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Welcome back Wrestling Fans to another episode of the Wrestling Roundtable where six of the most controversial panelists go at it again. We have heels, we have faces, and we have people that just want to give their damn opinion. This week, the WWE Championship tournament is underway, Roman Reigns advanced, Kevin Owens advanced, we saw the debut of Tyler Breeze, and Kalisto defeated Ryback in the first round….wait WHAT? Yes Kalisto won his first round match. We discuss the championship tournament again as we are dwindling down to Survivor Series, this Sunday on the WWE Network.

Let’s get started with a Frosh Five. Please remember, these are my opinions, and you are entitled to disagree with them, well….that is if you enjoy being wrong.  Feel free to comment or respond on twitter, or our facebook page.  Also if you would like to see future Frosh Five lists, I will take your suggestions. 

 This week, we will have, quite possibly the most controversial Frosh Five list yet.  Please hold your hatred until you have read the entire list.  This week on the Frosh Five:  Top Five worst things to happen to professional wrestling (I will only be discussing story/character issues here, so legitimate tragedies, such as Owen Hart and Chris Benoit are being left out.)

5. Snooki winning at Wrestlemania – One of the biggest, dumbest things that has happened at the show of shows….I still can’t believe Snooki has a Mania victory, while some other people with talent are left out in the cold.

4.Really, Really, REALLY Hardcore Wrestling – Let’s face it, this isn’t even really wrestling, it is just two guys hitting each other with stuff that should probably kill them.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been some legends come out of the hardcore scene: Dreamer, Funk, Sabu, Foley, RVD, etc, but these were the wrestlers that transcended the hardcore style and still were able to tell stories with their matches, not get into a contest where the real winner is the one who doesn’t catch Hep C. Also keep in mind, I am not talking about Hell in a Cell, TLC, or other gimmicky matches with a “harcore” label on them…I am talking about the type of wrestling where the ring ropes are razor wire, they hit each other with glass bottles, or a bat wrapped in razor wire, and you wonder how they litterally are not dying from the amount of blood being lost.  To me, that is just pointless.

3. Hornswoggle – He is the final Cruiserweight champion….Just….no….(also, please bring back the cruiserweight championship)

2. David Arquette winning the WCW Championship- This was the ultimate pandering to Hollywood and the mainstream, and one of the big reasons that WCW started losing the Monday Night Wars.  To be fair though, people are still talking about it today, so it did serve its purpose.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin – OK, stop typing…I can hear the rage trolls now….Just read through my argument, you may even find yourself agreeing with my points.  I will start off with this:  Steve Austin is one of, if not the all time greatest performer to get into a WWE Ring.  Period.  And that is, ironically, the crux of my argument…He was TOO GOOD.  Up until Austin, you were either a heel, or a face, and the line was clear.  The Stone Cold character made the tweener workable, someone doing heel things while getting cheered by the fans.  A big problem with this, is that extraordinarily few people are talented enough to pull this off, but WWE will keep trying.  Austin has set the bar so tragically high, that it will be impossible to raise it further.  Even if WWE went back to PG-13 style entertainment, the fans would still not be satisfied.  Why?  Because Austin was a one of a kind talent.  And everyone WWE tries to raise to the top will be measured against him (especially if they try to push him as a tweener).  Deam Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns are the guys WWE is pushing now, and once at the top, they will fail to meet the measure set by Austin.  Imagine if you will, you have a favorite pizza place…Nowhere else can even come close to how much you love that place’s pizza.  And then one day, that place closes.  It doesn’t matter how good another pizza place is, it just isn’t the same….and that is Austin.  He was so good at what he did, he soured everything else forever.  And that, readers, is a shame.  There are some talented wrestlers and some engaging storylines, but none of them will meet that standard.

Now for the Power Rankings

1. Roman Reigns- Big win over Cesaro to advance to the Semi-Finals. Can Reigns win his first WWE singles title?

2. Dean Ambrose- After defeating Ziggler on Raw, Ambrose is on his way to Survivor Series and is looking for the gold.

3. Kevin Owens- Defeated Neville in one hell of a match to advance to the Semi-Finals of the title tournament.

4. Alberto Del Rio- The United States Champion rounds out the Final Four in the title tournament after his victory over Kalisto.

5. Cesaro- Came ever so close to advancing in the tournament, and had a great match against Roman Reigns.


This week in wrestling history

1989– Ric Flair and Terry Funk end their long feud in an “I Quit” match at Clash of Champions IX.

1996– The Rock, then known as Rocky Mavia, makes his debut at Survivor Series, he defeats Goldust to become the sole survivor.

2012– The Sheild, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns debut at Survivor Series when they attacked Ryback during the championship match against CM Punk and John Cena



Here are the questions this week.


Chris Jericho stated that the state of the WWE is in such dissaray lately after
the Rollins injury that backstage it almost feels like WCW all over again when
they began their demise. What are your thoughts on Jericho’s comments?

Steve: It very well could be like it was in WCW. I am almost certain that the WWE writers are in dissaray, and that is not a bad thing. The difference between the demise of WCW was the writers completely screwed everything up. The writers of the WWE got thrown a curve ball with Rollins when he got injured, so at least they have an excuse. And if you know me, I am not one for backing up the writers in WWE as of late, but they got thrown a curve ball. Now they have so many options on what they can do with different guys, like Cesaro, Reigns, Ambrose, Ziggler, and Owens, just to name a few.

Eric:  I think it is only temporary. The WWE probably had a lot of smthr stories written up through Wrestlemania and it probably all involved Rollins but now that he’s not there they have to scramble to make something just as good as what they had planned. I think it is only temporary until they get everything rewritten. Once that is done, everything will go back to normal again. WWE is way different than the WCW, they just had to rewrite the stories due to Rollins being injured. This is only a small set back

Josh: What happened to WCW was of their own making (see the Frosh Five number 2), this was just an injury.  Seth will be back, and someone will carry the rock till then.  Who knows, we might even be suprised at how good it turns out.

Chad: I definitely feel like there is disarray only because of the nature of the curveball they have been handed. Cena on vacation, Orton injured, and now Rollins blows his knee out overseas what wrestling staff could handle 3 guys like that being down. WCW was just too much money, ego, and yes men.

Todd: I agree WWE panicked when Rollins when down with a serious injury. It’s kind of like when Daniel Bryan injured his neck when he was world champ. They put all their eggs in one basket without a back up plan. Now they just threw random guys in this tournament.

Jim: Jericho speaks his mind, and he’s been through it all.  The WWE was sold on keeping Seth the champ for a while, and they obviously had no plans to let anyone beat him.  If you can’t draw the fans with talent, draw them with someone people hate.  Now there are obviously going to be people that think a big name needs to take it to get over the hump (John Cena anyone?).  Other’s want a new face (Roman Reigns?).  And then there’s Vince, who thinks maybe he should be the champ again, probably.  But make no mistake, this is not the demise of the WWE.  The reason we saw the demise of the WCW, is because the WWE existed.  There’s no place for the fans to go right now.  So the WWE will survive and thrive.


Dixie Carter, President of TNA said recently that TNA can compete with the WWE right now. Is there any merit to this? Or is she on something?


Eric: TNA is still around? That’s right that’s where that no good, low life, wannabe wrestler Sharkboy works. #sharkboyfearseric #sharkhunter I don’t believe any merit in this at all. TNA is in no way in the same league or any way closer in competition with WWE. Hell, TNA isn’t even in the same league as my son’s organization with his wrestling action figures. TNA had their chance to compete with WWE and they blew it. Plain and simple they blew it. TNA will never be able to compete with WWE ever again.

Josh: Did you know if you go to www.tna.com, you get a women’s clothing store?  Just thought I would point that out…

Chad: I will say this they did beat WWE at something…stupidest way to crown a champion

Todd:  Dixie carter is smoking some kind of crack if she thinks TNA can compete with WWE. TNA could never compete with WWE.  They can’t even get a TV deal with anyone after this year so how the hell does she think she can compete with anyone.

Jim:  Dixie Carter borrowed some money from daddy and bought TNA.  That’s her total expertise in the market.  And with this statement, she’s proven she’s clueless.  She’s holding them back; not moving them forward.  If she says they’re getting ready to overtake WWE, you an safely assume they’re getting ready to enter bankruptcy.


In your damn opinion. What is your take so far on the WWE World Heavyweight title tournament?

Steve: I like it so far. It has produced some great matches. Zigger vs Ambrose was great, Reigns vs Cesaro was awesome. Even the Del Rio vs Kalisto match was entertaining. It had some shocking moments when Kalisto defeated Ryback on Smackdown in a massive upset. So now with the Final Four, Reigns, Owens, Del Rio, and Ambrose. This could shape up to be a great night on Sunday.

Eric:  I have enjoyed it so far. I always like tournaments. You get to see matches you may not normally see. Also sometimes you get surprised by who wins and advances. I give two thumbs up to WWE for this idea. It has been a great one so far, now let’s see how it planes out this Sunday.

Josh: The matches have been great, but RAW removed any sense of surprise.  Reigns is going to win…hopefully he turns heel in the process, but since they took the easy way out on RAW, maybe he won’t….At the very least, they should have had Kalisto beat Del Rio, maybe by distraction, to set up the Del Rio/Swagger feud again.  But that would have added a sense of…what if?  to the Semi-Finals…but no, it is predictable as possible.

Chad:  I’ve been impressed with the matches although the Final four was somewhat predictable. Ziggler/Ambrose was great. I feel like this needed a cinderella story to get to Survivor Series which also hurts the card b/c now you have your US and IC champs in the semis at the PPV instead of defending the belts

Todd:  It sucks there are several guys such as Neville, Stardust, Titus O’Neil, Wade Barrett, Tyler Breeze, and Kalisto that don’t even belong in the tournament. You can guarantee that these six guys will not win the world title. You can even put Alberto Del Rio and Ryback in with them names. Alberto Del rio hasn’t done nothing to deserve a title shot. He was given the U.S. Title because Cena took time off. Ryback hasn’t shown he is a viable contender for the world title. Oh I forgot about the Miz. What the hell has he done lately. Ziggler probably won’t win cause he will continue his feud with Tyler Breeze. Big Show is just a big joke. The only guys worth a damn in the tournament are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens. When I first saw the brackets I thought the finals would be Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose.

Jim: So far, the title is proving that there’s only one conclusion, and that’s the belt on the waist of Roman Reigns.  Every other match has proven that he’s the chosen one.  He’s the only one looking like a champion.


Who will be the next “guy” for Triple H?

Steve: This will be answered in my next question with a bold prediction, but I think Reigns will join the Authority and be Triple H’s next guy in the business. He will carry the title through Wrestlemania. When Rollins comes back he will come back thinking he will take his spot back, but HHH will say that he has a new face in the WWE. Reigns then attacks Rollins and they renew their feud. Reigns as the Authority guy, Rollins as the face.

Eric: Roman Reigns, hear me out on this. Roman has not been getting over with the fans as a face so why not turn him heel and put him with Triple H. Let him embrace all the hate from all of the fans. Have him turn on all the fans and have Triple H help build his heel heat. Look what Triple H did for Rollins, he turned him into the top heel in the company and then number one in the annual PWI 500. I think with Triple H, Reigns will have the ability to turn into a major heel and this is what he needs.

Josh: Reigns….if WWE creative is smart, but since they aren’t….they will probably choose Sheamus…or Hornswoggle…

Chad: Roman is the obvious choice although since it’s the obvious choice they will make a move to somebody that makes no sense like a Sheamus

Todd:  I don’t think it will be any of the guys he confronted on Monday night raw. I think it will be Ryback. Why? Because he needs it more than any of the other guys Triple H talked to. I think with a little help. Ryback could be a big star in the industry.

Jim: Hopefully there is no “next guy” for Triple H.  He chose Seth.  Based solely on that, he should never be able to choose another.



survivor series

Give us one or two bold predictions for this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

Steve: I just said one above with Reigns turning heel and joining the Authority. I will stick to that bold pick. But also I think that the Undertaker and Kane will take out the Wyatt Family in convincing fashion.

Eric: Survivor Series is this Sunday live on the WWE network for only $ 9.99, here are my bold predictions for Sunday. Undertaker and Kane defeat the Wyatt family. That’s and easy one, Charlotte beats Paige and retains divas title. That’s another easy one, that feud will continue. My big prediction, Reigns vs Ambrose in the Finals and Regins turns on the fans and joins the authority and wins the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title and becomes a Triple H guy. I that it is kinda out there but that is what I believe will happen. Let’s see now if I am right come this Sunday.

Josh: Wyatt Family beats Taker/Kane, they have to to continue their push….also, Sheamus will cash in MiTB.

Chad: Unfortunately, I don’t see WWE celebrating 25 years of the Undertaker to have him lose to the Wyatts. I am going to gold really bold here and say that Ambrose walks out as WWE champion

Todd: Charlotte retains divas title, Dean Ambrose walks out new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Jim:  I predict that Reigns will beat Ambrose for the title.  Then the pasty white Irish boy will cash in his Money in the Bank, and attempt to pin an exhausted Reigns.  But Ambrose will save the title for Reigns, solidifying their friendship and team status going forward.

battle royal

Which do you prefer to see to crown a new champion, a Battle Royal or Tournament?

Steve: As I stated on #ask7pound last Monday, my favorite WWE title match was the Royal Rumble 1992 won by Ric Flair. However, overall I like the elimination tournaments better to crown a new World Champion. The tournament has to be done right though. While I don’t mind having the tournament weekly until they have a new champion and a main event. My preference is a one night only tournament to crown the new champion.

Eric:  I think it depends on my mood. I do love a battle royal but I also love tournaments. If I had to pick one though, I would pick a battle royal. This gives everyone a fair chance to win the match and you never know what could happen in a battle royal. Anyone could win. It always makes for interesting tv when we see a battle royal. I would say a tournament is a close second, but my favorite is a battle royal. Now that I’ve talked about it, I mite have to go watch a battle royal on the WWE network.

Josh: The tournaments, gives you several matches to look forward to.  If you do a Battle Royal, it needs to be a Royal Rumble style and really extend it out to make it intriguing.  Otherwise, everything is just too predictable in the battle royal.

Chad: The Tournaments when booked correctly are going be better than a Battle Royal/Royal Rumble situation no when I say booked right I mean have an upset or 2; have pairings that lead to matches never before seen

Todd: A tournament if it’s not just thrown together like this one was. This is ridiculous, over half these guys didn’t do nothing to deserve to be in this tournament.

Jim: Tournament.  Battle Royal’s are great live, and fun entertainment…but now how I want my champ determined.  t




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