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I enjoy Amy Schumer. She’s one of those comics that you can tell is going to be a star, and I wondered what would happen when she hit the big time, was she going to get a network (or in todays world) TV show and have to play to the middle, or was she going to remain a niche comic who just takes over for Lisa Lappinelli, when she gets too much for TV.
Needless to say, She’s on Comedy Central in a show that is really hit or miss for me, but I did see her Apollo show, and it too, was hit or miss for me, she’s still funny- but I do wish she could take it back 10%. Maybe I’m old, and the female equivalent of a fart joke just isn’t as edgy as it used to be.
But onto Trainwreck, I knew two additional things about this movie, 1) It has LeBron James, and 2) It has a lot of SNL people in it. I’m almost surprised Lorne Micheals didn’t get a credit having watched it.
We start off with Colin Quinn giving two little girls a lesson on Monogamy- but its not creepy, he’s the father, moving out on their mother, no wait, still creepy. Fast Forward to Adult Amy, who smokes weed, drinks too much and cheats on her boyfriend, played by John Cena.
Yes, John Cena. Trainwreck Cena
Hang on, isn’t this the perfect person for 2015? Loves the weed, loves to drink, has a job where she bitches about men, yet goes home to a genetic freak and still bangs everyone on the side? Any of these considered a bad thing?
Colin is getting moved into a rest home, and he’s an abrasive ass to both Amy and her sister. Amy works at a Men’s Magazine and after professing her hatred for sports, get’s the plum assignment to write a feature about Dr James Andrews, played by Bill Hader.
Amy and John Cena go to see one of those Artsy movies, and Amy tries to pick a fight for Cena with another moviegoer, and first watch, its funny, second watch, goes on too long. Cena later breaks up with Amy because he finds out she’s running around on him.
Amy moves on to Bill Hader, who might actually be the funniest part of the movie- even though I’m not as big a fan of his era of SNL as some others. They fall in love and shenanigans ensue.
So how is Trainwreck?
Trainwreck AmyWhen you are watching Trainwreck, you enjoy it. When you think about it, not so much. The movie has a very limited rewatchability factor, and a lot of it loses its luster on second viewing. The cameos are all really well done, especially the “intervention” scene, and no, that’s not a spoiler. Amare Stoudemire does more work here than he did in months in a Knicks uniform, and I love Daniel Radcliff and Marisa Tomei as well. Its a solid movie, and I’ll go a 6 here. If you like crass/pot humor, this is a must see- but only once.
No spoilers, cause its a comedy.

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