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Be thankful… I mean it…

We really do need to be thankful… to stop once in awhile and appreciate what life is all about… it ain’t always pretty nor is it always that so-called bowl of cherries ya’ll hear about and sometimes it does feel more like a bowl of something that’s been chewed up and left as pits… but… if ya’ll think about it no matter how bad things are… it could be worse. and believe it or not someone probably has it worse than you do…

So, yeah, seriously… give thanks for what we all do have no matter whether it’s a little or a lot.

So, while our ancestors have probably been around for maybe 6 million years or so, a lot of knowledgeable…lots more knowledgeable than me at any rate… say that the modern version of ourselves only became civilized about maybe between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.

So… we have, indeed, come a long way, baby… but… then again…this is how far we have come in those 6,000 to 10,000 years?

With all of our technological and sociological advances through our civilized history, we have advanced so far as so-called civilized beings and, yet, we still have wars and murders and crime and can’t figure out how to have everyone get along together and share equally in the world’s bountifulness?

Go figure… but…thankful

We still need to stop and count our blessings and we still need t o keep on keeping on and doing the best that we honestly can to make it a better world wherever we can…

So, I say be thankful… and… here’s hoping most of the stuff I’m about to discuss here really does become the exceptions to the way life is, rather than normal occurrences…

Talking with Moses, my boss and friend, at work the other day and he said “Why is it you always hear about white cops killing black people but you never hear about a black cop killing a white person?”

Good question…

Why is that?

Equal-Justice-Protestersangry whte men

Friday night fight night on Thursday…


For all those who go out and do that so-called Black Friday shopping stuff… you are a braver peon than I be, Gunga Din…

Why do I say that? This is why…

On Thanksgiving evening… yeah, I know that’s Thursday but tell that to the stores what open their doors and start this Black Friday madness that damn early…


It's Black Friday at the fights night
It’s Black Friday at the fights night

On Thanksgiving evening at a Kentucky shopping mall two dudes went at it… no one knows why; they just did…  and they knocked one woman on her ass as they fought over God knows what before a rent-a-cop broke it up… and with the risk of being called sexist… these two dudes can’t even fight right… they were  slapping and tearing each other shirts… come on if ya’ll gonna wup on somebody then get them damn fists up and have it. Little namby pamby pantywaists…

In El Paso, Texas, a Wal-Mart crowd of about a dozen peeps went to battle over some heavily discounted flat-panel TVs. Twenty-three-year-old Ruben Garcia was one of the shoppers involved in the melee for the TVs. He stomped on a lady’s foot and then grabbed one of the treasured flat panels that she had in her hands. A cop came over and said… “No, no, no we don’t do that no more… give it up and over to the lady” And he said, “No sir, officer”…

Yeah… right… It probably went morel like… Cop: “Hey buddy give that back to the lady” and then Garcia probably said” “Fuck, no.” The cop said “What?!” Garcia: “I said fuck no.” And the cop said “Come on pal you are going for a ride.”

Then there’s the scene that’s been making all the online media rounds… a sales-crazed woman pulls a boxed vegetable steamer out of the arms of a little girl at a store in Saginaw (Mich)… the girl’s mom screams but not something like “Hey get your freaking paws off’n my child” but “Gimme that box!”

Then in Deer Park (TX) two woman were going after some unknown lucre in a Wal-Mart when one of the ladies called the other’s mom a bitch… the lady responds by head butting the defiler of her dear old mama… she wound up in the pokey charged with assault…black friday

The accused head butter told a local news station, “I don’t regret what I did. I defended myself and my family.”

Ob lah di… ob lah dah… that’s just a few incidents that I recall that I saw as I was browsing around on my computer…

Right on… first we go and carve up some turkey and have some pie and what all; then we go out and carve up our neighbors and punch them once or twice while they be down…over some so-called media inspired needed accessory that has had its priced slashed to the lowest of the low…

And the meaning of Thanks-giving is what?

What part of being thankful did they miss out on?

Like I said… if ‘n you went to do some Black Friday shopping you be a much braver person than me, Gunga Din…

Not necessarily smarter but definitely braver…

Rudy, Ruder & Rudest…

I know I have mentioned how dumb-ass Rudy Giuliani is and I really do try and ignore him as much as I can but sometimes the jackass just goes and says something so damn dumb-ass I can’t help but comment upon it…

Ya’ll probably know about that Chicago cop who got busted on charges of first degree murder for shooting a teenager… if’n for some reason ya’ll don’t… never mind… if’n’ there are some out there who aren’t hip to what went down in Chi-town, just read on and try and figure it all out as we go along… and… do and try to stay awake during your life and get a clue from now on… ok?

Any way… this is what good old boy Rudy had to say about that cop and his situation…

“First, he committed a crime.”Rudy-Giuliani-has-a-Vile-Mouth

Rudy is talking about the kid who got killed after being shot by the one cop 17 times… and reports do say peeps called police and said a dude was trying to break into cars and that he had a knife… so… yes… that’s probably factual… the teen-aged boy was committing or had committed a crime…

Then Rudy said… “Second, police had a right to stop him.”

“Yes… yes, they… the cops… they do have a right to do that. In fact, that’s what a whole group of cops who were on the scene before officer Jason Van Dyke got his ass there were doing… but… they were staying away from the teen and trying to first defuse the situation and then resolve it with as little trouble as they possibly could… that is until Van Dyke rodeoed his way onto the scene and opened up with a pistol full of lead whoop-ass… because he said he feared for his life… and that the other officers’ lives were endangered.

But… even Rudy ulitmately admits, “I saw the tape and the tape looks horrible. There’s no question the cop had a right to stop him if it is true that he was slashing tires. But you don’t shoot a guy 16 times over slashed tires.”

But, the Rudester doesn’t ever stop when he can continue rambling on and prove himself to be a fool…

Rudy also said, “There’s something really wrong with the city of Chicago. There’s a sickness in Chicago. Their murder rate is out of control as compared to New York and some other American cities”… but, funny thing, he didn’t say how he came to that conclusion…  he gave no specific figures.

However… with help of the FBI through their Uniform Crime Report and Mason Johnson from CBSChicago, who put together the best interpretation of the FBI numbers out of all the reports I saw online… (Note: Most reports I read said about the same, it’s just that Johnson’s method of putting the data in a readable form was much simpler to read than all the others combined)… I can provide some numbers that will show a surprising reality for Chicago and its rep for being a crime ridden city that is rife full of lawless gangs of murderous sons of bitches and bastards  who go around shooting and killing with utter disdain and disregard of any human life…Every year the FBI releases the Uniform Crime Report aka their statistical interpretation of crime in America as compiled using data from

Violent Crime Rates For Big Cities

There are 76 cities with more than 250,000 people in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

Big Cities With The Highest Violent Crime Rates:

Detroit, Michigan 1988.63
Memphis, Tennessee 1740.51
Oakland, California 1685.39
St. Louis, Missouri 1678.73
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1476.41
Baltimore, Maryland 1338.54
Cleveland, Ohio 1334.35
Stockton, California 1331.47
Indianapolis, Indiana 1254.66
Kansas City, Missouri 1251.45crimeperception

How do the country’s largest cities compare? Of America’s three biggest cities, Chicago had the highest violent crime rate at 884.26 violent crimes per capita. New York City had a rate of 596.7 and Los Angeles had a rate of 490.71.” (Mason Johnson @ CBSChicago)

Chicago, maybe ain’t so bad ass after all, eh? Yeah, considering how big Chicago is they have more serious crime than many other cities but when its broken down per 100,000 folks their crime rate ain’t as evil as some peeps would lead ya’ll to think… as are NYC’s and LA’s… all three are much lower than any of the top ten cities. So, as bad ass as the big three cities in America supposedly are according to a lot of media reports including the so-called liberal press… and, including the NY Times who has at least on one occasion has said crime was on the rise in the major cities… maybe that it ain’t necessarily so after all…

And… lookie see here…

“Big Cities With The Highest Murder Rates:

St. Louis, Missouri 49.91
Detroit, Michigan 43.52
New Orleans, Louisiana 38.75
Baltimore, Maryland 33.84
Newark, New Jersey 33.32
Buffalo, New York 23.22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 22.43
Memphis, Tennessee 21.38
Atlanta, Georgia 20.47
Cincinnati, Ohio 20.16

Chicago had a murder rate of 15.09, New York had a rate of 3.93 and Los Angeles had a rate of 6.66.+

Once more… ah hell… let Mason tell the story…chicagonola.jpg2

“Considering the vast differences in population among American cities, crime totals are misleading. Bigger cities will have higher violent crime totals, smaller cities will have lower totals. This is seen most clearly by the fact that the five biggest cities in America… New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia… are also the five cities with the most violent crime… (Mason Johnson) instead used the violent crime rates per 100,000 people when looking at the numbers of the above cities. Rate per capita takes population into consideration, leveling the playing field between cities with drastically different population numbers. When you look at cities’ violent crime rates per 100,000 people, the five cities with the highest totals… New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia… disappear from the top of the list.

“They have the biggest numbers, yet, considering their populations, have a lower number of violent crime occurrences than the cities with the highest violent crime rates (as well as lower number of murder occurrences than the cities with the highest murder rates.)” (Mason Johnson @ CBSChicago)

Now when a newspaper like the Times comes out and says crime is going up as well as murders, in the big American cities they really are doing a disservice to these cities…

I need to ask…

Compared to what? To last year? Then there is a sembelance of truth to what the Times is saying. But if you look at the numbers compared over a wider spectrum you get a clearer picture…

In Chicago.. at the time that the NY Times published their article (8/31/2015) there were 294 murders while at the same time in 2014 there were 244 murders.. so… yeah… that’s a 20% rise in total murders. And thats not that freaking good…. murder never is… but.. compared to 1992 when they had 943 murders… its vastly different reality.

NYC… total murders were 208 and in 2014 the murers totaled 190… a 9% rise…but in 1990 NYC saw 2,262 people murdered… talk about a war zone…

LA? Interestingly the NY Times had no stats for this burg but doing a little digging around I found this… in 2012 LA marked a period of 10 years running where their murders declined… in 1990 they had 987 murders and in 2013 they had 251 murders…

Granted there are some other cites where murders have skyrocketed, relatively speaking… Milwaukee… went from 59 in 2014 to 104… 76% rise… St. Louis went from 85 to 136 … 60%… and… Baltimore went from 138 to 215 a 56% rise and those cities definetely bear watching but even in those cities, these spikes, although troubling, are still far below the peaks in murders that they experienced in the 1990’s and were cosnsitently decling since then until now.

But, guess what… although troubling… we ain’t as bad as as we once were and while we still got a long, long ways to go to stop the senseless killing of our citizens and the idea that a gun, or any other weapon, can solve life’s problems we are making progress since the bad old 1990’s.

So, guess what Rudy Katzootie done got caught at?

He got snagged in one great big fantastical fucking lie… he either knows not what he speaks about or is just a pathological fucking liar who makes up shit as he goes along.

In the same interview that he says talks about the Laquan MacDonald murder… and Chicago… Rudy not being one to quit while he’s ahead… or behind… he also got onto the topic of ISIS and terrorism and Trump… and Trump’s idea of closing mosques and stuff… Rudy Katzootie said… with quite a bit of the old stupid pride and braggadocio that the Rudester is famous for… “I was the first one, I believe, to put police officers in mosques.”rudy boy

He said he assigned the undercover missions after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Why? Because according to him the attack was planned at a mosque and had undercover cops been monitoring the facility, the attack may have never taken place.

He added that “There is no priest, there is no rabbi, there is no ministry that wouldn’t welcome an NYPD officer. And if an imam doesn’t, I would ask why?”

And… I would ask why any priest, rabbi or any other ministry would allow cops to be in their places of worship unless there was a known threat against them or their religious group or someone specifically was threatened that was going to be at their place of worship.

Rudy is one damn sad son of a bitch who really needs to STFU and media clowns… ummm… I mean media people… have to stop giving him any forum whatsoever to spout out his lies and false innuendos about life in America… and… for the fact of the matter… about anywhere in the whole damn world. But, unfortunately as long as Fox media is around he will always have a forum to speak his lies… and then the damn news rags will fall into the trap of reporting what Rudy said about this or that in a Fox interview as actually being news worthy of being reported.

Just my opinion…

Okay just so ya’ll know where I stand in that Chitown officer shooting the teen… and why I think the way I do about the situation and about what Rudy said the way I do…

Here are the facts as I understand them…

Police Officer Van Dyke was approximately 15 feet away from Laquan Macdonald when he spent 15 seconds of eternity firing his weapon… 13 of those seconds were as McDonald lay prone on the street… Van Dyke emptied his weapon and was gonna reload even though the black teen never made any motion to fight back or try to get up from a fetal position on the ground. And that’s per the DA’s charging documents…

According to those who have seen the graphic footage, McDonald can be seen walking away from police when Van Dyke unleashes a barrage of bullets from about 15 feet away. Van Dyke continued to shoot after the teen fell to the pavement. McDonald, who was holding a knife, had his back turned to the officers when he was shot.

In addition, the charging doc says Van Dyke was the only officer of eight on scene to fire his weapon AND “None of the officers observed McDonald attempt to throw his knife at defendant (Van Dyke), jump or lunge toward Van Dyke, raise his knife as if to stab defendant, or did anything that was obviously threatening toward defendant beyond what was depicted in the video and not responding to commands while carrying a knife.”

Got that? Is it clear enough? NONE of his fellow officers at the scene saw what Van Dyke says was the reason that the fired his weapon… because he thought he… and fellow officers at the scene …were in danger from the black teen.

Van Dyke, 2nd from left, fires at Laquan McDonald who is walking away from police
Van Dyke, 2nd from left, fires at Laquan McDonald who is walking away from police

Officers at the scene… not named Van Dyke… said that McDonald never spoke or responded to their numerous verbal commands that he drop the knife he held the knife BUT despite that reality these same officers did not see the need to use force against McDonald and when other sirens could be heard arriving on the scene MacDonald began to run away from them… not threaten anyone…

When Van Dyke came on the scene he was there for less than 6 seconds when he decided lethal force was necessary to resolve the situation… a situation where no other officer there saw any necessity to use any force whatsoever…

laquan-1123He fired twice… MacDonald fell and  lay on the ground in a nonresponsive fetal position and Van Dyke continued firing into MacDonald’s body… a total of 16 shots were fired and entered MacDonald’s body… 9 in his back…… his weapon now empty, Van Dyke decided he need to reload… his partner stayed his hand from doing so.

Civilians who also witnessed the shooting essentially agreed with what cops on the scene had told investigators… McDonald was no threat to anyone when Van Dyke decided to use his weapon to subdue him.

Van Dyke, who initially claimed he had felt threatened by the teenager, continued to shoot even as McDonald lay motionless on the ground
Van Dyke, who initially claimed he had felt threatened by the teenager, continued to shoot even as McDonald lay motionless on the ground

Of course, Van Dyke’s attorney say the story is different from what it appears almost everyone else is saying… and that Van Dyke feared for his life and acted lawfully. His attorney also says the case “can’t be tried in the streets, can’t be tried on social media and can’t be tried on Facebook.”


No one should want any one person to ever be tried without due process and being able to defend his actions…

I got nothing to add but this… I saw the video and some other videos of the scene where MacDonald was shot and from what I have seen I don’t understand why any shots whatsoever were fired. I wasn’t there… but… others were and what they say seems to bear out the shots were unnecessary.

Van Dyke will get his time in court to convince a jury that he is not a murderer or a killer or whatever other word anyone wants to use to describe what he was when he did what he did.

That’s the way we do thing in this country… that’s the way it should be…

But, it sure did take a long time to get to this point… Laquan was killed just before 10 p.m. on October 20, 2014. There was video of the shooting that was the ultimate cause of Laquan’s demise… his being ceasing to be of this existence… this world.

What the fuck took so damn long?

Where’s the justice?

Rosemary Diaz went missing on Nov. 24, 1990, after leaving work at a country food store near her home in Danevang, Texas.

Investigators believe they have now cracked the mystery in their search for the missing teenager when they found bone fragments at a house belonging to the main suspect in her disappearance.

According to authorities, the family of the main suspect in Rosemary’s disappearance… and now evident murder… came forward after the suspect died and turned over information regarding Rosemary and what happened to her… the fact that the suspect confessed multiple times to making Rosemary disappear.rosemary

Wharton County law enforcement authorities called in Texas EquuSearch to assist and they began investigating on 60 acres of property that belonged to the suspect and the suspect’s family… and… a breakthrough was made.

EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said, “We got lucky. We found a ring. We all cried.”

An excavation of the site ensued the following day, and, what are believed to be Rosemary’s remains were found.

Sgt. Scott Grosser of the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office said, “She was found in a shallow grave in a remote, wooded area. That is what we expected all along. Exactly how did the abduction happen, there’s no way to know because stores didn’t have a lot of video security systems back in those days.”

Grosser added that the family is cooperating with the investigation.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

If, I read, what I read here, right…this is saying they… the suspect’s… aka the probable killer… family knew about his guilt all along, but, didn’t speak up until after the son of a bitch died?

So, he essentially got off scot free?

And, don’t nobody give me any shit about the guilt he musta felt, blah, blah, blah because that is pure unadulterated bullshit with a capital A and a capital B.

Somebody needs to pay for that bullshit… I mean somebody from the family should do the dude’s time for whatever he would have been convicted for… Justice needs to be served… to prevail. Somebody should at least do some time for being an accessory after the fact if it is proven that the… ahem… suspect… is indeed the killer of young Rosemary.

The guy confesses to his damn family “multiple occasions over time” and not one of them…not at any time… ever… goes to the cops?

Not one of them has any jot of a conscience? Not one of them has any feeling for what the poor girl’s family went through because of their own flesh and bloods actions?

Man… I understand it’s their blood but what of the blood that was shed? What about Rosemary’s blood? The blood that is all over their own hands by not ever coming forward until long after the dude’s death… so, that he never has to face any justice at all for the crime that he had done… none… no consequences…

They are cooperating?

Big fucking deal… someone needs to pay up for what was done. Some form of reparations need to be made to Rosemary’s kin…

Under stupid in the dictionary…

The police chief for Farrell, Pa., resigned one week after being sworn in because of an email he sent that got made public.

Tom Burke, the ex-chief, who at one point had been the chief of police of the town of Sharon, sent the email to a few dozen members of a Sharon parent-teacher organization and it went… “Good morning. Please click and review. Even $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon niggers gotta learn how to read.”

In the dictionary next to stupid
In the dictionary next to stupid

Needless to say… Burke, who is white, and had been sworn in as Farrell’s next police chief on Novmebr 17th was asked by Farrell Mayor Olive McKeithan to step down from his newly acquired office. .

McKeithan, who is black, briefly supported Burke as the email made the rounds but  eventually concluded “…it would be best for the community” if Burke resigned.

Burke did apologize for his email at a hastily called press conference and did say the perfunctorily “(my) intention was never to offend anybody.”

That may or may not have been true, but, good gravy, what the hell did he think it was gonna do when the email eventually saw the light of day and people… especially black people… caught wind of it? Laugh their damn asses off?

At best, he is not very damn bright, and, at the worst, his comment that his intention was never to offend anyone was a damn lie.

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