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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s November 20th and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While I’m a man that is not big into holidays, I think most people get psyched up for a day of binge eating and sports watching. With that said, I’m sitting here listening to some Future and thinking of what to fill this blog space with. So, as March Madness from 56 Nights bounce in between my ears, let’s do this!

Since the plantation I work for has decided to block sports websites, I’ve been visiting more and more news and politico sites to pass my free time at work. My job is one that has busy and quiet periods, and usually the end of the week is slower than the beginning of the week. That is why this blog gets posted on Fridays. It makes me look busy.

Anyway, one “sports” site that is not blocked is Deadspin. Which is funny to me considering 7Poundbag is blocked as a sports site but Deadspin isn’t. Makes very little sense to me, but since I do have access to Deadspin, I decided to read their story about the Cam Newton “controversy”.

On Sunday I saw Cam Newton hitting the Dab on the Tennessee Titans and thought very little of it. When Cam scores rushing touchdowns for the Carolina Panthers, he typically does his Superman routine and a little dance so I thought nothing different of Cam dropping a Dab on them ho’s. The Titans might have found offense to it, but if they found such offense they should have done a better job of keeping him out of the end zone and the Panthers off of the scoreboard. The Titans player running into the end zone, to disrupt Cam’s Dab just came off as a disgruntled loser as far as I saw it.

So, no harm, no foul, right? Nope. The Panthers won the game to remain undefeated and then the deluge of Cam Newton being unsportsmanlike broke through. First and foremost it has not been an easy season for Cam Newton. He might be the starting quarterback of an undefeated Carolina Panthers team but he’s stumbled into stupid “controversies” lately. Against the Green Bay Packers, at home in Charlotte, Newton tore down a sign a Packers fan hung up declaring the Carolinas to be “Packers Country”. Cam found offense that someone in the Carolinas would not be rooting for the Panthers. He ripped the sign down, the fan got the police involved, and Cam had to sort of defend himself on what I see as a non-issue.

So to read that a mother of a young Titans fan posted an Op-Ed in a Charlotte newspaper depicted Newton as a poor sport, a show off, and other coded words, made me literally laugh my ass off this week. I’m sorry but where is the outcry when Aaron Rodgers does the “discount double check”? Or when Tom Brady practically gives players concussions with his celebratory head butts? Hell, where was the outcry when Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback Drew Stanton was practically air humping like he was Beavis and Butthead celebrating a Cardinals touchdown in their win over the Seattle Seahawks last week?

What do those three quarterbacks have in common? I’m about to activate my race card. Let me just pull it out of my back pocket, real quick. Race card activated! Quarterback is the most visible position in the NFL, and almost all of them do some sort of celebration when the score and for the most part the shit is overlooked but Cam Newton hitting the Dab is worth some sort of discussion. Really? Cam Newton doing a popular dance that originated from his home town of Atlanta, Georgia is really worth newspaper columns and discussions on shows such as First Take? Shit, is Cam Newton hitting the Dab even worth me blogging about? The action itself isn’t shit, but for some reason, people want to point at him like he’s a problem. Why? Well let me call it what it is … because he’s black. Sorry, and I know someone reading this is once again going to post that I’m quick to call race but if it’s not racial discrimination then what the hell is it?

It can’t be anything else. So if me vocalizing that makes me out to be some racist, then so be it. Last week someone took the time to write a well written response to my blog but because it made some very inaccurate generalizations of my character I refused to post it. I deleted it to be honest. I’m not a racist towards white people. Just because I support Black Lives Matter, and I am quick to call things how I see it, does not mean I am some card carrying racist. Far from it. I’m just outspoken. If you cannot handle that, cool. You are free to disagree with me, but me throwing my two cents into the vast pool of popular opinion does not mean I’m trying to push some black agenda at the expense of whites. Nah. I’m not that sophisticated, to be brutally honest.

For that reason, I’m not talking about the terrorism that hit Paris last week. I’m also not talking about the hostage situation that is currently taking place in Mali. I’m not talking about what’s going on in Syria, and about the meltdown many Americans are having on social media as they debate amongst themselves whether to accept Syrian refugees or not. Since I am not talking about that I won’t even address the fact that Boko Haram, an organization that many deem worse than the Islamic State, are routinely harassing and killing their fellow Nigerians. Nope. I won’t talk about that. Seems I offend too many people, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Yeah, it’s tiring to read hate mail every week. So I’ll pass. I’ll just continue to monitor the debates on my Facebook and Twitter timelines.

That’s what I’ll do. I will keep observing the debate. Since, I stated earlier my job wants me to be more educated in current and political events, because they blocked my sports websites, then that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to educate myself, pop some popcorn and watch people debate themselves senseless. Seems like the right thing to do this holiday season. Cheers.

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  1. I actually was smiling in the end as you listed eveything you were not gonna talk about… I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but in a very subtle way, just how you mentioned all those issues kind of made a serious point.

    Your best writing always seems to come out when you get a tad ired and feel about something deeply.
    Good piece…

  2. It was intentionally done. I was irked that someone actually said I was a scumbag and racist towards whites so yeah I did that last part on purpose.

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