Happy Monday wrestling fans, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Now its back to the work week, and back for another edition of #ask7pound. This week on tap, Did Ted Dibiase drop the ball when announcing the Undertaker in his debut? Was it the plan to break up the Mega-Powers all along? This and much more.

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Let’s start off with a little bit of Bad News!


At Survivor Series Seth Rollins is slated to defend against Roman Reigns… This just In… I’ve got some bad news… as a result of an injury overseas…we are now going to have a tournament to determine the WWE champ at Survicor Series…tough break Seth…get well soon.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Undertaker’s first manager when he debuted in the WWE was none other than Brother Love? Paul Bearer came later when the WWE signed William Moody to a contract and he was a real life funeral director. The gimmick of the Undertaker was not expected to take off like it did. Here we are 25 years later still going strong.


Here are the questions for this week!


James from the University of Massachusetts gets us started about the Mega Powers. (Eric you know where this is heading)

Was it the plan to break up the Mega Powers (Hogan and Savage) all along? Or did this come about later after they started teaming together?


The plan was in place or Hogan vs Savage at Wrestlemania V about a week after Savage won the World Championship in the tournament at Wrestlemania IV. Savage was to win the championship to give Hogan a little break from the championship for a year, however with him teaming with Savage, he will still be in the main event picture, just not as the champion. The fallout started at Summerslam 88, after Hogan and Savage defeated Dibiase and Andre. Hogan hoisted up Elizabeth. You could see Savage look back and kind of look at Hogan as if, what the hell are you doing?  The same thing happened at Survivor Series 88, when the MegaPowers won their match, Hogan again embraced Liz, causing Savage to wonder what Hogan’s intentions were. Then in February on an episode of the Main Event, The Mega Powers faced off against the Twin Towers, Boss Man and Akeem, the Savage was thrown out of the ring and hit Elizabeth. Hogan shows concern and takes her back for medical attention, leaving Savage to fend for himself. When Hogan returns, he asks to get tagged in, only to be slapped by Savage. After the match they start to argue in the first aid area, then Savage nails Hogan with the belt, and the Mega Powers explode. Then in April we all know, the little ass gets what he wants and regains the title from Savage at Mania V.

Eric from Dawson IL.

Hey I am such a huge fan of yours and this segment. It is my “damn” opinion that your show trumps all the other segments on 7poundbag.com. So I have another question for you. When Ted Dibiase announced the Undertaker, did he mess up? I know that the Undertaker was going to be known as “Kane” The Underataker. Did he forget, and drop the ball on this one?

undertaker debut

No, it had been discussed for weeks prior to having the Undertaker debut to drop the name “Cain” as that is how it was to be spelled. And just call him simply the Undertaker. Vince thought that it would be plain, simple, and get the point across to the viewers on how scary this dude can be. They said putting a first name on him would humanize him and that is not where they wanted to go. They did tape a few shows, that never aired that the Undertaker was announced as Cain the Undertaker. When he got over at the Survivor Series, they scrapped that all together. However, it was said that Dibiase made mention in 1990, that maybe later on if this gimmick takes off, that they could use the name Cain, as a brother of the Undertaker. There was some talk when it was Undertaker vs Undertaker in 1994, that the second imposter Undertaker would be named Cain the Undertaker, but they held off on that as well thinking that would separate the two too much. Who knew that just three years later, we would actually see Kane, and the two would have up to this point an 18 year run together as “brothers.”


David from Shreveport LA wants an opinion.

Do you think a tournament or a battle royal is the best way to crown a new champion?

royal rumble

Circle this question, and mark your calendars for the week as this will not be the first time this site discusses this question. We will also discuss on the Wrestling Roundtable on Thursday, and Eric Asafailo will give his damn opinion on Friday about this question as well. So let me give you my opinion on the matter. My favorite vacant title match of all time has to be the Royal Rumble 92 when the title was held up and the winner of the Royal Rumble would win the WWF Championship. It was the best Rumble match in my opinion, and won by the right guy in Ric Flair. However, in a close second was the Wrestlemania IV tournament to crown a new champion. Probably the best tournament ever to crown a champion. That being said, I think I like the idea of having a tournament to crown a new champion. This would have one guy take on 3 or 4 other wrestlers to become the champion. A battle royal can be won by not really the best wrestler, and the best could make a mistake and go over the top rope and hit the floor. So depending on how it is booked, I like the tournament format, but if they ever did a Royal Rumble to crown a new champions, I’d be all for that as well.


Jim from South Beloit IL wants to know about the first Survivor Series title match.

What was the point of taking the WWF title off of Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 91 and having the Undertaker win it for 5 days then lose it back to Hogan. 

taker vs hogan

There are two reasons why this happened. First it was to build up the Undertaker character as a main event player in the WWF, having him defeat Hogan, no matter the circumstances would boost the Undertaker’s career and character to the next level. The overall plan was to get the title off of Hogan and transition it on to Flair without having the two face off against each other because their matches absolutely sucked in the WWF as we have mentioned before on this forum. So to have Taker beat Hogan (with Flair’s help) Hogan gets his rematch on Tuesday in Texas, throws the urn ashes into Takers face rolls him up and pins him. Jack Tunney, the President of the WWF stated that because of the controversy surrounding the match, the title is vacant, and had the title held up at the Royal Rumble. So they wanted to build up Taker, and they wanted to transition the title to Flair, to make a match at Wrestlemania VIII between Hogan and Flair for the title. Again that didnt happen due to their matches failing on house shows.

Wesley from Bloomington MN asks about Seth Rollins title win at Wrestlemania.

Was it planned to have Seth Rollins cash in the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania? I had heard somewhere that even Lesnar and Reigns had no idea it was coming when he came out, and the decision happened during their match.


According to my sources, the plan at the start of Wrestlemania was to have Roman Reigns defeat Brock Lesnar and win the WWE Championship. It was discussed throughout the show about the possibility of having Seth Rollins cash in and make the match a triple threat match. After Rollins came back from his match against Orton, he was told that due to Reigns simply not getting over with the fans, they were not ready to have him hold the title as a face. So Rollins had his chance to cash in against Reigns and Lesnar at Wrestlemania. It was not decided during the match, but it was decided for him to cash in during the middle of the Wrestlemania broadcast. All because the fans literally turned on Roman Reigns. The plan was to have Rollins cash in the MITB briefcase on Reigns early in the summer, and the two would have a feud for the better part of the year.


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