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Welcome back wrestling fans for another editions of the Wrestling Roundtable. So much has happened since last weeks episode as Seth Rollins suffered an injury to his ACL, MCL, and meniscus. This will keep him out of wrestling for at least 6 to 9 months. Therefore, the WWE will hold a one night tournament at Survivor Series to crown a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We will discuss this tournament and where the WWE will go, and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

Let’s get started with a Frosh Five. Please remember, these are my opinions, and you are entitled to disagree with them, well….that is if you enjoy being wrong.  Feel free to comment or respond on twitter, or our facebook page.  Also if you would like to see future Frosh Five lists, I will take your suggestions. 

First ever Frosh Five from a suggestion!  This week’s suggestion comes from Eric:  Top five WORST Gimmick Matches.

5. First Blood Matches – They can’t do these anymore…why?  Because cutting has been frowned upon for what seems like ages with the PG Era, and you can’t reliably slam someone’s face into steel to get them to bleed without danger of concussion….

4. Street Fight/No DQ/No Holds Barred/Back Alley Brawl/Extreme Rules/Whatever you want to call the same match – Seriously, pick a name and get done with it…there is NO DIFFERENCE.

3. Ambulence match – Only created so that other people besides the Undertaker can have Casket style matches….boring.

2. Cage Match – Do cage matches really still have any appeal?  When was the last time you heard there was going to be a cage match, and was like “Wow…I am really interested”  Cage matches are always so predictable, and ever since they left the old solid bar style cages, it just doesn’t have the same feel.

1. Bra and Panties/Pillow Fight matches – Seriously….waste of time and space and talent.  All they are is eye candy, and that is so degrading, both to the women participating and the women who came before.  Not only that, but this is an insult to the intelligence of the fans at home.  I would MUCH rather see Sasha Banks and Paige in a TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) match, than something ridiculous like this….I can’t believe this was ever acceptable.

*A late addition:  Before anyone sends me comments about the last match gimmick, seriously, grow up.  The moment WWE will let John Cena and Randy Orton have a bra and panties/pillow fight match for the WWE championship, for the entertainment of their female following, we can talk…until then, this match type has absolutely NO BUSINESS in wrestling.

Now for the Power Rankings

1. Roman Reigns- Reigns may have lost his shot at Rollins for the title, but he is the odds on favorite to win the championship tournament.

2. Dean Ambrose- If you look at the brackets, we could very well see a Reigns vs Ambrose final.

3. Kevin Owens- The Intercontinental Champion may be ready to seize the opportunity and win his first WWE Championship. A victory on Raw keeps him moving forward.

4. Dolph Ziggler- After advancing in the title tournament, Ziggler may be a surprise to win this tournament and claim his third World Championship.

5. Cesaro- Another sleeper in the tournament, Cesaro got things started with a win over the Money in the Bank winner, Sheamus


This week in wrestling history

1985- The WWE held its first ever Pay Per View Broadcast called The Wrestling Classic

1997– The Montreal Screwjob. Bret Hart loses the WWF Championship to Shawn Michaels in controversy, as Vince McMahon called for the bell stating that Bret submitted to his own move. Bret was under contract with WCW at the time of the incident.

2005– Eddie Guerrero suddenly passes away due to cardiac failure. It was rumored that Guerrero was scheduled to win the WWE Championship that same week on an episode of Smackdown.


And here are the questions this week.


With Seth Rollins out for up to a year. Did the WWE make the right call in having a one night only tournament to crown a new WWE Champion?

Steve: I think so, I mean it really gives them a way to book the event. If you think about it, no match was really scheduled for the show except for Reigns vs Rollins, and the Divas title match. They won’t be in the tournament, so you can have a tag team title match, a divas title match, and 7 matches in the tournament, which gives you nine matches on the card. That is about right for a traditional Pay Per View. I think that had they had other matches signed for the card, you probably would have seen the first round of matches on Raw or Smackdown, then the Semi Finals and Finals at Survivor Series.

Eric: Yes, WWE made the only call that they could. If you have a company like that and you have a top prize like the WWE world heavyweight championship you have to have someone who defends the title. You can’t just not defend the title. ( unless you are Brock Lesnar) The WWE learned that, now they want someone who will defend the title and be on tv every week and have great feuds. I feel they made the only decision that they coild. I think Seth Rollins was a great champ and I’ll talk about that later on the RT, but if you can’t defend the title then there is no other choice but to vacate the title. As much as I didn’t want to see him lose the title, I’m annixous to see who will walk out of Survivor Series as the new WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Josh: Well, it’s not one night only…it is a series of matches to culminate at Survivor Series…and probably yea.  They can launch numerous new feuds through this, and not only that, but throw a few swerves our way (if they are smart….which they aren’t) on our way to crowning a new champion.

Chad:  Now that I think about it no, I would love to see qualifiers on Raw over the next couple of weeks so that you can have time to devote to the match that the event is named the Survivor Series Elimination Match which creates drama every year. The tournament worked in 1998 though that was a deep field of all the top stars with Cena on vacation, Rollins and Orton hurt it hurts the quality.

Todd:  In my opinion no. I think it takes away from what the main objective of the Survivor Series is supposed to be all about. I think they should have started the tournament on Raw and had the finals during Survivor Series to give more time for more traditional Survivor Series matches. This decision causes matches to change and possibly not even to happen. Undertaker and Kane are left without two partners instead of just one with Dean Ambrose being part of the tournament.

Jim:  I don’t celebrate injury often, but if this was the only way they’d let Rollins lose the title, then so be it.  The video looked terrible though.  I just can’t imagine the pain.  And then he picked up Kane…with the injury.  Just incredible.  I still don’t like him though.  And a 1-day event to pick the new champ is the best way to do it.  The WWE needs a champ.  They don’t need two months to pick one.  Someone needs to hold the title up in the air each Monday on RAW.  So let’s get it on!!!  And speaking of picking that champ…on to question #2…

roman and dean

Who do you like to come out of Survivor Series as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Steve: I am making a very bold prediction right off the bat here. Roman Reigns will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he will do it in a screwjob of sorts against someone like Ambrose. Reigns will join the Authority as the WWE Champion, will have a nice run even after Wrestlemania. Rollins will come back (as a face) and renew his feud with Reigns next year at the Survivor Series. He will be so upset that the Authority just gave up on him, and will accuse Reigns of jumping on the opportunity when Rollins got hurt. The Authority will basically kick him out of the group. And there you go.

Eric: This one is easy, Dean Ambrose. There was many great choices I could pick for whom I’d want to win the title at Survivor Series but I think that Ambrose would be the best choice. Ambrose has the look, the gimmick and the mic skills to be the top guy in the company. I would like to see it come down to him and Regins in the Finals of the tournament and have Ambrose possibly turn heel and win the title. This would propel him into to the top spot as a heel and could begin a great feud between the two of them for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. There were a few others I’d like to have seen win such Cesaro or Kevin Owens but in my damn opinion, Dean Ambrose is my pick to win the tournament and become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion!

Josh: Reigns wins, by turning heel on Dean Ambrose in the finals.  That is what would be best….I would really like to see something different, like Cesaro, but WWE is not that bold…we have always known they want Reigns to be the next big guy…and EVERY next big guy gets their start by getting over as a heel…Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, the Rock, even Cena started out as heels before they started getting over to become the face of the company.

Chad: All of the predictions and everything say Roman Reigns should become the champion whether he joins the authority or not. I would love to see Ambrose get a run with it even it’s till the Rumble just to see what he can do with the belt

Todd:  It doesn’t matter who i would like to see. This who should come out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion without a shadow of a doubt Roman Reigns. If he does not win he will just get screwed again. I  don’t know if he was slated to beat Seth Rollins but now he should com out the new champ anyone else would be a miscarriage of justice.

Jim:  I say it’s time for Roman Reigns to take the title, and a one night only tournament is the absolute best way to take care of that.  He’s been on the fast track for awhile to be the champ, and the fans love him.  I was at the taping of Smackdown last week, and I guarantee you the place was total thunder when he came out at the end to help Dean Ambrose.  Deafening.  Make no mistake, he is the future of the WWE.  I honestly believe he was going to win it at Survivor Series anyway, so let’s make it official.


What is the worst in ring injury that you have seen in wrestling?

Steve: Well the worst thing I have ever saw LIVE was when Owen Hart fell to his death at Kemper Arena in Kansas City. While it was not really the most gruesome injury seen by a LIVE audience, the end result will have me never to forget what I witnessed. As for the most gruesome injury, it has to be when Sid came off the second rope, kicked Scott Steiner, and his foot damn near fell off when he hit the mat. EEEEEK I cringe just thinking about it.

Eric:  I answered this question last month on my show In my damn opinion.(which you can check out every Friday right here on7poundbag.com) So instead of typing out my answer here, here is a link to that episode in which I answered this questionhttp://7poundbag.com/2015/10/16/in-my-damn-opinion-18/

Josh: Owen Hart was tragic, but I don’t know if that counts as “in ring”….again, one of the all time greatest tragedies in wrestling, and there are NUMEROUS huge injuries, but the one that sticks out the most to me is when Triple H tore his quad.  I saw that live on TV…it was nasty when you saw it.

Chad: A lot of my colleagues are probably going to Sid coming off of the top rope. So I’m going to go a different route and when Steve Austin got dropped on his Neck at Summerslam 1997 by Owen Hart and him barely being able to “roll-up” Owen to win the match that just looked bad and later led to issues down the road for Austin.

Todd:  In WCW when Sid Vicious Jump off the second rope toward Scott Steiner and broke his leg.

Jim:  Let’s be honest.  We can talk about Heartbreak Kid breaking his neck.  We can talk about Cena’s nose.  We can talk about Austin’s broken neck.  Goldberg ended Bret Hart’s career with a misplaced kick to the head.  Do you remember Sid Vicious breaking his leg in the ring?  His foot was pointed backwards.  Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) lost an ear in the ring.  XPac literally ripped his ass apart.  But nothing compares to Owen Hart falling to his death, In front of 20,000 people live and on Pay-Per-View.  I just can’t get any worse that that.

john cena

The WWE has reached out to Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Randy Orton to see if they would come back a little sooner than expected after the injury to Rollins. Do you like that idea? Or should Vince let some of these younger guys attempt to shine and see what they can do?

Steve: I think you have enough talent on the main roster to not have John Cena, Brock Lesnar, or Randy Orton. So while Im almost certain Vince panicked, and reached out for them to save the day. Reigns, Ambrose, Cesaro, Sheamus, Ziggler, even New Day, can step up and carry the load to make this roster a good one. You don’t need these three to make a great roster.

Eric: I don’t like having those guys come back early. If you want to build up new stars, you can’t keep relying on already established stars. You are going have to trust that the younger talent can perform and put asses in seats. I think they have the talent, now they just need someone to grab the ball and run with it. John Cena did it and look how he turned out. I’m annixous to see who will step up and become the next top guy.

Josh: If Cena comes back he has to win the title….follow me here…don’t be hatin’ yet…hear me out…then Samoa Joe wins the Royal Rumble…see where I am going with this? Setting up Cena vs. Joe at Wrestlemania….that match would be off the charts.  But seriously, WWE needs to NOT PANIC, and give the young guys a chance….even if it is Reigns…

Chad: It’s a general sports saying to just say we have to know what we have and that’s what Vince needs to do with this tournament let the young guys shine in this tournament. Heck even some NXT guys a shot at it to show what they can do on a large stage like a Survivor Series tournament to crown a champion.

Todd: Vince should let these younger guys attempt to shine. There is gonna come a day where Cena, Lesner, and Orton are too old to perform. lets see what these young guys have. Rollins was a great talent but was not a good champ. Thats the problem with WWE they panic too much and rely on the old timers too much.

Jim: The obvious answer is John Cena, if we’re just going to go with the easy no effort way.  But as I said, it’s time for the young guys to shine, and that means Roman Reigns.  I’ve seen the pictures of Cena and Nikki too.  He ain’t coming back.  Brock can stay gone. And nobody wants to see Orton hold the belt.  So let Reigns win it and get over the old guys, PLEASE.



Before the injury occured, grade Seth Rollins’ championship run?

Steve: I give Rollins a C- for his championship run. This has nothing to do with Rollins as a wrestler as I think he absolutely could have been, and still could be the future of this business. I blame this grade on how his run was written. He started to show signs of having a great run prior to his injury, defeating Sting clean, as well as Kane clean. For his in ring performance I would give him an A-, but his championship run was not one for the record books.

Eric: I give Seth Rollins title run an A. I think he did good as a World Heavyweight champion. He had great feuds and he made the audience hate him. He had people thinking there was no he was going to walk out of the match as the champion but he beat all the odds. He beat Ambrose in a ladder match, he won a fatel four way, he beat Cena and won the US title, he beat Sting, he survived suplex city. Seth Rollins was a great champion, I think this knee injury is only a temporary set back and he will come back better and stronger. Remember Triple H got hurt and he came back even better. I think when he does come back he will be WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION once again and a bold prediction: he will break CM Punks record!

Josh: He gets a solid C…he was in the D to F range, but since Sting, he has really turned it up a notch, and I have really enjoyed it.  I see a bright future for him…if he can recover from this injury…

Chad: I’d say a C. The title run was your average heel title run by the chosen one in a group with some shady title victories and the occasional clean victory. Rollins as an athlete and a wrestler was great just was not booked to show that.

Todd: He is a great in ring performer but as far as his championship run I don’t know if it was that good. I know a lot of it was not his fault. It was just the way he was booked. I think out of all of his title defenses he won 4 of them clean. Dean Ambrose in a ladder match, Neville on Raw in an open challenge, Sting, and Kane. He had the title what 8 months. I think the writing team really screwed Rollins character. I really hate to see him get injured but maybe this time off will do him some good. He can come back and start over.

Jim: My problem with the Rollins run as champion was the bulls**t way in which he won it, and then the even more bulls**t ways in which he continued to hold on to it.  Champions need to fight.  I don’t care if a BS champ wins a few BS matches, but it’s been months and months of him cheating, getting disqualifications, and otherwise NOT defending his title.  And he’s just terrible with a microphone in his hand.  I gread the Rollins run  full and complete “F”, but because of the injury, let’s just give him an “incomplete”.



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