Royal rumble. Maybe its possible that Triple H will have Brock Lesner do his dirty work and face Reigns at Wrestlemania 32.

Jim: Reigns needs to hold the title for a very long time.  He’s the best thing to happen to wrestling in a very long time.  And he needs to battle “The Authority” the whole way.  You saw the people last night after he won.  He deserves to hold on to the title.  Meaning…they’ll take it away soon.  Because under Triple H and Stephanie, they’ll never do the smart thing.  They’re terrible, and running the product into the ground.

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