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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panel will disclose their favorite Survivor Series memory. Also, Are we excited to see Tyler Breeze in the WWE main roster? This and much more.

Let’s start off with everyones favorite segment of this show.. the Frosh Five. Please remember, these are my opinions, and you are entitled to disagree with them, well….that is if you enjoy being wrong.  Feel free to comment or respond on twitter, or our facebook page.  Also if you would like to see future Frosh Five lists, I will take your suggestions. This week, top 5 Commentators.

5. Michael Cole – Sorry, but the guy deserves to be on the list.He can be annoying (especially when he had that awful bit as a heel), but the guy has had a good, long career.

4. Jerry “the King” Lawler – One word….PUPPIES!!!!  As an add, even though he has spent the last long bit as a face, he is probably the 2nd best heel commentator WWE has ever had…second only to someone a bit further up.

3. Gorilla Monsoon – The best straight man in the business.  It doesn’t just take one man to make a great commentary team, it takes two.  Similar to Lawler and JR, this man formed a remarkable commentary partnership that was truly best in class.

2. Good Ol’ JR – GOOD LAWD ALMIGHTY!   HE IS BROKE IN HALF!   STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!!…..The man is an iconic voice, for an Iconic age.

1. Bobby “the Brain” Heenan – The best heel commentator of all time, and partner to Gorilla Monsoon.  They had some of the best back and forth you will EVER hear.  Seriously, get the WWE Network, and check these guys out if you haven’t.  It is a treat.  (Plus, you will get to see some great, old school wrastlin’)


And now the Power Rankings

1. Roman Reigns– Reigns seems more ready than ever to claim his first WWE Championship.

2. Seth Rollins- Still confident even after his team lost to Team Reigns on Raw.

3. Bray Wyatt- Wyatt seems scarier than ever in his quest to end the Undertaker.

4. Dean Ambrose- Had a good week in teaming with Team Reigns, pinning the Intercontinental Champion.

5. Kevin Owens- The Intercontinental Champion was on the losing end of the 5 on 5 match on Raw.


This week in professional wrestling. 

1997– Bret Hart officially signs his contract with WCW. Just to note, he was still the WWF Champion when he signed. Thus starting the events that occurred in Montreal.

1998 – Jesse “The Body” Ventura, running as an Independent candidate on the Reform Party ticket, defeats Democrat Hubert Humphrey III and Republican Norm Coleman to become the Governor of Minnesota. Ventura, who would later change his nickname to “The Mind” made headlines nationwide with his victory, telling supporters “We shocked the world.”

1998 – In Houston, Texas, Vince McMahon creates the WWF “Hardcore Championship” and awards it to Mankind (Mick Foley). Ironically, Mankind would hold the title for less than a month, and never win it back. Despite this, the Hardcore Title is often associated with Foley.


Here are the questions this week.

survivor series

What is your favorite Survivor Series memory?

Steve: My favorite memory was when the Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF title at Survivor Series 1991. Flair came down to the ring and put a chair under the Undertaker as he hoisted Hogan up and tombstones that mother fucker right on to the chair and won the WWF Championship for the first time. I remember fans in the crowd having tears in their eyes when Hogan lost, and I am sitting in my living room jumping for joy as Hogan finally lost the championship. Then they had to burst my bubble as they took the title off of Taker just a few days later on a show called Tuesday in Texas. The match set up a nice little series with the WWF championship which culminated with Ric Flair winning the WWF Championship when he won the Royal Rumble in 1992.

Eric: I’ve thought for a while about this and my favorite memory about is the Survivor Series is last year. It was last year during a special prediction of Survivor Series episode of the Wrestling Round Table that I made my debut on the Wrestling Roundtable here. Now here we are a year later and I’m still as excited to be part of this round table as I was a year ago. This has combined two of my biggest passions in life: Professional Wrestling and Writing. I have meet some great people and made some wonderful friends. It’s been great getting to know people that share the passion for this business as I. Also, without me joining the wrestling round table there would be no In My Damn Opinion (which you catch a new episode every Friday right here on 7poundbag.com) Thank you to all you fans out there for allowing me to give my answers to your questions every week. So, yes there is many great memories from the WWE for Survivor Series but my favorite memory of it will always be our prediction episode of the Wrestling Round Table because that was when I joined the group panelist. So for that I have one thing to say, Thank you!

Josh: We asked this question last year, and since last year’s Survivor Series was nothing special, my answer hasn’t changed.  1993 – Lex Luger and the All Americans vs Yokozuna and the Foreign Fanatics.  The Undertaker was the suprise addition to Luger’s team, and he and Yokozuna just went to tear each other up….it was awesome.  Corny, yes….was it the best wrestling we have ever seen?  Probably not….but It just really sticks out in my memory, and I was a big Undertaker and Lex Luger fan as a kid, so there….

Chad: I’m going to say the 2003 edition of Survivor Series is my favorite. Not only did we have Team Angle and Team Leasnar going add it which helped push John Cena towards a US title match at Wrestlemania XX and at the same time got Chris Benoit a push towards a title. But we had the Austin/Bischoff Survivor Series match which a bloodies Shawn Michaels do what he could to fight a 1 on 3 disadvantage to try and save Austin’s job but to no avail.

Todd:  My favorite Survivor series memory was in 1990 when then Gobbley Gooker hatched out of the big ass egg and got in the ring with Mean Gene Okerland. (EDITORS NOTE: Todd was addicted to drugs in 1990) 

Jim: There’s no better for me than 2001.  This was a great time to be a WWF fan, and they didn’t let me down that night.  Team WWF (The Rock, Undertaker, Jericho, Kane and Big Show) was just HUGE.  They were fighting for control of the WWF was on, and they faced The Alliance (Stone Cold, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon).  Who could argue with either team winning?  Either The Rock was leading, or Stone Cold was.   Either Vince stayed in control, or Shane took over.  And every name on every team was in their prime.  Probably one of the greatest group of wrestlers ever assembled (except for Shane, but he was fun to watch).  The audience was excited, the announcers were excited, and every wrestler on the roster was shown in the back glued to the monitors.  Jericho turned on The Rock; Angle turned on Stone Cold.  In the end, Team WWF retained control, and so many great careers were launched.

tyler breeze

Are you excited to see Tyler Breeze on the WWE main roster?

Steve: The kid has a lot of talent, but I absolutely hate the gimmick. I could see him teaming with a New Day at Survivor Series as Team Lame. As these two gimmicks are just god awful. Selfies? Really?

Eric: Yes. I think Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze will be a great addition to the main roster. If you have never seen him before, you are in for a treat. The man has busted his ass on NXT for a while now and he’s due for his main roster push. I look for him to become a champion with in the next year such as the US or Intercontinental champion. He is a great talent and will be great to addition on the main roster. I’m excited to see what the WWE will do with him.

Josh: I think the kid has some talent…but I see him being a mid-card enhancement talent mostly, a la Kofi, R-Truth, or sad to say…Ziggler.  He may get a shot at the big time, but I don’t see him winning the title for any significant amount of time.  But, then again, the pompous, pretty boy gimmick has worked before, at least it did for Shawn Michaels.

Chad: I am excited to see Tyler Breeze on the roster but with the selfies and the addition of Summer Rae to the mix of his character I’m just not a fan.

Todd: No, not really. He seems like the modern day version of the Rick “the model” Martel. I was never too crazy about him either. I think he is entering a pointless feud with Dolph Ziggler that neither man is gonna gain anything from it. Summer Rae is probably gonna hold him back from his true potential.

Jim:  I’ve seen Tyler Breeze twice, and I’m pissed that I’ll see him live tonight.  He may have a future, but this ****ing selfie taking persona, with Summer Rae, needs to stop.  It’s worse than Fandango…who also had Summer Rae.  Maybe she’s the problem.  So no, I’m not excited for Tyler Breeze.  Hopefully they change his ignorant character into something I can get excited about.


An expected Survivor Series match is the Wyatts, Bray Wyatt, Harper, Rowen, and Stroman taking on the team of The Undertaker, Kane, and Dean Ambrose. Since Reigns is in the main event against Rollins. Who would be the fourth guy to team with Taker, Kane, and Ambrose?

Steve: With the history the Wyatts have had with multiple superstars, it is hard to single out one more ortonperson. I think if he is healthy and one hundred percent, you will see Randy Orton make his return and team up with Taker and Kane. I could also see a guy like Cesaro teaming up with them as well as he has been back on the winning ways as of late.

Eric: Finn Balor, no questions there. Finn is the best choice. This would be the perfect chance for him to dedut on the main roster. First, he would neefinnd to drop the NXT title to Samoa Joe then The Undertaker says he will have a mystery partner at Survivor Series, then cut the lights and Finn Balor makes his grand entrance as his demon
character. Then him and the Undertaker are the sole survivors. This gives the Undertaker a chance to pass the torch on to Finn Balor as the Taker debuted at Survivor Series as this would be when Balor would debut. This intern upsets Bray Wyatt and begins a feud with Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor. See, it’s obvious. Finn Balor is the best choice.

Josh: Well, after RAW, it looks like Ambrose might be feuding with Kevin Owens…which will be an AMAZING feud.  Some people are saying Randy, Orton, but when we take Ambrose out of the picture, that opens it up to two slots…why not the Dudleys?  That would make sense.  They need something to do, it will give the Wyatt’s a true legend that can still take losses and remain relevant, and they can put on a heck of a show.

Chad: I think this is the perfect time to bring back Daniel Bryan as the 4th guy for two reasons 1) He was bryana Wyatt for about a month and B) He was also an unofficial Brother of Destruction during the matches with the Shield and Undertaker/Kane following Wrestlemania 29. I think this is the best option because you can also control how much Bryan wrestles if there is an injury concern.

Todd: I don’t think it will be anyone on the main roster as of right now. I baron

will go off on a limb and say its gonna be Samoa Joe or Baron Corbin. Samoa joe
makes sense cause he already a proven star and deserves to be on the main roster. Baron Corbin Makes sense cause he is another big guy who is a rising star who can match power with the Wyatts.

Jim: When you say Taker and Kane, I can think of a handful of people to team with them.  Then you ortonthrow in Ambrose, and it shows anybody can do it.  He’s good, don’t get me wrong.  But he’s not in the
league of Kane and Taker.  And against a collective 1100+ pounds of the Wyatt family, size does matter.  So…Randy Orton.




What is your favorite WWE Original show on the WWE Network?

Steve: I am a big fan of the WWE 24, that takes you behind the scenes. It gives you a perspective of real life for these wrestlers. I also like shows where wrestlers talk freely with each other. Renee Young has a show called Unfiltered and I like watching her, so that is a favorite. I also like the List, and Countdown. So many good original shows on the Network on top of the great older Pay Per Views you can watch.

Eric:  I really enjoy Table for 3. I enjoy sitting back and listening to the wrestlers talk about stories about events and life on the road. I think that is so interesting. Plus when they get legends on there, you get to hear back stories on certain things you never knew happened. There is also a lot of other great shows on there I enjoy. Such as: The List, WWE 24, Breaking Ground, WWE Countdown, Rivalries just to name a few but my favorite is Table for 3.

Josh: I liked “Swerved”….seeing Paige go after people with a cattle prod was pretty darned funny.  There were some pretty decent pranks in there, and it is kinda cool to see the personality of the wreslers behind the scenes…although I felt kind of bad for the Ascension…they got swerved multiple times, and some of them would have even made me uncomfortable.

Chad: I really like the WWE rivalries taking at some classic rivalries over the course of WWE history but also looking at NWA, WCW, and just great rivalries in general. Really loved the Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair episode. I have also been getting into the Table for 3 concept on the Network

Todd: I really only watched one original show on WWE network and that was Legends house. Some people thought it was stupid but I thought it was hilarious. Of course the best part was Ashley. She was Hot! I found out some things about some of the guys I didn’t know before. It was very interesting to me.

Jim: I’m a big fan of the documentaries about the former superstars.  The last one we watched was the full history of Trish Stratus vs Lita.  Two Hall of Fame women who put the current female roster to shame.  Lita was the first female wrestler that I thought could actually kick my ass.  The documentary was fantastic, and really dug into their rivalry in the ring, as well as their amazing friendship outside the ring.  That’s the stuff I enjoy.


roman vs seth

With Roman Reigns facing off against Seth Rollins for the WWE title. Do you think this eliminates a match between the two at Wrestlemania? Or will we see a rematch at the biggest stage in the WWE?

Steve: I think what they are doing is seeing how the crowd reacts to Reigns in a championship match. They don’t want to risk the fans turning on him again on the biggest stage like they did last year. So if Reigns has a good match and gets over with the fans, then yeah I would bet money that we would see a rematch between these two at Wrestlemania.

Eric: Please let this be the only time this will happen. I don’t like Roman Reigns, I think Seth Rollins is a way better champion than Roman will ever be. I hope the Rollins puns him clean at Survivor Series and that is the end of Roman in the title picture. There is many other men who could have a way better match with Rollins. I do not want to see a rematch between these two men at Wrestlemania. Plain and simple, I don’t want to see Roman Reigns in the WWE title picture at all. Please WWE, get someone else in there besides Reigns!

Josh: I can only hope so.  I really don’t like Roman being in the main event right now.  I know that is what WWE wants, and for story lines it makes sense.  But I would rather see Ambrose, or for crying out loud, and I can’t believe I am saying this…Sheamus (although that would turn Rollins face).

Chad: More than likely we will see a rematch because of really the lack of options available. Cena wants to go part-time and fans will riot if he’s in the main event; Orton is out for about 4-6 months with surgery so that puts into March-April at the earliest; Rock/HHH is almost certain. Unfortunately there are just not the options to build a main event guy to challenge Rollins

Todd: I think if Roman Reigns wins the title at Survivor Series, Rollins should get his rematch at the next Pay per View and he should also lose. Then there should no way shape or form be a match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania. WWE has ruined Seth Rollins character by having him take the cheap way out way to many times as champion.

Jim: From what I can tell, any match on any Pay Per View never eliminates it happening again over and over and over.  So if the fans don’t revolt and demand changes, we are going to continue to see it happen.  Hopefully the rematch is Rollins fighting to regain the title.


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