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Have you ever watched a movie that was pretty good, then a couple of years later they make a sequal, or a Part 2? Well I have, and the majority of these movies are not worth the price of admission to watch, and sometimes makes me want to fall asleep during the movie. However, there are some occasions where the second is equal if not better than the first one. In this version of Pounding 7’s, I will give you my top seven sequals that did not suck.

First, I will give you a few movies that did absolutely suck.

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2– Kevin James is a riot, and no matter what movie he is in, he will have funny moments, but the overall plot to the movie just was bad.

Legally Blonde 2– Elle Woods is back at it as a lawyer this time. Should have stuck to law school, I objected entirely through this movie.

The Amazing Spider Man 2– Just didn’t do it for me, and even my 8 year old son at the time we watched it thought it was boring, and he is a Marvel nut.

Horrible Bosses 2– I liked the first one, has a really good cast, the second one has the same cast, but really identified with its title. “Horrible”

Grown Ups 2– Now the first Grown Ups was hilarious, laughed harder than I had in awhile, Grown-Ups 2, however, almost put me to sleep.


As for some sequals that were pretty darn good, here are the ones that didnt quite make the cut.

Shrek 2– Who couldn’t get enough of Shrek? Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy did it again in the second, and the third for that matter.

Iron Man 2– The first one was great, the second was just as good if not better. You could make an argument for most of the Marvel movies.

Lord of the Rings 2– The entire trilogy was intense, and really made its mark in the box office.

The Godfather Part II– The compelling sequel to “The Godfather,” contrasting the life of Corleone father and son. Traces the problems of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in 1958 and that of a young immigrant Vito Corleone in 1917’s Hell’s Kitchen. Michael survives many misfortunes and Vito is introduced to more life of crime.


And here is the top 7

major league 2

7. Major League 2– If you saw the first Major League, Major League 2 kicks off right where it left off. Ricky Vaughn, Willie Mays Hayes, and Pedro Cerrano come back as the Indians attempt to get back to the playoffs and this time in the World Series. Roger Dorn comes in as the new owner of the Indians, and Jake Taylor becomes a coach with the team. Great sequal to a great movie. Can’t say the same for Major League Back to the Minors however.

star trek 2

6. Star Trek II – The wrath of Khan, as Adm. James T. Kirk and Capt. Spock monitor trainees at Starfleet Academy, another vessel from the United Federation of Planets is about to try out the planet-creating Genesis Device in a seemingly deserted portion of space. In the process, two of Kirk’s officers … More are captured by Khan,an enemy Kirk thought he’d never see again. Once more, Kirk takes the Enterprise’s helm, where he meets Khan’s ship in an intergalactic showdown. Some say this was the best Star Trek made.

despicable me 2

5. Despicable Me 2Now that Gru has forsaken a life of crime to raise Margo, Agnes and Edith, he’s trying to figure out how to provide for his new family. As he struggles with his responsibilities as a father, the Anti-Villain League — an organization dedicated to fighting evil comes calling. The AV MoreL sends Gru on a mission to capture the perpetrator of a spectacular heist, for who would be better than the world’s greatest ex-villain to capture the individual who seeks to usurp his power. The second movie is better than the first in my opinion, and even better than Minions the Movie.

superman II

4. Superman II– Christopher Reeve is back in the sequal to Superman, as he once again has to deal with Lex Luthor, who escapes from prison. This time Superman has to deal with three villains who have equal powers to him. General Zod, Ursa, and Non, who are on a quest to take over America. This is also the first time where Superman’s identity is revealed to one Lois Lane.

harry potter

3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Harry Potter and company come back in this second movie of seven overall films. The Chamber of Secrets picks up with Harry and company going back to Hogwarts for another year of Wizard school. Probably one of my personal favorites of the series, the Chamber of Secrets leaves you on the edge of your seat.

rocky II

2. Rocky II- The sequal to Rocky is the big rematch between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. The sequal the Rocky is better than the first one, and they kept getting better with 3 and 4, then they had to go and lay an egg with Rocky V. They rebounded with Rocky Balboa, and now with Creed coming out, I am looking forward to watching that as well.

empire strikes back

1. Empire Strikes Back– The fifth movie in the saga, but the second that the world was introduced to. Empire Strikes Back picks up after Star Wars, when Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star. Darth Vader and company are looking for revenge against the Jedi. In this movie, it is revealed for the first time Darth Vader’s true identity, also marks the first time we get to see Yoda, and who doesn’t like Yoda? We get to see Luke’s in depth training to become a Jedi.

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