NBA Roundtable 12/9 Edition

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Roundtable. So each and every week I am more and more convinced that the Golden State Warriors are going to go undefeated. This team is insane. So who will be the first to beat the Warriors? Plus, should there be changes to the NBA draft lottery? This and much more on the NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions this week.


Now that the 76ers have finally won a game by defeating the “heavily powered” Lakers, how many wins will the Sixers win this season?

Todd: I think they will win one more game and that will be on New years Day at Staples Center against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Steve: The Sixers are bad…..really bad. They have problems on the court and off the court. I think the Sixers will make history and will finish with the worst record in the NBA. I think they send up with a whopping 7 wins this season, and that is being generous.

Chad: I refer back to last week’s roundtable where I stated that this team is wreck and with that I believe in a sense of Irony they will go 6-76 on the year. At least then 76ers would be appropriate team nickname.

Bill: While it’s still pretty clear that the tank is in effect and the team is pretty horrible, I have a hard time seeing them winning fewer than 10 games. Oh, great hire in Jerry Colangelo by the way. If you want to return the team to prominence and right the ship, there’s few better at running a consistently strong and winning franchise.



Who will be the first team to beat the Golden State Warriors?

Todd: Well a few weeks ago I said the clippers and the Spurs were the only two teams that were going to challenge the Warriors. So far this year Golden State has beaten the Clippers twice and they have yet to play the Spurs this season. Los Angeles Clippers are kind of surprising me by dropping so far down in the standings. I say the San Antonio Spurs will be the first team to beat the Golden State Warriors, it will be in San Antonio. If that is the case Golden State will have won 68 games in a row before they lose.

Steve: Writing this the day of the Warriors playing the Indiana Pacers entering Tuesday. This is a game where I feel the Warriors may fall. Assuming they are still undefeated when this publishes. I think they will suffer their first loss against the Dallas Mavericks on the road later this month.

Chad: As of this writing the Warriors hold a lead on Indiana in Indianapolis. Assuming the story holds true the first time I would see a loss for this team would be Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan 18th) against  Lebron and the Cavs in Cleveland as I cannot see this team’s first loss happening at home.

Bill: I’m going to go out on a limb here and pronounce that by the luck of the Irish that the Celtics end their streak. You just never know when things are going to slow down enough to give a team a chance, and stranger things have happened on any given night.


How much credit should be given to Luke Walton as the interim head coach of the Warriors, for their early success?

Todd: This is a tough question cause Golden State Has a lot of talent on their roster. Luke Walton deserves a lot of the credit for keeping the guys motivated to play every night and not get bored. Everyone likes winning but some times you can win too much and it just gets boring.

Steve: None. He is just a warm body on the bench. I am certain that the Warriors would still be where they are no matter who is the head coach. With Steve Kerr out due to illness, Walton has done his part by putting together a starting lineup, and writing out the roster cards. That is about it.

Chad: Currently being in the Regular Season it is hard for me to give credit to Luke Walton for the team success. He has done enough to screw the team up i.e. playing someone too much in a blowout and them getting injured. He has gotten the team focused and the rotation consistent to where Warriors could easily 75-80 games this year.

Bill: I’ve never been a much of a proponent in coaching and that’s not going to change here. The roster of the Warriors is deep. They have a great floor general in Curry and he, if anyone, is running the plays and making this happen. This team could go without a coach and be just fine. It’s the players, not the coach, that makes things happen.



What changes, if any, should be done to the NBA Draft lottery?

Todd: I think they should just automatically give the Lakers the number one draft pick the next 3 years because they suck so bad this year lol. nah for real I like the draft how it is. I don’t think any changes should be made to it at all.

Steve: Unlike other sports, the NBA is the only league that you cannot purposely tank a season in order to get the top spot. Even if you go 0-82, you still only have a 25% chance to get the top pick in the draft. If I were to make any change it would be the team who gets the #1 pick, has no chance of getting the top pick the following year. But honestly, I don’t ever see that happening so I probably would not change anything.

Chad: I am ok with the lottery system as is because it is only a 25% chance that the worst team gets the #1 pick and most of the time those picks don’t pan out such as Greg Oden, Michael Olwakandi, and Andrea Bargnani. Leave the Lottery as it is.

Bill: I think there’s a lot of changes that could be made to improve the draft and the main one is simple: Unwrap the mystery of the lottery itself. Hiding it away from the fans and making it so secret doesn’t help matters seeing that a good portion of the league’s fans already believe the whole thing to be rigged at the top. Beyond that, I think that an early entry candidate should have to play two years of NCAA ball or take the path of international ball. One and done is an absolutely stupid idea and should never have been implemented.



Kobe Bryant finally announced his retirement at the end of the season. Where does Kobe rank among the All Time Greats in the history of the NBA?

Todd: This is an excellent question. I have been a Laker fan since the early 1980’s. I watched all the Laker greats play from the show time era. Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest to ever play the game but I he was always playing with a handicap cause he never really played with a point guard who could distribute the ball. Thats no knock on Derick Fisher. I think he could have been in the top 5. Now I think he is in the top 15.

Steve: I have been very critical of Kobe Bryant over the years. I have never been a huge fan of Kobe, mainly in part of how he does not like to share the ball and will take 40 shots a game, despite how well or poorly he is playing. That being said, Kobe Bryant will and should go down in history as one of the top 10 greatest basketball players of all time. He is a 6 time champion, multiple time scoring champion, and won the NBA MVP one time, and probably should have one more. I would have chosen Kobe over Steve Nash in Nash’s second MVP season. So yeah, Kobe is a top ten player, ironically he is probably the third best Laker of all time behind Magic and Kareem.

Chad: All time Kobe Bryant is definitely up there for me I think he has to go down as a top 10 player all time. He has the scoring accolades, he has the rings to show his playoff prowess. I do think there are those clouds that hang over him like the relationship with Shaq but in the end for me is definitely a top ten player.

Bill: Never a fan of Bryant personally, but I do respect his desire to be the best and his will to win. That said, I’d put him somewhere in the top 15-20 and that’s being gracious seeing the outstanding talent the league has had over time. His accolades speak for themselves, no doubt… but I have a hard time putting him any closer than where I stated.

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