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Logo BaNWhat up world and welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. December has been delightful here in the Northeast. As I type this the thermometer has climbed above 60 degrees and a nice warm front should make New York City a comfortable place to be for the next week or so. So, while I revel in untypical warmth, allow me to do what I do and that’s to entertain you fine readers. Once again, welcome to The Blog About Nothing.

I’m sitting here listening to G-Eazy’s new album When It’s Dark Out. I like the Oakland, California rapper. Why? I like his almost philosophical take in his rhymes. Instead of bragging about the typical money, drugs, and women bravado, G-Eazy frames his rhymes around personal awareness and self-doubt that I think many people face. Its relatable rhymes at its simplistic best. So as G-Eazy bumps through my headphones, this week I’ll query why some retired athletes cannot give current players their props.

Reggie-Miller-awaits-Hall-of-Fame-induction-9U27LOJB-x-largeIn particular my ire will be pointed towards former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller. Reggie Miller was probably one of the best players I have ever seen. He wasn’t physically imposing. Yes, he was 6’7” but he was rail thin. However, he shot the ball with great accuracy and he had the swagger of a man twice his size. His battles with Spike Lee and the New York Knicks will go down in memory. Those games are part of my formative years and a big reason why basketball will remain my favorite sport.

However, it’s that swagger of Miller that has me questioning him this morning. Why? Reggie recently gave an interview with the New Yorker where he was asked to assess where Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry ranks among the great shooters of NBA history. Miller stated that Curry still had a way to go in his career to say he was the greatest, and he was hesitant to place him among great three point shooters like Larry Bird, Steve Kerr, Dale Ellis, and himself. Miller also stated that in his prime he could have out shot Steph Curry. That sentence made me fell out of my chair when I first read it.

Look, I underestimated Steph Curry when he came out of Davidson College. I thought he was nothing more than a player that had a magical NCAA Tournament but I did not think he had the size or the athleticism to be a player in the NBA. I thought at best he could be a good role player like his father Dell Curry was in his NBA career. Boy, was I wrong! I admit that now, though, that Steph Curry is one of the stars of the NBA. He’s the reigning Most Valuable Player, and the man on the defending NBA Champs.

A team that is still undefeated mind you. A team that is only a handful of games away from setting the record for most consecutive wins. The Warriors and Curry have been so good, that Steph hardly plays in the 4th quarter. They’ve been blowing their opponents out, and often Steph has 30 or 40 points before he sits down for the rest of the game. Safe to say he is kicking ass! With all that said, it is laughable that Reggie Miller could have taken this version of Steph Curry down.

Stephen CurrySteph Curry is the greatest shooter the NBA has even seen. If his career ended today, I would be confident saying that. Steph has already racked up three of the five best 3 point shooting seasons in the history of the League, and if you put his six season stats with Miller’s first six seasons it is no contest: Steph beats him easily. Miller averaged 39 percent on made 3 pointers in those 6 seasons, compared to Curry’s 44 percent. Curry made 474 more 3 pointers in that time, and has the better field goal percentage in all shots attempted. I should also add that Steph did this playing in 68 fewer games than Miller did. Let that sink in. 68 fewer total games and he crushes everything Miller did in those 6 seasons.

Now imagine, if Steph goes on to play 10 more years and his numbers drop. Even with that drop he should outpace anyone even in discussion of the greatest 3 point shooters of all time. That’s why I feel pretty comfortable placing Stephen Curry on that pedestal. His play deserves it. He is the best shooter in NBA history and he is not done. I think it’s pretty safe to declare that.

Look at what he has done as a jump shooter. He takes over games, he changes games, and he and his team have completely destroyed the notion that a team of jump shooters can’t win. The Warriors do not have that low post bruising big man. They do not have some wing player that is an inside/outside threat. They are completely perimeter oriented and they are winning. Every game the Golden State Warriors make guys like me look silly. Guys like me who kept selling them short, they embarrass every night. Well guess what? I’m tired of shortchanging the Warriors. I’m on the bandwagon now, and Steph Curry is the reason why I’m there.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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