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Welcome Welcome wrestling fans to the greatest Wrestling Roundtable forum in all of internet land. This week our panelist will discuss Roman Reigns. Why is the WWE reluctant on pulling the trigger to push Reigns? Also, will Rusev’s career be back on track now that he is back with Lana? This and much more!

Let’s start off with the Frosh Five.

Sorry about missing last week.  You will also notice that “In my Damn Opinion” did not air.  Well, I found out that Eric stole my pancakes and….well, let’s just say its a good thing the doctors cleared him to participate in the round table going forward.  This week’s Frosh Five…Top Five Wrestlers NOT in the Hall of Fame, that deserve to be.

5. The Undertaker – Granted, he is not “retired” yet, but he should be, and should be inducted the next day.  Don’t even wait for ‘Mania season.

4. Owen Hart – The guy had it.  Had he not had his career and life cut tragically short, he would have went on to be a multi-time champion.

3. The Rock – Another one who isn’t quite retired, but he might as well be.  He easily deserved admission into the Hall of Fame.  Once he makes himself eligible, he should be a first balloter.

2. Sting – With the recent injuries, I wouldn’t be suprised to have Sting wrestled his last match.  But the guy does have surprising stamina.  Rest assured, if he is done wrestling.  He will be in the Hall of Fame this year.

1. Mike Rotunda – There is NO ONE more deserving than Irwin R. Shyster.  This guy has had an amazing career, but in WWE, and elsewhere.  He was a phenomenal in ring technician, and could get a crowd riled in in a heart beat….those tax cheats!  In all seriousness, aside from Owen, he is the only member on the list confirmed to be done wrestling, and has been done for some time.  If the HoF can have members like Rikishi or Koko B Ware, they can easily make room for a true great, like Rotunda.


Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings

1.  Roman Reigns- A pinfall victory over the WWE Champion, then a spear through a table? Reigns is primed to win the WWE title this Sunday at TLC.

2. Dean Ambrose- Dean Ambrose has gotten in the head of Kevin Owens, can Ambrose capture IC gold this Sunday?

3. Sheamus- The WWE Champion is in a vulnerable position entering his title defense this Sunday at TLC.

4. Kevin Owens- Big title defense against Ambrose on Sunday. Can Owens live up to the expectations and hang on to the gold?

5. New Day- These guys just get funnier and funnier every week. The reason they stay in the Power Rankings mainly is because they had a segment with Sasha Banks where she looked hot as hell.


This week in professional wrestling.

1972– Ric Flair makes his professional wrestling debut

2001- The WWE crowns its first Undisputed Champion when Chris Jericho defeated The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night.

2012– The Hart home in Calgary Alberta Canada is given official landmark status


Here are the questions this week.

lesnar vs owens

Rumor has it that the WWE is pushing for a Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens match at Wrestlemania. Would you be interested to see this match?

Steve: Sure, I think it would be a pretty damn intense match. Kevin Owens can go, and and go with the best of them. Lesnar would be a great match up between these two. I think the only question would be: Is Owens ready to face off with someone the caliber of Lesnar? I think it would be a turning point in the career of Kevin Owens if this match does take place.

Eric: Yeah, why not? What could it hurt? Kevin had proven so far he can hang in the ring with main eventers like John Cena, why no put him in the ring with Lesnar? This could be a way for Brock to pass the torch on to Owens as being the top bad ass in the ring. Let’s face it, Owens is not the most skinny wrestler out there, but dam can that guy move and work. I think putting him vs Lesnar could make Brock a face and show how of Owens has for a never say die and keep coming back till eventually we get a pop up powerboab and a 1 2 3 and your winner Kevin Owens.

Josh: I think this match would be AMAZING.  However, Owens needs to beat some top talent, and beat them handedly to be a believable rival for Lesnar.  Cena needs to come back, and Owens needs to put him back on injured reserve.  Owens needs to squash Sheamus.  He can’t have any more heel retreats, he has to be a monster.  Only then, will it be believable that the round belly of Owens could stand up to Lesnar and win.

Chad: I would be for this match to happen at Wrestlemania and I probably basing solely off of the reputation and the hard hitting matches he had in ROH. In my opinion though I think that Kevin Owens is ready for the shot to prove that he can hang with Brock Lesnar especially on the grandest stage of them all….Wrestlemania

Todd: No! Kevin Owens is just not on the same level as Brock Lesner. WWE has proved this. Yes he beat John Cena in his very first match but that was just a fluke win because Cena came back and beat him twice in a row. Then Kevin Owens moved on to eventually become the IC Champ which he hasn’t done a whole lot with but run away from all his matches. Not only Owens no on the same level as Lesner he has done nothing to even deserve to be in the same ring as Lesner. The Beast would demolish Owens. So no I would not be interested in seeing this match take place.

Jim: I don’t want to see Kevin Owens wrestle, period.  And I’m tired of Brock headlining pay per views.  So in short…NO.


In your opinion, why is the WWE holding Roman Reigns back? They had two opportunities to make him champion but have not pulled the trigger.

Steve: They want to get the fans behind Roman Reigns, and they think by having the Authority screw him time and time again, the fans will get behind him and then they can push him into the spotlight and give him the championship. They want to have him champion as a face, and putting him as a heel champion apparently is not an option. They have high hopes for Reigns, but it has to be the right time and so the fans won’t turn on him.

Eric: In my damn opinion “someone should make a show called that” WWE is holding Ran back because they are worried. They are worried he won’t get over with the fans like they want him too. I have noticed that more and more kids have been joining the Roman Empire. For example, my son is really starting to like Roman, me I don’t care for him. So he’s starting to get the attention of the younger audience which is a good thing since WWE is PG however he’s not quiet over with the adults crowd yet and that’s why he’s being held back. Once he can get over with them, then he’ll be champion. Prediction by the end of next year 2016 Roman will have had or be in the middle of a lengthy reign (no pun intended) as WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. It’s only a matter of before he gets the belt and the WWE let’s him do his thing.

Josh: The fact is, he isn’t ready.  He isn’t completely over with the fans yet, and hasn’t done ANYTHING original.  I will say this again, WWE has plenty of people who are “here for a fight” which seems to be Reigns’ whole schtick.  The Rock, Stone Cold, Cena, the best the business has to offer didn’t just accident and “want to fight” their way to the top.  They did something original, got good on the mic and MADE the crowd like them.  Not through WWE force-feeding, but by sheer force of charisma.  Reigns has done none of that (except the force-feeding part).

Chad: To me from watching the storyline perspective it almost seems like WWE wants the universe to get behind by having feel sorry for him by robbing him every which way to become champion. Personally, He is not ready at this point and unfortunately with Sheamus and his buddies running around he could be champ for a while

Todd: I am not sure on this one. I am going to go with what I heard because I have no idea on this one. I heard it is because WWE front office doesn’t think that Roman Reigns is getting a big enough pop from the fans as a babyface. That is why they don’t want him to be champ right now.

Jim:  The WWE is selling the pursuit.  The fans love Roman Reigns.  Like John Cena, he doesn’t need a belt to be popular.  Their love for him will continue to grow and grow as he gets screwed over again and again.  Think Daniel Bryan.  It worked wonders to make him one of the most popular names out there the past couple of years.  They’ll follow that same script for Roman Reigns.

wwe future

On a range from 1 to 10, what is your excitement level for the next couple of months in the WWE?

Steve: I think it is a 2 right now. And that really is being generous. Things are running really slow right now, and I am hoping that it picks up quickly before more people start to lose interest. I seem to fast forward RAW the majority of the show just to see what happens. The matches are boring, the story lines are boring, and things need to change quickly.

Eric: 6-7, we are starting to get into Wrestlemania season and the Royal Rumble is right around the corner. I just hope the WWE does a better job at booking it than they did the past two years. I want to see some excitement this year at the Royal Rumble and see some surprises. The past couple of years have sucked. I think the WWE is due for a good Royal Rumble and a great Wrestlemania. I’m going to stay positive and believe we will get that next year.

Josh: I am gonna say 5.  The TLC PPV has a potential to be a sleeper hit.  With the triple threat tag team match and the talent of the guys participating in that, it could be a really awesome show.  That being said, Sheamus/Reigns is going to be boring, since that means either Reigns or Sheamus will walk out as champ…neither of which is good for business.  Ambrose/Owens for the IC title should be a great match.  And then next month is the Royal Rumble.  I always love the Rumble.  That being said, Raw is usually pretty boring.

Chad: I’m going to say a 4 and that’s because the Royal Rumble automatically gets 2.5 points from me. What it looks like at this point is that Roman is going the United Nations or whatever they call themselves one by one to finally get the Irish fella in a one-on-one situation. On a side note if Conor McGregor wins at UFC 194 this Saturday; Sheamus automatically becomes the 2nd most important Irish champion.

Todd: My excitement level is a -2 over the next few months. Some of these Raws and all Smackdowns recently have been down right awful. I mean I would rather turn off the tv and go outside stare up at the Stars and watch the clouds move across the sky. Survivor Series, that had to be the worst Pay per view in years. Lets hope TLC is better! Sorry Steve I know you said 1-10 but I just couldn’t I had to go lower. lol

Jim:  Honestly, it’s a 3.  Things are boring.  The show is stagnant.  It needs a total makeover.

rusev and lana

With Lana back with Rusev in storyline mode. Will this rejuvinate Rusev’s career?

Steve: It should, because Lana is a hit. He did well with her by his side, and it would seem that he could do well again with her. However, now that he is with the Foreign Fanatics part II, she may not even be a part of the plans, and last weeks appearance was just a way to clear the air after the story took a turn when they announced their engagement on TMZ.

Eric: Yes, let’s face it when Lana left Rusev his career went downhill. She was the one who made his career good. Once they hit splitsville he become useless. He needs Lana back before he becomes a jobber and has a total lose of a career. He can’t talk on the mic, he mite be able to wrestle but he doesn’t have the whole package. That’s where Lana comes into play. Now that they have reunited, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes in the title picture again. That’s my dam prediction.

Josh: I would have said yes, but then he joined the league of extraordinary mid-carders.  She seems to be on the back burner…as does Zeb Colter….but then the whole Mex-America thing was stupid to begin with.

Chad: I would have said yes; but then I saw the Michael Cole interview with Lana and Rusev from last week and now with these two I’m even more confused as I’m pretty sure Lana changed between American and Russian accents so at this point who knows where this going to go.

Todd: No! I think having Lana by his side will further hurt is career now that everyone knows that they are engagement in real life. I think WWE will be concentrating on mixing business with pleasure and that is not going to work. They have to be able to separate the to.

Jim: Rusev’s career is where it is.  He’ll always be an under card.  Doesn’t matter the hottie in a thong that is by his side.  He’s not a headliner.  Never will be.


You have the ability to bring back any WWE championship from the past, and you can even dip into the old WCW titles. Which do you bring back and why?

Steve: I would love for them to revive the old WCW World Television Championship. The title was defended each week on TV, and then usually on special events as well. I think that the fans love championship matches, and to have a title defended every week would bring more viewers to the show. With that being said, I would also retire the United States Championship because putting it on Alberto Del Rio is just a crying shame.

Eric:  Well, first of all if you add in another title you would have to get rid of one otherwise you have too many titles in the company. I would wanna see the TV title brought. You have it where it has to be defended every week on TV, this way ot makes each show that much more special because they get to see a title match every week.

Josh: Hardcore, or Cruiserweight title, and I would love to see those three titles back, but I am going a different route.  I would love to see the return of the Women’s Championship.  Naming a title the “Diva’s Championship” is so incredibly stupid.  It is disrespectful of all of the great WOMEN wrestlers who have come before, are here now, and are watching, waiting for their shot.  Every time I hear a wrestler the caliber of Paige, or Charlotte refer to it as the Diva’s Championship, a small part of my soul dies.

Chad: Personally I would to see a revival of the ECW FTW Title….Okay, Okay I couldn’t type a full paragraph on that how about the TNA World Beer Drinking Championship…no that wouldn’t work we’re in a PG era. Okay I would probably bring back a Television Title onto the screen with the champions we have (Del Rio and Owens) we are not seeing title matches on TV. You can even use smaller guys tto have the matches to make it seem like a unofficial cruiserweight title. I used to love tuning into Raw and hearing JR at the beginning of the show saying we have 3 huge title matches tonight or something to that effect which made an everyday Raw seem like something special

Todd: I would bring back the Cruiserweight title. This gives the smaller guys a better chance to win a title because it has a weight limit.

Jim: With the names associated with including Rey Misterio, Chris Jerico, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Brian Pillman…I’m bringing back the Cruiserweight title.  The WCW had the light heavyweight title, but I think it sounds better as Cruiserweight.  It allowed the smaller guys to be a champion.  They should seriously bring it back so that the little guys don’t have to battle Brock.




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