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Welcome to another episode of the Wrestling Roundtable. Is it me, or is wrestling a bit slow as of late. Anyway, this week we discuss Kurt Angle’s retirement. Have we seen the last of the Olympic Gold Medalist? Also Red Dragon WWE bound? We discuss this and a whole lot more.

There is no Frosh Five today as Frosh woke up this morning and someone had eaten his Pancakes. So he is on the hunt for the perp.

Here are the Roundtable Power Rankings

1. Sheamus– The WWE Champion escaped with the championship on Raw, can he do the same at TLC

2.Roman Reigns- Roman almost captured his second WWE championship, but with the deck stacked against him, is his future doomed by the Authority?

3. Dean Ambrose– Will the lunatic be able to overcome Kevin Owens to win the Intercontinental Championship?

4. Kevin Owens– Not in action on Monday in preparation for Dean Ambrose at TLC.

5. New Day– I don’t know why I don’t like these guys, they really annoy me, but they are starting to get involved in the main event scene, and aligning themselves with the right crowd.


This week in wrestling history.

1986- Starrcade featured the first ever Scaffold match titled night of the Skywalkers

1991- The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series to win his first WWF Championship.


Here are the questions this week.


What do you do next with the Dudley Boyz since they didn’t win the tag team titles?

Steve: Well it’s obvious now that they are going to feud with the Wyatt’s as they have brought in Tommy Dreamer to help them against the Wyatt’s. I look for the WWE to bring in yet another original like the Sandman, or even Spike Dudley to make it a four on four. After that, I don’t know what the plan would be for the Dudley’s. I cannot imagine they would be in competition for the tag team titles as they have had their chance.

Eric: The Dudley Boyz return to WWE has been nothing but a bust. They were brought in and immediately thrown right into the tag title picture. Now the Dudleys have lost to the Champs and tgat feud has ended. The Dudleys need to find another team to feud with and stay away from the tag titles for awhile. In my damn opinion it hurt the Dudleys coming back and losing to the new day right away. Now, whom ever they feud with it will be mediocre at best. They need to reclimb the ladder in the tag team division and feud with other teams such as the Wyatt Family or even the USOs. Someone who they can have great matches with and don’t need titles to make it a good match. Let’s see where the WWE takes them.

Chad: From what it appears; they are going to feud with the Wyatts with some other ECW guys. From there I would lead them into an important match at Mania because people will pay to see them put people through tables.

Todd: I think the Dudley’s should enter into a feud with Luke Harper and Erik Rowan since back before Rowan had the Tricep injury they were doing the 3D finisher. That would be a very good feud if WWE played it out right.

Jim:  The story with the Boyz is in the pursuit, not in the results.  People don’t care if they hold up the belts.  They care that they smash people through tables  The Dudley Boyz will draw regardless.  Don’t worry about them, they’ll be fine.


TNA recently has scored a new TV deal, is this TNA last shot at being successful and if this doesn’t work, will TNA finally give it up for good?

Steve: As long as they can afford it, they will continue to fight, but I think that if this TV deal does not pan out, which I predict that it will not. Then TNA will be deader than they are right now. TNA does not have a good product, and since they tape their shows so far out in advance, people who want to follow the product, can get about three months worth at one time. There is no suspense when it comes to the storylines.

Eric:  TNA gets another shot at life. Please, someone stop giving them the adrenaline needle and just let them die already! I mean come on! They have been through many different channels and no one wants them. I don’t care for their product or anything. I hope this is their last chance at survival and if they don’t make it they finally end it all for good. TNA just isn’t meant to survive and I think when they fail at their new channel they will finally close up shop for good.

Chad: Heck, I though Destination America was their last shot…Lol. The problem that TNA has is that their tapings give no suspense to the storylines so that can hurt a company and as of right now I don’t think they have the talent that wants to stay with the company and ride these uncertain waters and unfortunately; Dixie Carter still runs the show so there’s that drawback.

Todd: This is TNA’s last shot to fail. POP Network what the hell network is that? Not only I didn’t know that network existed, half the country probably didn’t know that network existed. All the fans they lost when they switched from Spike to Destination America because people didn’t get Destination america, do you think they will get them fans back with the garbage they putting on now. Hell no! They are losing talent daily, storylines suck, and Dixie Carter still runs things.

Jim: I think it’s a moot question, since it will be successful.  Destination America profited as much from TNA as TNA did from the partnership.  They were basically the flagship show of Destination America.  But it never made sense to have wrestling on Destination America.  The new deal with POP has all the indications of success.  They’ll immediately bring a large audience to POP.  People that didn’t even know POP existed.  The bigger key to TNA is to acquire better talent, and this new TV deal will greatly help in that area.  They’ll never be the WWE, but they’re a great stepping stone to the WWE.  The even bigger key to their success is to get rid of Dixie Carter, but that’ll never happen. Daddy owns the company


Ring of Honor tag team Red Dragon has recently reported being under the WWEs radar, could Red Dragon make it in the WWE?

Steve: I love this team, I really do. But no, Red Dragon is not going to the WWE, simply because they know they would be so lost in the mix up there, when they are experiencing stardom in Ring of Honor. They lack the big following that they need to compete in the major leagues. The only reason Vince may be looking at them, is because the Young Bucks turned him down, and he wants to take yet another product from Ring of Honor.

Eric: Yes, I personally enjoy Red Dragon. I think they are an amazing young talent and could bring a lot to the table if picked up by WWE. They tag team division in WWE is already heating up and I think if you throw those guys into the mix you could have some classic matches. Imagine them against the USOs or Lucha Dragons or even New Day. You smell that folks? I smell money, and that’s exactly what WWE wants. They want people who can have good matches and draw lots of money and I think Red Dragon most certainly could do that being on the WWE main roster.

Chad: ReDragon is a very good tag team in the ROH and international ranks and the two individuals are great wrestlers but I think that with what WWE and NXT have in their tag team it would not make sense for them to come to WWE as I feel they would get lost in the shuffle.

Todd: I have not seen these guys wrestle a whole lot as I just started watching ROH about 4 or 5 months ago but from what I have seen these guys have a lot of potential. Obviously the idea is not to bring them right into the main roster. I think a few years in NXT, its possible they could make it in WWE.

Jim: Watch this interview and tell me if you think they are WWE material.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rxTrTn6R8c  Seriously, are they really under consideration?  The WWE should be embarrassed to watch them, let along think about signing them.


Kurt Angle recently stated, he would be retiring in 2016 from TNA, is this for real or will he show up in WWE one more time?

Steve: Im sure Angle’s retirement is for real. He is up there in age, and has a host of medical issues that really should have cut his career short years ago. However, he will be back in the WWE, when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame sometime in the next three years.

Eric:  I think once Kurt Angle leaves TNA it will only be a matter of time before we see him once again in the WWE. I think WWE will be Angles last stop and after he does one more run in there then he will retire. He has unfinished business in the WWE and I think he wants to retire in the top company not some 3rd class promotion that can’t even keep a tv deal. Kurt Angle would be much better off if he was to come back to WWE for his final run as a professional wrestler.

Chad: I think he will be back in WWE to work with the talent that is there now to put in some great matches such as Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins. Those would be some great matches for himself to reintroduce him to the WWE universe. Plus TNA is just awful why should Kurt’s career end like that.

Todd: Kurt Angle said he retired from TNA not pro wrestling. So you will not see Angle in TNA any more but don’t Rule him out for a return to the WWE. After all he said a few months back that he would like his final match to be against Daniel Bryan if he were ever cleared to wrestle again.

Jim: Obviously his contract is up.  He’s 46, and TNA is moving to the youth.  Should he try and make some real cash with one more run in the WWE?  Of course he should.  He’s a legend.  He deserves to go out in style.


With the TLC ppv fast approaching, what of the following is your favorite type of match: Tables, Ladders or Chairs match?

Steve: Not really a big fan of any of these gimmick matches, but if I had to choose it would be a full on TLC match. I like the concept of the ladder match. But throw in the element of tables and chairs can make for some exciting action if the right two people are involved. Reigns and Sheamus has me about as excited as painting the deck on a hundred degree day.

Eric: This one is easy, a Ladder match hands down. These match have always been a favorite of mine. The fact that they place a prize above the ring and both wrestler have to climb to claim it can make for a great match. The ladder match is a classic and always an entertaining match in my dam opinion.

Chad: THe first time I heard about a chairs match I though it was a dumb concept. That being said I guess I will go with a ladder because I feel like there is a lot more you can do with a ladder to make more exciting than any other of the options presented

Todd: I guess I have to say a ladder Match. There have been so many exciting ladder matches through the years including the very first ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.

Jim:  Well, to be honest, none of the above:   I personally think the ladder matches are terrible for the show.  I’m also not a fan or chairs.  But they’re ok.  So that leaves me with tables.  And since the Dudley Boyz use tables better than anyone in history, I say DEVON!  GET THE TABLE!!!

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