What happened to Zip of the Body Donnas? Do you wanna know? Well you came to the right place as over the next several minutes, I am going to answer you fans questions on the past, present and future of professional wrestling. Thanks for tuning in.

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Let’s start off this week with a bit of bad news. 


Well It’s Survivor Series season again which takes back to 1999 and the advertised main event of HHH defending the WWF title against the two top names in the business Rock and Austin in an unprecedented Triple Threat match…However I have some bad news…this match did not occur because needing to to have major neck surgery and being written off TV by getting hit by a car. Even with the Return of the Rattlesnake in the Fall of 2000 this match never occurred on TV and is one of the dream matches we may never get. 

Did you know?

Did you know that the Big 4 Pay Per Views in the WWE, Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Summerslam, all have lifespans of over 25 years? Wrestlemania debuted in 1985, Survivor Series in 1987, Summerslam and Royal Rumble both in 1988.


And here are your questions this week. 

Scott from all the way in the Netherlands chimes in this week.

What ever happened to Zip of the Body Donnas? I remember this team, and i believe Skip passed away, and Sunny went on to a career in the adult world. But what happened to Zip?


Tom Pritchard was known as Zip of the Body Donnas when he teamed with Skip and Sunny. He is actually the brother of Brother Love (Bruce Pritchard) who is now the VP of talent relations in TNA. That is Total Nonstop Action for all of you fans who have no idea what TNA is. Before Zip was a Body Donna, he competed in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as the Heavenly Bodies. After his time with the Body Donnas, he was a simple jobber in the WWE known as Dr. X. When he finally hung up his boots, he became a trainer for the WWE, training guys like The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Mark Henry. He then started to get the urge to get back in the ring and had a breif stint wih Jeff Jarrett and Chyna before he was released in 2004. He then moved over the independent circuit where he won a few titles, and became the oldest man ever to win the United Wrestling Association Heavyweight Championship at the age of 47. In January 2007, he was rehired as the head trainer in the WWE for Deep South Wrestling, which ulimately became Florida Championship Wrestling. He held that position until he was replaced by Bill DeMott in 2012.


Steve from Rochester NY. wants to know about a Halloween Havoc main event.

Halloween Havoc 1990 featured Sting vs Sid Vicious for the World championship. Who was the guy that came out in the end when the Horsemen attacked Sting?

windham as sting

That was Barry Windham. Let’s take you back to that night in 1990. Sid was facing off against Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting was going through an ordeal with the Black Scorpion who was playing mind games with him over the past couple of months. When Sid faced off against Sting, Sting had to deal with the Four Horsemen, as well as the Black Scorpion. As the match was winding down, Sting fought Sid to the backstage area, he reappeared with Sid and fought there way back to the ring. Sting picked up Sid for a slam and Sid fell on top of Sting. 1 2 3, Sid was named the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The real Sting emerged from the back with a rope tied around him, and the fake Sting (Barry Windham) ran to the back. The referee restarted the match, Sting rolled up Sid in a small package for the win and retained the championship.


Frosh from Rantoul wants to know the real deal behind the Wyatt’s and the Undertaker. 

Was the Wyatt Family coming out at the end of the Taker vs Lesnar match a way to prevent Undertaker from looking weak on the walk back stage, or carried out on a stretcher?

taker vs wyatt

As we discussed this before Frosh. I told you I would do some research on this. I turns out that this was the plan all along to have the Wyatt family come out after the match to attack the Undertaker and carry him back to the back. Then the night after on Raw, they attacked Kane and they carried him back stage. To answer your question, No, the plan was not to carry him out because he was too weak to walk out on his own, and did not want to go out on a stretcher. This was a way for Bray Wyatt to save face of sorts after his loss to Roman Reigns earlier in the night. After the match between he and Reigns, it was such a good match, many uppers in the WWE thought the WWE would want more between the two, so in order for Wyatt to move on from Reigns, they thought they could renew the feud from Wrestlemania between Bray Wyatt and the Undertaker.


Eric from Dawson IL chimes in about knocking out the refs.

Ok, you remember how they used to say if wrestler punched refs they would be fined? Well, were they actually fined and if so how much was the fine usually? 


I have been both a wrestler and a referee, and every time that the referee was involved in the match as getting hit, kicked, or knocked out, was all part of the show. I had one match where I was facing off against my tag team partner, and the ref tried to break us up, so together we attacked him and threw him out of the ring. This was part of the show. However, Gorilla Monsoon made the phrase famous after a referee got knocked out or punched, even shoved by a wrestler. Monsoon would say “That’ll cost him some money, maybe even a suspension.” He said this on multiple occasions. Now I did do my homework, and found out that at least once, a wrestler actually was fined for hitting an official. Scott Steiner, while he was in WCW clotheslined a ref because he got in his way, and it pissed off Steiner. Steiner was fined $100,000, and suspended without pay for 30 days. Im sure it happened more than once, but this is all I was able to find out.


Ricardo from Plano TX wants to know about venues. 

Do wrestlers have favorite venues and arenas or do they think they all are the same? Which venues are the most popular to wrestlers in general?

allstate arena

Oh sure every wrestler has their favorite venue. Most really enjoy going back to their hometown to compete in front of their friends and family, but they get a chance to go home for a couple of days. However, the consensus for most wrestlers as a favorite venue is The Allstate Arena in Chicago IL (Rosemont) this was formerly the Rosemont Horizon, which was home to three Wrestlemanias. Madison Square Garden is also a popular spot as it has the tradition of old school wrestling, and home to the very first Wrestlemania. Then another popular spot is the Staples Center, due to its size and the luxary of the dressing rooms, most wrestlers love to compete there as well in front of a huge crowd.

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