Pounding 7s: Robert Loggia Movies

On December 4, the world lost Robert Loggia, one of the premeire “that guy” in movies. While never a mega star, Robert Loggia had a look and a voice that just couldn’t be missed. In today’s Pounding 7, I’m giving you a list of the best 7 Robert Loggia movies: That being said, I have never seen The Greatest Story Ever Told, Prizzi’s Honor (I think) , Jagged Edge, Psycho II or any of the Pink Panther movies. Now these are rankings of the movies themselves, not the role Robert Loggia played.

Honorable Mentions:
Oliver and Company
Over the Top – Yup, you know you are starting off great when this is on the outside looking in on your list.

#7 Amazon Women on the Moon

  • I find this to be an underrated classic, yes its dumb, and yes its goofy, but I like it.

#6 Necessary Roughness

  • Robert Loggia plays the assistant coach, and he’s great in this. This movie is a lot of fun, and Kathy Ireland at her peak.

#5 An Officer and a GentlemanRobert Loggia Officer

  • I’ll be honest, I didn’t remember Robert Loggia was in this one, but looking back – Oh Yeah! This is a great movie. I love Debra Winger, and is easily the #2 Richard Gere movie. Even the cheesy ending is just a classic
    Did I mention Louis Gossett Jr yet? HOLY CRIPE. R Lee Emery might be the classic Drill Sargent, but Louis is a close #2.

#4 Independence DayRobert Loggia Independance Day

  • Here we go!
    If you saw this movie, you know Robert Loggia. He is a solid supporting character, and oddly enough, the Army guy isn’t the evil prick for once.

#3 Gladiator

  • Ok, you got me here.
    Had no idea Robert Loggia was in this one.
    I find this movie to be slightly overrated, but I do enjoy this one.

#2 BigRobert Loggia Big

  • Until you get to the number one movie on the list, this might be where everyone knows Robert Loggia from until you got Independence Day.
    Whatever happened to Elizabeth Perkins anyway?
    This is just an awesome movie, and think on this- had John Hughes done this movie, what would have this movie look like?


Robert Loggia Scarface
#1 Scarface

This is the best Robert Loggia movie, but lets keep in mind, there are not going to be many actors where this isn’t going to be #1 on their list.
This is just a classic movie, easy a 10. Robert Loggia plays the baddie before Pacino takes over. Do I really need to sell this movie? Get outta here.

RIP Robert Loggia

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