Movie Review: Spy

Movie Review: Spy
Spy starts off with a classic Bond-ish opening, with Jude Law cornering a Russian who has a nuclear weapon, Law sneezes and accidentally kills the man. Oh Hell. That was just unexpected and funny as Hades. Melissa McCarthy leads Law through an escape path as he does his best Bond impression leading to his getaway in a boat. Melissa McCarthy tries to take the blame for Law’s sneezing and he lets her, and later he takes her to dinner, but he gives her a bit of cheap plastic jewelry to wear. Melissa McCarthy is a bit head over heels but like all movies, Jude Law isn’t attracted to her.
The followup mission leads Jude Law to go after the daughter, but he is caught and in a break from the Bond tradition, Rayne caps Jude Law and gives the names of all the top agents, before shooting Law in the eye and killing the transmission as Melissa McCarthy looks on in horror.
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At the next meeting, the head of the CIA decides she wants to send someone in undercover to spy on Rayna to see where she is taking the bomb, but she can’t send any of her top people since Rayna knows them all. Melissa McCarthy volunteers since Rayna doesn’t know her and she wants to play a part in getting Rayna. We are off to an aborted Q scene, where Melissa McCarthy gets 0 cool toys. Kind of grating how they go overboard in making sure she gets the short end of any joke and every possible fat joke is shoehorned in. Even her anti-poison device is hidden in stool softener and her other gadget is in her hemorrhoid wipes (biggie sized). Jason Statham show up at the meetings to belittle Melissa McCarthy, and talk about how tough he is. Statham is fine, but after a bit it tends to get less funny, but doesn’t get to the point where its funny again. I almost wish they had gotten someone who can be actually funny to do this- like say Jude Law, or the guy that plays Bronn on Game of Thrones. Statham is a name though, so it doesn’t matter, and he’s more than fine here.

More after the spoilers, but I’m going to give this one a solid 9. I really enjoyed this movie, and I’ll be picking it up sooner rather than later, and I hope there is a lot left on the cutting room floor as funny as the post credits scene.
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