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Happy Thanksgiving NBA fans, welcome back to another edition of the NBA Roundtable. This week: Can anyone stop the Golden State Warriors? Who can stop them? Was it the right time to fire Kevin McHale? And what constitutes a dynasty? All this and more!

Lets not waste any time and lets get to the questions.


Entering Friday, the Warriors are 13-0, and came from behind 23 points to beat the Clippers. Is there any team in the NBA that can deny the Warriors quest to repeat the NBA Championship?

Chad: After witnessing the Warriors over the past couple of weeks I think teams can give them a good run for their money at times and they could stumble in the regular season. But I do not see a scenario where this team would lose a best of 7 situation with presumably Home Court Advantage throughout That would mean stealing at least 1 probably 2 in their arena I just don’t see it happening. This team is for real.

Todd: I don’t know if anyone can stop them. A couple of weeks ago I said maybe the Clippers or the Spurs. They have already beat the clippers twice once at home and once on the road. They have yet to play the spurs which are currently second in the west at 9-2. There is no team in the east that can stop them for certain. I wouldn’t count the Clippers out after just two games and the Spurs I believe will still be there in the West.

Bill: To assume they’re infallible and incapable of being knocked off their perch would be remiss of any knowledgeable and sensible NBA fan. The Western Conference, much to the chagrin of the (L)Eastern Conference, is DEEP. That depth means that any number of teams within the conference have a shot at sending them home early. In addition, seeing that there is a lot of hoops yet to be played, one can never rule out the serious injury bug derailing their quest for a repeat title. They’re playing at a high level at this point and the question as to whether or not they can sustain it for an extended period will be answered soon enough. The fact that several other contenders are having turmoil on the sidelines due to coach firings (as below) or injuries to the marquee players has definitely helped their cause, but I suspect those things will sort themselves out as the season goes on.


Did the Rockets make the right call to fire Kevin McHale after a 4-7 start?

Chad: For me it was a little surprising to see the head coach of a team that got to the West Final fired 11 games into the season but in the West if you get behind in the playoff race it’s a tough hole to climb out of and maybe a move like this can be a coming together moment for the team to make them. Now, do I think it was the right call? Oh No

Todd: No. He has lead them to 50 plus win season last season including the Western conference finals against the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Not to mention to get to the finals the Rockets came back from a 3-1 against the Clippers. There was no reason to fire him after a 4-7 start. That was ridiculous.

Bill: No, I don’t believe they did. This was a move of ignorance and desperation. Yes, they needed to do something, but firing the head coach that got them to the WCF was, plainly, asinine. The issues surrounding this team exist between the shoulders of the players and firing McHale does nothing to make that situation better. I’ve always felt that the Rockets were overrated and had too much ego. Seeing them struggle as they have has been a reality check for them. I will say there was one great moment in McHale’s firing: seeing his wife go ape shit on Twitter was priceless.


The Philadelphia 76ers entering Friday are 0-12. How many wins will the Sixers have this season, and do you think they have a chance to have the all time worst record in the NBA?

Chad: The sad thing is that we have this conversation every year with this team. They’re not good, They are not going to be good anytime soon. Major changes are required for this team and I mean a complete overhaul for the top down blow it up and restart.

Todd: I think the sixers have a good chance of going 0-82 for real. This team sucks! They couldn’t beat themselves out of a wet paper bag. They will end up with the worst record in NBA history.

Bill: I expect that they’ll pull double digits and put them at the 15-18 mark. I know the tank strategy is on in full, but to see them putting in so little effort is sad. One can only hope that the league takes action against teams that purposely tank in order to get a better position in the draft. Changes to the lottery to fix that nonsense can’t come soon enough.



The Detroit Pistons appear as if they are a rising team. How good are the Pistons, and how far away are they from once again competing in the East?

Chad: Let’s be real if you’re mediocre in the east you have a chance to make the playoffs. Now when it comes to competing in the East that is going to be a tough road especially with established teams in the East playoff picture (Cleveland….,Chicago, Atlanta, Miami Toronto). They are not there yet but Drummond is a solid piece to build around.

Todd: On the rise are you kidding me? They lost to the lowly 2-9 Lakers. Besides they are in the East. No team is on the rise in the east because almost every team has a chance to make the playoffs until the end of the season. They are competing now at 6-5.

Bill: The boys from Detroit have been pretty surprising thus far. Drummond isn’t surprising at all: We all know he’s a double-double stud every night. The guy is a baller, plain and simple. If anyone surprises me at all in this, it’s Marcus Morris. Being a nightly starter has paid dividends for both him and the team, and I honestly didn’t expect him to play as well as he has away from his brother. Time will tell if he’s able to keep it up. Seeing all the whining and sniveling he did when PHX traded him, I was hoping he’d struggle a bit more. Oh, well. I still think the move was addition by subtraction. That aside, I can easily see DET being a 5-6 seed come playoff time.


While the Warriors may well be on their way. What, in your opinion constitutes a dynasty, and which team was the last team to accomplish this. Again this is purely your opinion.

Chad: In my opinion a dynasty is situation where year after year a certain team is projected to be a favorite to win the championship. Will they stumble, yes, but they are down never out. In my opinion the Spurs would be the last dynasty having been in the playoffs every year after drafting Tim Duncan it seems like and winning 5 rings.

Todd: In my opinion a Dynasty is a team where they are in contention for a title year after year, not necessarily winning every year but just being there. The Current team is the San Antonio Spurs. They have been to the playoffs the last 18 years winning 5 championships. 

Bill: A dynasty is a long standing and continually powerful team that can find its way back to the final series year after year and do what matters most: WIN. While they may take on losses and as they come, it doesn’t rattle their resolve one bit and if anything, it provides them with experience to shape and mold their team to be even better. Having the ability to win repeatedly and remain on top is what separates a team from being part of a dynasty, a contender, or a flash in the pan. Many teams have been great over time and proven win/loss records over time (the Suns are a great example of that), but it’s the trophies that count in the end. The only team that’s been able to maintain that kind of excellence and continually bring home the bacon is, regrettably, the Spurs.

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