NFL Roundtable: 11/6 Edition


Welcome to the NFL Roundtable, this week we talk if it does any good to fire a coach mid-stream, the final 4 undefeated teams, and do we have a NFC Championship game preview this weekend?

1. Is firing coaches and co-coordinators during mid-season a good idea?NFL Head Coaches

Joe: I guess only from the point of view that sometimes ownership thinks they need to send a message, in one form or another, to a team that is going badly. So, they can some coach or co-coordinator in the hopes the message gets delivered.
But, honestly? I don’t think, if a team is going bad, that firing anyone every really helps. Yeah, there are always the exceptions to the rule but generally I don’t think firing coaches or co-coordinators does any good except maybe it allows an owner to think that he actually wields some sort of power over the season.

Chad: Sometimes it is needed in my opinion just because usually if there is a firing mid-season the team pulling the trigger is out of contention already and are lacking a motivation to get the thing turned and sometimes a coaches’ firing can wake a team up and get a culture change going to get the team ready for the next season

Jim: History says no.  You rarely find someone mid season that can help the team.  Mid season firings are about pleasing the fans, not bettering the team.

Bill: Firing coaches rarely amounts to anything seeing that it’s still the responsibility of the players on the field to make plays happen. As I’ve said before, I feel that coaching is highly overrated.

2. Was Cleveland asking too much for Joe Thomas?joe thomas

(Info:  package that included Thomas and a Browns fourth-round pick in exchange for the Broncos’ first- and second-round picks in the 2016 draft but that the Browns also wanted to include the Broncos’ 2016 third-round pick)

Joe: Ummm… yeah…
I see trades all the time in the NFL where this player or that player gets traded that I think is pretty damn good and then I see the team doing the trading only gets back a 6th or worse draft pick.  So, the Browns getting what they were about to get from the Broncos, I thought, was a damn good deal.
Yep, they tried to push for a little extra and I think they pushed themselves into a corner and right out of a trade.

Chad: In my opinion, Yes, now are offensive lineman, especially LT important, absolutely, but 3 picks in exchange for a pick and a lineman does not add up; I think the Browns were looking for extra pieces they could use to trade up into the 1st round next and draft another flop.

Jim: The non results of the trade kind of answer the question. Elway has proven himself to be a very good businessman when it comes to running the team, so if he didn’t pull the trigger on the trade, it wasn’t a good deal.

Bill: That seems pretty excessive to me. Picks in the first three rounds for one guy, pro bowler or not? I’d pass… and it looks like Denver thought the same.

3. When will the 4 undefeated teams lose?undefeated_pg_600

Joe:  Yep… starting this weekend with Carolina…
Down the road, in week 12, the Patriots and the Broncos gotta tangle… so. one loses there…
If, the Broncos emerge the winner they still have to play the Cincy in week 16, so, again one has got to lose…
If, the Pats win in week 12, then, I look for either the Jets or Miami to pull off an upset later in week 16 or 17 respectfully or the Broncos to get revenge in the playoffs. OR… they get beat by however they gotta play in the Super Bowl.
I think that covers all the scenarios… if it doesn’t then fill in the blanks your own damn self… 😉
But, there will be no undefeated teams left in he NFL when the 2015 season is in the books.
So, the Dolphins can crack open another bottle of the bubbly.

Chad: Carolina- December 6th in New Orleans
Cincinnati- November 22nd in Arizona coming off a short MNF week
Denver- December 28th against Cincinnati- only b/c they will have everything wrapped up as far as home field and won’t play anyone
New England- November 29th- In Denver; the last time the Patriots lost a meaningful game in the Regular Season was last year in GB the Sunday after Thanksgiving; I think history repeats in Denver.

Jim: Patriots…won’t.  Broncos, Nov 29th, to the Patriots.  Panthers, final week, Tampa Bay, if they sit their starters to protect the team for the playoffs.  Bengals, Dec 28th, to Denver.

Bill: I suspect at least one of them will lose this week. My pick as the first to fall? CAR. Sorry, Dave… but I just don’t see them holding off GB. Last week’s performance by them in DEN was somewhat of a fluke and we all know Rodgers is better than what we saw.

4. Do the Lions need to dump Stafford and Megatron and start over, or is this team salvageable?Detroit Lions

Joe: Their defense sucks, their offensive line sucks, so, yes, maybe it would be a good idea to dump them both and start over… however, if, they do then they need to start the team overhaul with dumping general manager Martin Mayhew.
Why? Because for the most part most of Mayhew’s draft picks have been busts. Since 2010 most of his picks are either no longer with the team or in some cases even still playing in the NFL.
So, start with the GM and then go from there is my suggestion.

Chad: I think the Stafford and Johnson experiment has run its course they have not made the playoffs; I feel it is time to go in a different direction

Jim: The team is salvageable.  The problem is in the coaching, not the players.  They need to dump Jim Caldwell.  He is not a leader.  Great coordinator, terrible head coach.

Bill: No. Well, maybe. I don’t think Stafford is the answer nor have I ever. He’s injury prone and somewhat soft. Johnson is a beast and the cornerstone of that franchise. It would take a hugely tempting and player loaded deal to pry him from Detroit. Simply put, I just don’t see that happening… but could see a change at the QB if Stafford doesn’t immediately turn things around.

5. Carolina vs Packers- Is this a NFC Title game preview?Carolina vs Packers

Joe: Beginning to look like it, huh?
Although, I wouldn’t count out the Atlanta Falcons or the Arizona Cardinals, yet.

Chad: It very well could be although teams like the Falcons, Cardinals can also sneak into that fight and I would love to see Carson Palmer lead Arizona into the NFC title game

Jim:   Of course it is.  Silly question.

Bill: Nah, I don’t think so. While it’s great to see what CAR has managed thus far, I don’t see them being there at the end.

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  1. I don’t think the “ink had dried” on my email answer to question 4 when I read on ESPN that Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford had made the move to fire general manager Martin Mayhew. Drum roll, please.

  2. Drum roll given, Joe!

    I am primarily a Red Wings and Tigers fan, but have been in a special place to observe the Lions. My assessment till recently is that they have had bad ownership — more so than even management, coaching, or players. The ownership has been based on tradition and loyalty even when it shouldn’t have been.

    William Clay Ford (for the WCF worn on uniforms this year) recently died. Wife Martha Ford now owns the club. She seems to be bringing a different attitude toward the team. That she plans to have an active role is indicated by the fact that the new interim president and GMs will both report directly to her. Speculation is that the reason that the HC and staff were kept is that decisions regarding them should be in the hands of the yet to be determined permanent president and GM when hired.

    Will it have any immediate effect on the club? Probably not any substantial one. But it sent a strong message to area fans and supporters that ownership would be taking an active interest in their trusteeship of the franchise from here on in.

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