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Let’s start off with a little bit of bad news.


This week on the Ring  of Honor television we saw Roderick Strong end the 18 month reign of Jay Lethal as TV champion. Jay Lethal is also now set to defend the world title against AJ Styles at Final Battle in December. I do have some bad news though all three men were dropped by TNA at various points in their careers which is a sign of the mismanagement by TNA.

Did you know?

The first ever King of the Ring was won by Don Murocco in 1985? This was before the King of the Ring Pay Per View started in 1993. Other notables who won King of the Ring were Harley Race, Ted Dibiase, Randy Savage, Tito Santana, and Bret Hart who won it in 1991, the last time the tournament was held, and he won the first PPV King of the Ring in 1993. So he won it back to back.

Here are the questions this week.



Bradley from Indianapolis chimes in.

Has there ever been an accidental title change where a wrestler lost a title but wasn’t supposed to in a match, either by ref error or wrestler error.

men on a mission

From the research I have done, I found out that this happened twice. Both of them were at house shows. Men on a Mission, Mo and Mable won the tag team championship from the Quebeccers. This happened when Mabel splashed Pierre and he was not able to kick out because of Mabels size. He seriously could not kick out. So the ref counted three, and we had new tag team champions. It was short lived, as they lost the titles a few days later at another house show.

It also happened at a House show between Sting and Vader. Vader was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion coming into the event. He went for his moonsault and missed, knocking the wind out of him. Sting covered him, and Vader was supposed to kick out, but the ref counted three. Sting would go on to lose the championship a few nights later at a house show again.

Another time where the ref messed up was a WWF title match between the Rock and Kurt Angle. The Rock hit the Rock Bottom and that was supposed to be the finish, but Earl Hepner did not count to three and made up some lame excuse that Angle’s shoulder was up. The Rock looked at Hepner like he was a moron, did another Rock Bottom, looked at Earl like you better not screw this up, and he counted three. The result was still correct, but Earl screwed up.


Chris from Las Vegas wants to know about wrestler personalities.

What kind of attitudes do wrestlers have outside of the ring generally speaking?

wrestlers outside

It really depends who you are talking to and who you ask. As you see in this photo, Wade Barrett, who is a complete ass inside the ring, really goes out of his way to be with fans. You can walk up to a guy like Barrett and ask for a photo or an autograph and he would be glad to help. Same with guys like Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker… now here is a true story about the Undertaker. Many years ago I had the opportunity to go back stage at a WWE show, I was walking around with Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall, and he asked me if I wanted to meet the Undertaker. I was still a kid and was really petrified of the Undertaker so I said no that is okay, all along the Undertaker is standing right behind me. He puts his hand on my shoulder, and looks down at me (in full costume I might add) then laughs and asks me how was I doing. Dude was a down to earth guy, and shared some stories about himself and how he got into the Undertaker gimmick. To this day, the Undertaker, Mark Calloway will always have my respect for his demeanor in and out of the ring. Both Hall and Nash are awesome guys to talk to and will give you the time of day. Flair kind of keeps to himself and has sort of a swagger with him, but he is really nice and polite to his fans. I had a chance to meet Shane McMahon at an airport one time, and he was amazing. He told me that Stephanie is a sweetheart, but Vince really can be an ass, but then again he has to be running an billion dollar industry. Vince would give you the shirt off his back, or he would take a knife and shove it in your back if it was good for business. Just depends on how loyal you are to him.


Paul from Clarksville TN. wants to know about Sheamus

Was Sheamus the first wrestler from an International country to win the World Championship? Other than Canada.


Technically it was Ivan Koloff who is from Russia, when he defeated Bruno Sammartino to win the World Heavyweight title, he dropped it to another international superstar in Pedro Morales, who is from Puerto Rico. Then the Iron Sheik won the championship and he was from Iran. Then of course you have Bret Hart, but we are not counting Canadians. So Sheamus was not even the second or third guy from another country to win the championship. The first was Koloff. Sheamus was the first guy from Ireland to win the championship, so I guess that counts for something….right?


Kenton from Oswego IL. chimes in this week.

When was in known that John Cena was going to be next big star in the company and where does he rank against Hulk Hogan.

cena vs hogan

Cena earned this, it was entirely based off of his work ethic and his pride to work for the WWE. He was the one who stepped up in 2002, and basically said give me the ball and I will run with it. He really has not let go of the ball since then. Just this past month, he finally took some time off away from the ring to do some outside activities. He has been injured before and took time off then, but worked his butt off to return quicker than any normal person would. As far as where he ranks against Hulk Hogan, I am going to try my hardest not to be biased here, because you all should be well aware of my feelings towards Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania. So where does he stack up? I honestly think Cena is equal to Hulk Hogan. The only thing I give Hogan credit for is what he did for the business. He really did put it on the map. As far as in ring ability goes, Hogan had none. Sure, he had charisma, and he had the look, and could talk. Cena had the look, could talk, and he just got better and better by working on his move set. So as far as in ring ability, Cena wins by a landslide, but even I cannot discard what Hogan did for wrestling in the 80’s.


Tom from Janesville WI, takes us home.

Who actually runs the day to day operations in the WWE? Does Vince still make the final decisions?

wwe headquarters

Yes, Vince is still the head hancho in the WWE. Triple H and Stephanie pretty much run the day to day operations, but Vince is still the CEO of the WWE, and all final decisions are still approved by him. He does use his advisors like Triple H, or the writers to form an opinion, but he still has the final say. I think he will pretty much hold this distinction until he dies, because I don’t think the man will ever retire.


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