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The Night Before

I did not have high (get it) hopes for The Night Before, basically since Seth Rogan is so hit or miss for me- but the wife wanted a date night, and we must keep the wife happy at all times, and the other two movies she wanted to see got even lower ratings on rotten tomatoes. But considering some genius decided to make a Frankenstein movie not only PG-13 but also open thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t push to hard for that one.

The Night Before roganThe Night Before is about 3 friends, One is Robin from the Dark Knight- or the guy from Premium Rush- is a loser who can’t keep a job, but is the main driver of the plot, since his parents were killed at Christmas and his two buddies (trope alert) “Became his family” the second is Falcon from the Avengers, who is a football player currently going a career resurgence and is now a spokesman for Red Bull. The final leg of this table is Seth Rogan, playing Seth Rogan. He’s having a baby.

Not long after starting out as a family, the three men come across a woman at a bar who tells them that she just came from the greatest party ever, the Nutcracker’s Ball, but its an invitation-only party, with special tickets to get in. The trio decide to find this party, and go through a series of traditions yearly, but never find the party. With Falcon becoming a celebrity, and Seth Rogan having a kid, this year is going to be the last night they look for the party. Falcon and Rogan also decide they need to get Robin to straighten his life out.

The Night Before dance So Robin is working at a party, and since he is unable to push the pate’ he is sent to the coat check room. There, finding another asshole, he finds that coat that has three tickets in it. I have no idea why an odd number of tickets would be given out to a party- or why this prick has them, but anyway, Robin swipes the tickets, and takes off to find his buddies. After some Christmas cheert, Robin revelas the tickets, and calls the number on them. The Robo-Voice tells him that he is going to the best party on Easrth, but he needs to call back at 10PM for further instructions, so we follow the trio during the last night they do what they have done every year and try to get to the party. Plus, since Seth Rogan is in this movie, his wife gives him a goody box of drugs- so that he has a character arc/something to do/an excuse as he moves through the movie.

The Night Before MileySo how is The Night Before? Much better than it has any right to be, I enjoyed myself. The trio comes together, breaks up, comes together and moves as they wait for the party, and we get a bunch of cameos and some twists and turns. Michael Shannon is a stinking scene stealer and even the ending holds up, unlike a lot of holiday movies. I can put up with Seth Rogan, even the Miley Cyrus part isn’t offensive. I almost have to go a 9 here. I’d like to nit-pick, but I really can’t. The wife and I both laughed out loud here, and the ending doesn’t crash and burn. Again, Michael Shannon is a ROCK STAR in this movie, and just owns everything. About the only downer in this film is James Franco, but I really didn’t need to say that. Skip that 10 minutes when he shows up.

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