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Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week David and Roni go mano a mano and talk about Hendo and Belfort and the return of Jon Bones Jones. David will be playing Hendo, as he is a 40+ American who’s best days are behind him (according to his wife) and Roni will be playing Vitor, as he once rocked a Mohawk.

1. Should Jon Jones have to fight before getting a title shot?Jon Jones

Roni – To be honest, I don’t mind either way.
He was not out for that long, and obviously Him & DC would have him get back exactly where he was before all this took place.
But I would LOVE for him to fight AJ first.
AJ would have his “title shot” against Jon and Jon would have a tune up fight before getting his belt back.

David: I think he does need a tune-up fight. I don’t think they should give him Rumble, but my pick? Hendo. We got robbed from a Hendo fight before, and lets face it. I’ll have a 4 fight winning streak before Hendo does at 205. Hendo/Jones is a winnable fight for a non-peak Jones, and its another pelt on his GOAT resume, and if Hendo dominates Belfort (and he will) thats a marketable fight. DC is not a marketable fighter on a weak card, and if Jones comes back and destroys him, at DCs age, that ends his career.

2. The UFC is not wanting to give Jones a non-title fight due to the cost of his contract. Should the UFC eat the cost and if so, how?

Roni – I don’t think they will “eat the cost” of anything. Jon always bring viewers, so it will pay itself.

David: Jones / Hendo sells. Jones / Guffy II is not going to sell without a strong main. DC doesn’t want to fight in NYC against Jones – So do Jones / Hendo at NYC and then DC / Bader in Vegas 2 weeks later.

3.   Cormier/Gustafson did 250K buys, the 3rd lowest of the year. Is this more a shot at Cormier’s drawing power or just a lackluster card or a bump in the road?Daniel Cormier

Roni – The match was an odd one IMO. DC got his title shot after a loss, and so did Gus. I LOVE Gus, but that title shot made no sense.

David: It was a poor build. The UFC has got such major issues with building cards- and this event had little support, even though the show itself was a good watch. I don’t think DC is a draw, and I know Guffy isn’t among casual fans. I think the UFC is starting to go through Burnout. They don’t- and won’t- pull back on cards, but they really need to make sure that the PPV-level cards are actually special- and little the rest of the month with cards like the one before that had guys only Joao could pick out of a lineup a week before.

4. Are you actually interested in Belfort vs Henderson IIIFight Noight 77

Roni – Two legends fighting, of course I am. I don’t get the hate for Vitor anyway. Yes, he was under TRT, so was Hendo. Josh Barnett killed a promotion and don’t get half the hate Vitor does! Anyways, (/rant off), both guys are big names. If Tito can still make waves in Bellator, I don’t see why those two guys can’t be accepted as a good main event on a FREE card!

David: Were the first two fights good? Vitor looks like he might be able to make 170 now, and Hendo is starting to decline. Out of all the major MMA Trilogies- where does this rank? ( See the Pounding 7s Saturday for the answer) I’m kind of with you Roni on the hate Vitor has- but again, Hendo just looked bigger, Chael didn’t look huge- or did Bonner. Vitor looked like he was trying out for the East German weightlifting team. Hendo is going to maul Vitor- or he’s going to win a plodding victory as he avoids gassing.

5. Excitement level for this card?clay guida

Roni – heck, it’s an 8!
You get Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Glover Teixeira, Patrick Cummins, Thomas Almeida, Gilbert Burns, Rashid Magomedov and Fabio Maldonado!
For a free card, this is a very stacked card!!!
And this is after having a few weeks off MMA. So I am excited we got fights! and I am excited we got such a good (free) card ahead of us!

David: Depends on how that Glover Teixeira vs Patrick Cummins fight comes off. Cummins has proven he’s legit, and that fight is the one I’m the most interested in. I’ll go 7, but don’t forget Clay Guida vs Thiago Tavares (remember when that could have been two top 5 guys?) and Gleison Tibau is on the card too.

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