Welcome back wrestling fans for another round of questions by you the fans in #ask7pound. This week, what the hell is wrong with TNA? Im sure Eric would have a field day with this question, but I will answer that for you right here. Do you have a question? Send me a tweet @StephanHall #ask7pound. Or you can email me as that seems to be the preference of choice swhall03@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you and answer whatever you got, even if it is TNA.

Let’s start off with a little bit of bad news.


The WWE is thinking the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio know for his technical ability was fired for a backstage altercation with a WWE employee…I’ve got some BAD News…Del Rio would need to be in the title hunt to be a factor and the current WWE landscape is covered from top to bottom with guys wanting in that spot and adding Del Rio would hurt the guys already there. Del Rio would be a really bad hire.

Did you know?


Here are the questions.

Sam from New Orleans wants to start off with a question about TNA.

Why in the blue hell did the TNA take the title off of Ethan Carter III, then have Matt Hardy drop the title or forfeit the title, only to go into a World Series title tournament? What was the point of this?

Well considering it is TNA and they have really no idea what they are doing from a week to week basis. I cannot give you an answer beyond a shadow of doubt on why they took the title off of Carter. Having Matt Hardy win the title was not the worst idea in the world, as you could really have built a feud between the two as Carter was never pinned to lose his championship. Sure, this has been done before, but hell, it beats what they are doing now. For the most part, part of the reason TNA took the title off ofEthan Carter Carter and ultimately had this World Series tournament thing going on was because they simply do not have a TV deal set in place yet, and really they do not know what the future holds for the company. So their logic of thinking is two things. First, they don’t want to fold as a company and have a world champion who is undefeated as it would leave him hanging. Second, if they are running some kind of series like this, it may draw some interest from other networks to try and pick them up so they can find out who will win this series. This is a lot like the Bound for Glory thing where wrestlers garner up points for pins, submissions, dq’s, countouts, and draws. Whoever has the most points in the end, will win a title shot, or in this case will be crowned the new champion. While it does not make any sense to take the title off of Carter, who was in my opinion the biggest thing in TNA right now, it does give the company some negotiating power for getting a new TV deal.


Nick from Long Beach CA. wants to know my damn opinion on something.

This is more of an opinion based question but I would love to know your opinion on this. Who do you think was the greatest of all the champions in WWE, WCW, etc.. Like World, IC, US, TV, Tag Team, ect…

title belts

I am a big fan of opinion based questions, Nick. So feel free to ask away. So who are my greatest champions of all time? Let’s start in the WWE

WWE World Champion- Now I will not go on and say the World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, WWE Undisputed Champion, and all that, I am just going to give you my favorite champion of all time. This has to be in my opinion Bret Hart. Hart won the championship on five different occasions, he held it as a face and a heel. He started off in the tag team ranks and ultimately paid his dues and worked his way up to the top of the card like it should be done. He gets the top spot in my opinion.

Intercontinental Champion- My favorite champion may surprise a lot of people, but it’s Cody Rhodes. Now Cody did not have a real significant run as champion, but when he was champion, he defended it with pride an honor, and even brought back the traditional title belt that they have today.

WWE United States Champion- I will give you a WCW as well, but the WWE version is John Cena, simply because of how he brought that title back to life after it was essentially dead in the water for so many years.

WWE Tag Team Champions- I will say Edge and Christian here. They had skill, talent, and really put tag team wrestling back on the map in the WWE when they were the champions. They put butts in the seats for tag team wrestling, and they made me laugh every week.

WWE Womens Champion- Has to be the Fabulous Moolah, a 28 year reign overall, and even won the title in her 70’s back in the late 90’s.

Moving on to WCW (yes I know I left out the European and Hardcore title, DEAL WITH IT)

WCW World Champion- Easy choice, Ric Flair. Won the title on 14 recognized occasions, I say recognized because there were times where he lost the title and won the title where it was not recognized as an official title change.

WCW United States Champion- Lex Luger, won the title on numerous occasions, and defended the championship every single week.

WCW Tag Team Champions: Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. These two were amazing together and amazing in singles (see next)

WCW Television Champion: It’s a tie between Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Loved watching these two defend this championship. Anderson probably has a slight edge as he won the title on so many more occasions, but both were so great to watch in ring.


Kenton wants to know about the Clash of the Champions

I was always a huge fan of watching the Clash of the Champions on TBS when they were on. My question is, do you see the WWE ever doing something like that down the road?

I am in agreement with you, Kenton. I loved watching the Clash of Champions on TBS every couple of months when I was a kid. It was an awesome compliment to the pay per views that I typically was not clashable to order as a kid. It gave you that PPV feeling and it was free on cable. To answer your question, no we will never see anything like a Clash of the Champions in the WWE. Two reasons. First, we already get Night of Champions which is sort of a spinoff in pay per view fashion to the Clash. Second, the WWE Network. There are so many special events on the network, that having a show like the Clash, which you can see every single Clash of Champions on the Network any time you want, would not do it a service. Now I could see something along the lines of a special event of sorts on the network just to tribute the Clash of Champions, but you will never see it on cable in the foreseeable future.


EJ has a question about the New Day and the tag team title belts

Why are the New Day extremely corny? I’ve started watching wrestling again after giving up on it, but everytime I hear the New Day talk I want to mute the TV. I just think they are three corn balls and I don’t see why they appear to be over with the crowd. That unicorn thing? Straight ass cheeks.

First before I answer this, I agree with you. It is a crying shame to see three wrestlers with the talent and capability of Big E. Langston, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, going out and making complete asses of themselves week in and week out. I was a huge fan of Kofi Kingston when he was in the singles ranks, and really am disappointed in what he has become. Now to answer your question. There are two new dayreasons the New Day is extremely corny. 1) They are so over with the fans, even in a heel capacity. People are actually tuning in, and getting behind of of the catch phrases like “New Day Rocks, or Sucks.” They are having fun with it and they are getting over, so as long as the fans are digging it (well the majority of them) we are going to be seeing a lot of the New Day. My only wish is that they would be serious. They could be one of the best teams in the WWE with the talent that they have if they didn’t look so damn stupid every week. 2) Vince is all about the entertainment part of the business and he found three guys who are willing to go out on national television and make fools of themselves. This originally was not supposed to go over like it has, Vince thought that it would be a couple month thing at best, but the crowd got behind it and they are still running strong with it.

What’s the deal with tag team belts? They look like huge pennies. Why did they change the design?

tag titles

Every time that I see these title belts I cringe. I actually wrote on this a few months ago about my distaste for this particular design of the tag team championship belts. I was a huge fan of the original design held by guys like Demolition, the Hart Foundation, just to name a couple. It was a traditional design, and fit the brand. Then the designers at the WWE thought they would go the more new era look, and have a non-traditional belt made. I mean what were they thinking? They have like two Spartanesque faces on them, for what purpose? Makes no sense to me. You say pennies, I would rather see a penny on a leather strap than these ugly designs. But someone brought it to Vince as a design, and he approved it, so the credit for the change as always goes through McMahon.


Now that I have finished cringing of the site of that title belt, it is time to close out for this week. Join us every Monday for another edition of #ask7pound. As always if you have a question send me a tweet or email. @StephanHall  #ask7pound, or swhall03@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks for answering. I figured New Day were corny because they were over with the crowd. It is a shame though because you’re right. They look like some talented wrestlers, and I remember Kofi’s days as a singles wrestler and he looked like he had promise.

    Thanks for answering the belts question. I like you hope they go back to the old belts. I liked the original design too.

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