Turkey Day NFL Predictions!

Turkey FootballThanksgiving is upon us, and while we wait for the Turkey, or in my case Ham, lets get our Predictions on the three games today.

In the Early Game, Steve, Bill, David and Joe are all taking the Lions, while DJ is taking the Eagles on the Road.

Even with Vegas making this a Pick’em game, only DJ has any faith in the Romoetts, thinking the Cowboys can break the undefeated Panthers, with Steve, Bil,l David and Joe looking at 11-0.

In the Nightcap, everyone is taking the Packers over the Bears.

If I get news from Chad and Jim, I’ll update.

Enjoy Black Friday!

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  1. It might have been a good solid “catch-up” week for you guys (except for DJ), except for the final game of the day. Better luck next week and next Thanksgiving!

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