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This week I give you the top 7 opponents by the greatest World Champion on the planet. The jet flyin, limousine ridin, kiss stealin, wheelin dealin son of a gun. The Nature Boy Ric Flair. These 7 opponents that Flair has faced over his long career are in my opinion the best that he has faced over the past 40 years.

Honorable Mention

Terry Funk– Funk and Flair had a major feud for the better part of 1989 when Funk attacked Flair after his 6th World title win at Wrestle War 89. This culminated in an I Quit match at Clash of the Champions IX.

The NWO– Flair and the Four Horsemen had a long standing feud for the better faction between the NWO in the late 90’s

Jeff Jarrett– Flair feuded with Jarrett in the early part of 2000, and Jarrett was the last wrestler Flair defeated for the WCW World Championship.

Flair vs Hogan

7. Hulk Hogan- Okay so Hogan is not my favorite person, sue me. I even debated keeping him off this list. And had it been regulated to their matches in the WWE, he would have been. Flair and Hogan first squared off in the WWE in 1991, and many thought that this would be a fans dream match between the greatest NWA Champion vs the greatest WWF Champion. What occured however were a series of absolute disastrous matches, mostly won by Hogan by disqualification. It wasnt until Hogan came to WCW in 1994, that the matches between the two were half way decent, and the two traded the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on multiple occasions.

flair vs luger

6. Lex Luger- This feud started when Lex Luger was kicked out of the Four Horsemen by Flair and JJ Dillon. This started a massive feud between the two in 1987, and really did not stop until Flair left the company in 1991. Flair and Luger were scheduled to face off for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at the Great American Bash 1991 before Flair abruptly left WCW for the WWF. In 1988, the two faced off in two epic matches at the Bash 88 and Starrcade 88, in which Luger came so close to winning the championship from Flair on both occasions.

flair vs hennig

5. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig- These two started off together in 1991 as Perfect was Flair’s executive consultant. Perfect helped Flair capture the WWF title on two occasions. They were peas in a pod, that is until Randy Savage needed a partner to face off at Survivor Series 1992 against Flair and Razor Ramon. He selected Perfect, and Perfect accepted, starting a feud between he and Flair. The WWF days ended in a career match in which Perfect defeated Flair, and ending his run in the WWF. Perfect left the WWF in 1997 for WCW, and joined Flair once again with the Four Horsemen. Hennig turned on Flair at WarGames, and the two finished off the year facing off for the United States Championship.

flair vs Savage

4. Randy Savage- Oh where do I begin with these two. The feud started in 1992 when Flair started a rumor that he was having an affair with Savages’ real life wife, Elizabeth. This culminated at Wrestlemania VIII, when Flair stated that he was going to reveal some explicit pictures of Elizabeth on the jumbo screen in Indianapolis Hoosier Dome during their match. This never happened and Flair was defeated by Savage for the title. Flair would continue to feud with Savage for the summer of 92, and eventually defeated Savage in September of that year to regain his title. The two renewed their feud when Savage came to WCW and the two traded off the WCW World title. Flair defeated Savage for the last time after Savage’s valet Elizabeth turned on him and joined Flair.

flair vs race

3. Harley Race- Starrcade 1983, Flair and Race squared off for the coveted NWA World Championship in Flair’s hometown of Charlotte NC. It was titled Flair for the gold. Many thought that this was Flair’s first NWA championship, when in actuality it was his third. Flair and Race had a long standing feud in the early 80’s where Flair continued to unsuccessfully beat Race for the title, until that November night in 1983.

flair vs sting

2. Sting- Probably the longest running feud in the history of professional wrestling. Sting got his first crack at Flair at the first ever Clash of the Champions, where they went to a 45 minute draw. This put Sting on the map. Sting joined Flair as a member of the Four Horsemen for two months before being kicked out and attacked by Flair and the Horsemen. Sting defeated Flair at the Great American Bash 1990 to win his first ever World Championship. In the summer of 1990, a mysterious man known as the Black Scorpion came out and said he was a man from Sting’s past. The two had a match at Starrcade 90, when it was revealed that it was Ric Flair the whole time. Flair would defeat Sting for his seventh championship a month later. When Flair returned to the WCW, the two rekindled their feud and faced off in a title for title match to unify the WCW and WCW International World titles. This was won by Flair with help from Sherri Martel. Sting and Flair faced off in the first ever Monday Nitro main event, and also faced off in the very last Nitro in 2001.

flair vs steamboat

1. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat- Absolutely loved this feud growing up as a child. Not to mention all of the fantastic matches the two had in the early 80’s when Steamboat was getting is start, those were amazing. When Steamboat made a surprise appearance on World Championship Wrestling on TBS as the partner of Eddie Gilbert, he shocked Flair and the Horsemen when he pinned the World Champion on TV. This was unheard of back in those days. Steamboat and Flair faced off in three of the most epic matches in the history of professional wrestling. Steamboat defeated Flair at Chi-Town Rumble 1989 to win his first ever World Championship. They faced off in April 1989 at Clash of Champions VI, in a two out of three falls match, where Steamboat once again came out on top, but due to some controversy, Flair got one more match and one more shot at the title. Flair won his sixth championship from Steamboat in May 1989 at Wrestle War in probably the greatest match I have ever seen. Steamboat and Flair also renewed their rivalry in the spring of 1994 when they again faced off for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Flair won the match, but Steamboat came so close to defeating Flair again.


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  1. Good list. I remember a lot of these matches to be honest. I probably taped a few of them. Might still have them around.

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