Happy Monday wrestling fan, welcome to another round of Q and A in #ask7pound. This week we discuss Charlotte and her potential heel turn. Also Is Roman Reigns still the guy as far as the WWE goes? This and much more.

Let’s start off with a little bit of bad news.


Mike Rotunda was known as was one the greatest technical wrestlers that wrestling has seen. As a wrestler for Syracuse he was a National Champion, he was a WWF tag team champion with Barry Windham, an NWA Television Champion and NWA Tag team champion. He won the WWF tag team titles again with Ted DiBiase when he was known as IRS, a gimmick that was supposed to fail. I do have some bad news though. Mike Rotunda has been discarded by the WWE and has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Did you know?

Did you know that WWE Ring Announcer Edin Stiles is married to WWE superstar Stardust?

Here are the questions this week

paige vs charlotte

Shane from the Jersey Shore kicks us off

What is the deal with Charlotte and Paige sort of switching roles. It seems like Paige is the face and Charlotte is the heel. Was this the plan all along?

I think more or less it was an issue with Charlotte not getting over with the fans like the WWE thought she would have being Flair’s daughter and all. Paige had a huge following and was cheered virtually everywhere she went. I think the plan was to have Paige as the heel and Charlotte as the face. Now you have Becky Lynch in the mix and that could throw a curve ball in to things. I think it will end up playing out that Paige and Becky join an alliance and Charlotte becomes the dominant heel diva, now that Nikki Bella is out of action for a few months. And why not? She is the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game. She is a perfect fit to be a heel.


Robert from Western Illinois asks about Roman Reigns

Is Roman Reigns still being developed as the next big star? Also does the WWE still have big plans for Brock Lesnar?

The WWE has huge plans for Roman Reigns. Not many people in the history of wrestling have been able to main event, drop down to a mid carder, and then come back to being a main eventer. This is rare in wrestling for a career. Reigns did it in the same calendar year. So this tells me that the WWE has high hopes for Reigns future. I see one of two things happening. He does eventually turn heel, win the championship, join the Authority and will resume his feud with Seth Rollins later next year as the champion. Seth comes back to take his place in the Authority as the guy and the future of the WWE. However, Roman had already taken his place and that will turn Rollins face when he comes back. I really think that would go over well with fans, as Rollins does have a very large fan base. Second, I could see Reigns winning the Royal Rumble yet again in January, and then will go on to win the championship at Wrestlemania against Sheamus. I would not be that sold on this match at Mania, but really, who else are you going to get to face Reigns at Mania? Who would Sheamus drop the belt to if it is not Reigns. Then they will continue to push Reigns as a face, which from what I hear is what Vince and the rest of the uppers in the WWE really want.

rental car

Eric from Little Rock Arkansas chimes in about wrestlers expenses.

Does the WWE pay for wrestlers travel? Rental cars? Hotel stays? Or are the wrestlers responsible for those things?

Wrestlers are contractors. They are under contract to wrestle for any organization. So let’s take the WWE contract. The WWE will pay a wrestler for their matches, and most importantly merchandise sales. It is extremely rare, and to be honest I don’t know of any wrestler to have this in the contract, though I have heard it has happened before. But typically a wrestler is responsible for their own travel from show to show, their own room an board, and their own meals. The WWE will typically provide a catered meal at the bigger shows like Raw, Smackdown, and Special events so the wrestlers can get to the arena early to prepare. So they take care of them in that perspective. However, when on the road, the wrestlers are 100% responsible for their own way. This is why you hear many stories of the road when they travel together, room together, just to save some money. Unless you are John Cena, Randy Orton, or any other top top guy in the business, you generally see them four to a rental car, and hotel room. This is what is called paying  your dues.


Ben from the University of Massachusetts wants to know about John Cena

How much longer does John Cena have in the WWE, and do you think he will be a part of the WWE after his in ring career is over?

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I think that Cena is on his way out of the WWE sooner than you may think. He took time off (on his own) to start making some movies. I think this is the next big thing for Cena. While he loves the WWE, he is going to make a killing doing movies, sort of what the Rock did. Now the big difference, is that Cena had a massive career that spanned as of now, about 15 years. So he has had a fantastic career in the WWE. The Rock was about 5 to 6 years then left, then came back, then left again, and we only see him once in a blue moon. Now with Cena’s love for the WWE and loyalty to the McMahon’s. I absolutely see him not only being a first ballot Hall of Famer. I see him doing a lot for the younger generation of superstars and will eventually end up as a trainer, or even a bigger storyline role in the WWE, kind of like Triple H is right now.


Man at Arms wants to know about title changes on RAW

How many World title changes have occured on Raw? I know its rare that this happens, so I was curious on how many actually happened. 

According to the WWE, there have been 17 World Title changes on RAW. So we will go in order.

Sid defeated Bret Hart on February 17th 1997

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Kane on June 29th 1998

Mankind defeated the Rock on January 4th 1999

The Rock defeated Mankind on February 15th 1999

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker on June 28th 1999

Triple H defeated Mankind on August 23rd 1999

Triple H defeated the Big Show on January 3rd 2000

Booker T defeated Kurt Angle on July 30th 2001 (This was the WCW World Championship)

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Kurt Angle on October 8th 2001

The Rock defeated Chris Jericho on November 5th 2001 (WCW Championship)

Edge defeated Rob Van Dam and John Cena on July 3rd 2006

CM Punk defeated Edge on June 30th 2008

Chris Jericho defeated Batista on November 3rd 2008

Randy Orton defeated John Cena, Triple H, and Big Show on June 15th 2009

The Miz defeated Randy Orton on November 22nd 2010

Rey Mysterio defeated the Miz on July 25th 2011

John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio on July 25th 2011

Now this does not take into consideration when Jericho beat Triple H only to have the decision be reversed later that night, or when Daniel Bryan forfeited the championship on Raw as well.






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