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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. We have come to the end of October, and I am sitting here listening to Adele’s new single, Hello. The British songstress will be releasing her new album called 25 in November and I could not be happier. Why?

I love music that inspires emotions and feelings. Adele’s music makes me feel things that I did not either know about myself, or something that I decided some years ago to lock away. Like Ms. Adkins, I too liked to write as a youngster. I wrote in black and white composition notebooks, in the margins of my school work, and occasionally on school desks (but I would wipe away my pen or pencil marks so not to permanently vandalize them).

However, I doubt I ever came close to possessing the skills and self knowledge it took for her to write two amazing albums all before the age of 30. Well let us be honest, it will be three amazing albums. 25 will likely be another groundbreaking, earth shattering album, that will garner major award nominations, and we have not even heard it yet. You cannot bet against Adele, and why would you.

Just go ahead and listen to Hello. The song feels like one whole “I’m sorry/not sorry” to a whole bunch of people in her life. It feels like it’s aimed at one person in general, yet it does not feel that way. It’s almost the perfect song for anyone who feels like they outgrew people in their lives, and then explained to them why. It’s why I love the song.

We all outgrow people. Not everyone is going to occupy some beloved place in your memory forever. No. Some people get moved on from. They may not understand why, but it is for the best in most circumstances. Hello is a mature song for people who have that mindset. So, here I am sitting here listening to it. Doing my best to move on, but yet allowing myself to wallow in the emotions.

So while I wallow, I do want to tackle one subject this week. I would like to tackle the National Football League. Football as a game, is one that I like to watch, as do millions of people around the World. However, it’s the business of the game that I so often find disappointing. It’s the rules of the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and company that often leaves me dissatisfied with the game as a whole. It appears if players support something that is outside of the realm of what the NFL can make money off of, then it’s something evil.

Even when it’s a good cause. Recently three Pittsburgh Steelers players have been fined for what the NFL calls “equipment violations”. Running back DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing “Find The Cure” eye black. Williams has lost his mother, among other family members to breast cancer. While the NFL supports breast cancer by wearing pink accessories during the month of October, Williams request to wear pink all season long was shut down. Apparently the NFL found issue with the eye black that he has been wearing for YEARS now and fined him an amount of $5,787.

The second Steeler player that was fined was cornerback William Gay who wore purple cleats in the Steelers most recent game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The cleats were in honor of victims of domestic violence. Gay’s mother was shot to death by his stepfather when he was 7 years old. The amount of Gay’s fine was not announced.

Finally, the third Steeler player that was fined is defensive end Cam Heyward. Heyward, the son of running back Craig “Ironhead” Heyward was fined earlier this month for wearing Ironhead eye black. Heyward, reached a concession with the NFL and elected to wear “Tackle Cancer” eye black which is NFL approved and is available for sale. However, before his appeal Heyward was fined $17,363 just to show support for his deceased father. Ironhead died of cancer, and to honor his memory, and bring awareness to cancer research, he was fined.

All of that is shameful as far as I see it. The National Football League is already viewed as the “No Fun League” and something as simple as wearing eye black, or accessories, to promote good and noteworthy causes being fineable offenses is simply disgusting. The fact that the NFL would fine these men for not wearing merchandise they approve of, and make money off of, is deplorable. Simply deplorable. Roger Goodell and company need to be taken to task for such draconian rules and pronouncements. It’s blatantly unfair, and unfortunate.

I’m done. I can type no more and this new Adele has me deeper in my feelings than I initially wanted to go. So, before I truly take this blog deep into my subconscious I am going to pull out. Before I do however, I would like to say Rest In Peace to my Aunty Gloria. Family is forever, and the love she shown me, and the love I have for her, is not something that can easily be replaced or forgotten. I’ve always believed that I am destined for great things, and despite my very humble place in life right now, I am comforted by the fact that she was one of my biggest believers. If I ever get to where I think I deserve to be, she will be another person that I owe that gratitude to.

Thanks for loving me, and thank you for motivating me. I look to the sky a lot in memory of my loved ones. I do. I’m sure some who read this blog and know me well, have probably caught me doing that. Anyway, when I look to it now, I’ll know that i have one more person looking down. Rest In Peace Aunty.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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  1. Nice, EJ.

    Regarding your NoFunLeague comments, it is not just the NFL which is guilty of excessive greed. It permeates our society — even the political process. I have said that the United States is an economic democracy. Rather than its stated ideal of being a social (or political) democracy with one person = one vote, it is a society in which one dollar = one vote. The NFL is simply a part of this.

    And, oh that it were not so!

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