NFL RT: The Mid-season Awards!

Bears v. Patriots - December 12, 2010

Welcome to the Roundtable! Lets hand out some hardware!

1. MVP-Brady&Hoodie

Steve: Most people will probably say Tom Brady, and yes he is having a great year. Since it is mid-season, and I am able to change my mind before the end of the season. My MVP right now is Todd Gurley of the Rams. The Rams are 4-4, but without Gurley, they would probably be 2-6, maybe 1-7. He is the best running back in the league right now, and had a consecutive 100 yard streak of 4 games earlier in the year. While he only has 4 TD’s he has created a very solid running game, and for a rookie, he is excelling. Sure it’s a sleeper pick, but that’s who I’m going with…for now.

Chad: Tom Brady- Playing about as well as ever 22 TD/ 2 INT

Bill: A tough choice seeing all of the many different and solidly viable options: Cam Newton, Tom  Brady, Peyton Manning… the list could easily go on. If I had to take one, it’s more likely to be Newton seeing that he’s doing more with less and certainly no one expected them to be undefeated this far into the season. The remainder will tell the tale, but it’s hard to go wrong with this pick.

Joe: Gotta give it to Tom Brady… A word to the NFL… never let the commissioner piss off Mr. Brady because whenever he and the commissioner go at it, it just seems Brady just comes back with a fire inside of him and tears the NFL right the hell up.
He is presently on pace to throw for over 5,400 yards and 44 touchdowns… As it stands right now his stats are  225 of 328 for 2,709 yards, 22 TD, 2 INT, a 113.5 QB rating AND 2 rushing TDs.
However… my personal favorite that I am cheering for is Carson Palmer… 168 of 260 for 2,386 yards, 20 TD, 6 INT, 110.2 QB rating.

Jim:   There’s really no competition for MVP this year, so far.  Tom Brady has 22 TDs with only 2 interceptions and an amazing 113.5 QB rating.  He AVERAGES 339 passing yards per game.  He’s on a mission, and it appears nobody can stop him.  Give him he ring, the title, and the Hall of Fame jacket right now.

2. Overachieving Team-Panthers TD

Steve: I would say the Chicago Bears here, even at 3-5 because I didn’t think the Bears would win 3 games all season, but I’ll be realistic. It has to be the Bengals, at 8-0, granted many of the other teams in the AFC North have been either underachieving, or plagued with injuries, I thought the Bengals would have taken a step back and miss the playoffs entirely. Dalton is throwing well, and has found his targets. Lewis is coaching like a man on the hot seat. This team could be destined for great things.

Chad: Carolina- Knew they would be good did not think they would be undefeated

Bill:  Panthers. No one expected them to be this good (except maybe David).

Joe: Kind of a tie between Oakland and Minnesota, in my mind, considering the records of both teams in the past few years I didn’t expect either to be in the hunt for anything this year except last in their respective divisions…
Minny has a chance to win their division outright  because it really seems as if the Packers maybe ain’t as good as everybody thought they were and the Vikes are better than everybody probably gave them credit for being… including me.
The Raiders… well in all likelihood they ain’t about to win their division but they could very well get a wild card before it is all said and done.
I guess, I’ll give the edge to the Raiders as the most overachieving team so far this year.

Jim: Let’s be honest, the Carolina Panthers are good.  But undefeated good?  No.  They’re a product of their schedule.  And since they beat the only real competition on their schedule (Green Bay), they can look forward to an undefeated season….and I’ll still say they are overachieving.  They may even make the Super Bowl, because the rest of the NFC is really bad.  And when they lose to the Patriots, I’ll simply type “See?”

3. Underachieving Team-Indianaopolis Colts Horse

Steve:  Has to be the Colts. 3-5 at the half way point. I picked this team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I also picked Andrew Luck to win the MVP at the beginning of the season. The way they are playing right now, they are going to struggle just to make the playoffs. Maybe the win over Denver last week will give this team some confidence. It’s a good thing they are in the AFC South otherwise this team would be doomed.

Chad: Indianapolis- So much hype and a open division and they are under .500

Bill:  San Diego Chargers/San Francisco 49ers. My Chargers are off to an utterly abysmal season that’s all but finished. They’d have to win out to give themselves any chance at making the playoffs and we all know that’s not happening. They were certainly expected to be better than their 2-9 record would indicate, but they just can’t seem to close out and hold on when they need to and it’s hurt them time and again this season. As for the Niners, it’s pretty sad to see what’s happened to them to this point. Losing a grade A coach due to an ignorant neophyte in the front office, losing multiple players due to unexpected retirements, continued legal issues, or free agency, and seeing your big money stud in Colin Kaepernick getting benched for Blaine Gabbert must have been the sharpest point in their crown of thorns. I expect a major overhaul next season. Will it turn it around or are some of the players who were thought to be key no longer in the plan?

Joe: Colts… if you told me the Colts would be 4-5 at this point in the year prior to the season starting  I would have asked you what you were smoking. The way things stand the only reason the Colts might make the playoffs with their 4-5 record is because they happen to lead their division with that under 500 mark.

Jim: Easy pick here.  The Seattle Seahawks!  Who would have guessed losing their defensive coordinator to Atlanta would have made such a difference?  Umm…I did.  But still, they are a two time Super Bowl team that is playing like that other team that came into the league the same year they did…(Bucs, don’t laugh.  I still love them).  Seattle may have 4 wins, but they cold easily be 2-6.  They’re just terrible.

4. Coach of the year-Marvin Lewis

Steve: Ironically, I am picking the same guy I thought would be the first guy fired during the season. Marvin Lewis. Most pundits thought the Bengals would underachieve this season, but they are consistently finding ways to win. It all starts with the leadership of Lewis. 8-0 right now, the Bengals have an excellent chance for a BYE in the playoffs and possibly an appearance in the AFC title game.

Chad: Mike Zimmer of the Vikings he’s got them a 6-2; I thought they’d make the playoffs but to be 6-2 is good

Bill: Hmm.. if you haven’t caught on to the theme by now, you’re lost: Ron Rivera. As before, no one expected them to be where they are and his coaching sure has helped a lot.

Joe: Minny’s Mike Zimmer… he has the team in 1st place in the division and pointed to the playoffs for the first time since 2012 when they lost in the WC game.

Jim: My choice for Coach of the Year so far is Marvin Lewis.  He has absolutely taken over the AFC North.  The Bengals aren’t winning by luck (DENVER), they’re just pounding their opponents.  I give full credit to Marvin Lewis.  He’s solid proof to any other team that if you give a guy 12 years of failure and don’t fire him, he just might eventually put together a winner.

 5. Super Bowl Pick?-New England Patriots

Steve: I hate to say it but the Patriots are dominating teams from left to right. This team is being compared to the 2007 team that went 16-0. I don’t think the Patriots will run the table, but look for a 14-2 record and an easy run to a second consecutive Super Bowl title.

Chad: Until somebody proves they can beat them in a big game I’m going to say New England

Bill: NFC: While I’d like to be a homer and go with the Cardinals, I think their strength of remaining schedule works against them. They could certainly win many of their games still left, the road for them is much harder than for the likes of the Packers or Panthers. So, out of those teams, I’m more apt to side with Green Bay.
AFC: This, like the NFC above, is a three headed monster comprised of Denver, New England, and, unbelievably, Cincy. While I may have waffled a bit on the other conference, this one is a bit more clear cut for me: Patriots.

Joe: I’m gonna go off the beaten path here a tad… Arizona beats the Pats in the Super Bowl’s first OT game. How’s that for a prediction?

Jim: I think the choice is pretty obvious for me.  The Patriots crush the Panthers 38-10.

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