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Welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Hell in the Cell is behind us as we saw two Hell in the Cell matches, a new United States Champion in the return of Alberto Del Rio,

Let’s start off with the Frosh Five. Please remember, these are my opinions, and you are entitled to disagree with them, well….that is if you enjoy being wrong.  Feel free to comment or respond on twitter, or our facebook page.  Also if you would like to see future Frosh Five lists, I will take your suggestions. This week on the Frosh 5, the top 5 managers in WWE history.  For this list, I am looking at men who are primarily known for their work as managers, not wrestlers converted to managers.

5. Harvey Whippleman – Stick-thin, conniving and underhanded, but brought a lot of success to his charges

4. Jim Cornette – One of the greatest minds in the business, could talk with the absolute best of them, and that tennis racket, still iconic.  I can still remember some interviews where he was getting so worked up, his face turned as red as Brother Love’s….

3. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – I don’t think you can have a top managers list without Bobby.  He did a lot of work as a commentator, but his managerial work was equally, if not more impressive.

2. Paul Bearer – The shrill voice, the pasty skin, just the outright creepiness.  The late Paul Bearer is a major reason that the Undertaker found so much success.  He also launched the careers of both Mankind and Kane.  That is 3 hall of famers (if not yet, then as soon as they retire) under his belt.

1. Paul Heyman – There can’t be any doubt.  This man is the top.  I know he isn’t popular, (both in front of and behind the curtain), but there is nobody on the mic as good as Heyman.  He instantly makes any superstar relevant.


The Power Rankings 

1. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champion is more confident than ever after defeating the demon Kane. Roman Reigns is on deck. Is Seth up to the challenge?

2. Roman Reigns- Reigns is back in the championship picture after a big win at Hell in a Cell and won the Fatal Four Way to give him the #1 contender spot on Raw.

3. Brock Lesnar- Big win over the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, What is next for the Beast?

4. Alberto Del Rio- The new United States Champion returns to beat Cena, and another win over Neville on Raw, nearly became the #1 contender for the WWE title.

5. Bray Wyatt- Bray Wyatt has gotten himself involved with the Brothers of Destruction, can he and the Wyatt family live up to the hype?


This week in professional wrestling.

1989- The first ever Halloween Havoc took place featuring Ric Flair and Sting vs The Great Muta and Terry Funk in the first ever Electrified cage match.

1998- In one of the worst matches in wrestling history, Hulk Hogan faced off against The Ultimate Warrior for the second time ever at Halloween Havoc.

2001- Kurt Angle defeated The Rock to win his first WWF World Championship.


Here are the questions this week. 

hell in a cell

What were your overall thoughts of Hell in a Cell?

Steve: It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The two Hell in a Cell matches were amazing. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar really tore the house down, and tore the ring up for that matter. Bray and Roman really had a great match as well. There was some surprises with Alberto Del Rio making his return along side Zeb Coulter and winning the United States title. More on that coming soon. The Tag title match was pretty decent as well, as it was entertaining. Seth Rollins won another match cleanly over Kane. Though I have a feeling we have not seen the last of this feud…sadly. But overall it was a pretty good show. Much better than I expected it to be.

Eric: Hell in the Cell has come and gone. As I predicted, it was an average ppv for the WWE. Nothing really special happened. I did like seeing Alberto Del Rio come back, I’ll talk about that later. The match of the night was Regins vs Bray Wyatt in the Hell in the Cell match. This match had back and forth action, on the edge of seat thrill. Taker vs Lesnar was ok, and the tag title match was good. All in all it was a decent ppv. I have seen better and I’ve seen worse. If I had to give it a score, I’d say or was a 5. It wasn’t the best show, but definitely not the worse one.

Josh: Better than expected, but still some really poor decisions being made.  The Taker/Lesnar match was much better than anticipated, and what a clever way to get Taker backstage after the match without the need of a stretcher!

Chad: The Cell matches stole the show for me however, the rest of the show was ruined by the return of Alberto Del Rio; as I stated last week I have never been a fan of his work this was a blown opportunity by WWE to give somebody from NXT a boost by beating Cena and they blew it.

Todd: I was kind of disappointed overall with the event. I was happy with alberto Del Rio answering the U.S. open challenge since last week that was one of my bold predictions. I was not too sure about the finish of the match. no finishing move. John Cena has taken way more punishment then that and kicked out. I thought the writers could have done a little better with writing him off TV. Maybe an injury by Del Rio or something. Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt match was not what I expected. WWE built it up to be some big collision and then nothing. Don’t get me wrong it was a good match but it did not meet my expectations. On to The New Day. WWE is just making them look weak and weaker. They have had 3 matches with the Dudleys, 2 they lost by DQ and at Hell in the Cell they cheated to win. They are starting to look like rollins. Come on WWE WTF. The divas match surprised me. I truly thought that Paige would cost Charelotte the title after the events leading up to Hell in the Cell. Seth Rollins vs Kane was just a complete disappointment. Everyone knew Kane would not win the world title, so it was no surprise when Rollins got the victory. I don’t really know what to say about the Kevin Owens vs Ryback match. I mean the only time he has beaten Ryback is when he has poked him in the eyes. Can a Champion win in the WWE without cheating or is this becoming normal. Now its the Beast vs the Deadman. Undertakers age really showed in this match. I though Lesner was going to pull out the win but it surprised me he took the low blow to do it. I understand why he did it though. afterall Taker did low blow him twice before. I didn’t expect The Wyatt Family to come out and attack Undertaker at the end of his match. That was very interesting.

Jim: It was OK.  Nobody will ever convince me that Seth Rollins can beat Kane, so that was a major disappointment.  Bringing back Del Rio at all, let alone rewarding him with a title is sickening.  We all know John Cena asked for a vacation, so he had to lose.  But Del Rio?  Please.  The Reigns/Wyatt match was fantastic, and secures Roman Reigns as a top tier talent.  New Day beat Dudley Boyz?  Pitiful.  They are the worst male act the WWE is currently promoting, and they are miserable to watch.  I only know they won because I read it online this morning.  Charlotte beats Nikki?  I know, Nikki is going on vacation with John Cena. But honestly, why do they keep promoting the no ass, no hips, dude in a bra known as Charlotte?  She’s about the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen.  At least my one prediction came true.  She was bleeding.  She needs to bleed more. Kevin Owens vs Ryback?  DIdn’t watch, don’t care.  I’d rather clip my toenails than see either one of them in a ring.  Lesner vs Undertaker?  I only hope and pray this is the last time we see them fight.  So damn tired of it.  Yay Brock.  You beat my grandfather.  Great job.



The WWE has stated that they have not been happy with Charlotte’s performance as Diva’s champion. So was it the right move to keep the title on her at Hell in a Cell?

Steve: Has anyone been happy with Charlotte as the Diva’s champion? Jesus Christ no. She is horrible. Nikki should have won this match. However, I think what they are going to do is have her drop the title to Sasha Banks in the very near future. At this point, I wouldnt care who has the title as long as it is not on Charlotte.

Eric: Yes, I think Charlotte has done decent so far as the divas champion. I also believe that it was best to keep the title on her this past Sunday. With keeping the title on her this past Sunday it gives WWE the opportunity to put her into feud with Paige. I think after her feud with Paige, I’d like to see her drop the title to Sasha Banks. I think she is the best woman on the roster right now and I think it’s only a matter of time before Sasha is at the top. For now though, yes it was good to keep title on Charlotte.

Josh: Yep.  Can’t put it back on Nikki.  It is time for the new Divas to shine.  Sasha Banks should be next up for a title shot, then Becky Lynch, and hopefully we see Bailey join the party soon.  That being said, I am not as anti-Charlotte as it appears the other members of the panel are, but she has been a bit underwhelming.  I blame that more on the writing than the delivery, as her ring work is still top notch.

Chad: I think a lot of people were expecting Flair’s daughter to hold the belt like a Flair and unfortunately that is not happening so I do expect to see a change in the title before the end of the year to get another fresh face out there for the fans to see

Todd: No matter who won this match Charlotte or Nikki Bella they would soon lose to My girl “The Boss” Sasha Banks at Survivor Series. I thought Charelotte would make a good divas Champion but now I see I was wrong so the title will soon go to Sasha Banks.

Jim: Did I make it clear enough in my first answer.  Charlotte is a miserable champion.  Rewarding her in her first few weeks at the top level with a championship…and keeping it on her even though she absolutely sucks at wrestling….it’s a dang shame.  There are so many quality female wrestlers.  Why they reward the worst on the roster is beyond comprehension.



The WWE has thrown out there that they have considered removing special events on Pay Per View as the buyrates are not making it worth there while, and they think it would gain more Network subscribers. Would this be a smart move on the WWE’s part, and would it gain more subscribers to the network?

Steve: Ill be honest, before I heard about this. I did not know that you could still order Pay Per Views for a shit ton of money. Why anyone in their right mind would want to buy an event for fifty bucks, instead of 9.99, and have access to some amazing shows over the years is beyond me. However, on the flip side. I think that it would be a good idea to do PPV for events like Wrestlemania, as some sports bars will carry the event for people who want to watch it at a bar. That would make sense, but Im sure it is costing them a lot of money to keep running it on PPV, when no one is buying it except for maybe sports bars. Will it give them more subscribers? I don’t think it will, but who knows. I cant imagine they are making money running it on PPV.

Eric:  So, if the WWE does get rid of the option to get ppvs is it a good idea? I don’t see why not? Think about it, who would pay $44.99 when u could pay $9.99 and get not only the new ppv but all the classic shows also. Ever since the network was launched, ppv buy rates have gone down. I think this would help boost their subscribers for the network. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and I love it. Anyone who doesn’t have it yet is nuts! $9.99 and for all you get, it’s totally worth it. I’ve thought for a while that ppvs were going to go away and it seems that day is coming closer.

Josh: I thought they were already doing this.  I think there are some major events (your 4 tent-pole events every year) that I would still run on PPV, but there is no need for smaller events to be run on PPV, not if they are losing money, which is really what Vince & Co care about.

Chad: People still pay more than 9.99 a month to get the PPV shows? Wow, I did not now that and frankly am kind of surprised there is still that option; I could understand from sports bar places to have but with the popularity of UFC I figured there wasn’t a place for WWE in that environment anymore. I think that they need to cut down on the full price PPV and go strictly to the Network which may help with a few more subscriptions.

Todd: Well there is a provider Directv that no longer offer WWE Pay Per Views because of the WWE Network. They stopped offering the PPVS shortly after the network started cause it wasn’t worth it for them. I think if they got rid of PPVS for good it would be a sink or swim type thing for the WWE Network. There were so many glitches when the network first came out that a lot people gave up on it right away. Other people don’t understand that you need certain requirements especially if you are trying to use a laptop to access the network, so they don’t try. Some people are just computer illiterate and don’t know anything about the internet and its just easier to order on Pay Per View. I don’t know if it would be smart but it would be a risk. I think you might get more subscribers but for how long? A lot of people might get frustrated about the things i listed above.

Jim: There’s absolutely zero reason to keep the PPV’s going.  You can’t offer a monthly PPV for $9.00 and then ask people to pay 5 times that much.  It’s not bad business, it’s stupid business.  And anybody that buys the PPV at full price is probably too stupid to own a computer or any other device, so it isn’t fair to ask the mentally challenged to buy them for more than they’re worth.  I think that’s against federal law.



We touched on Alberto Del Rio last week on our thoughts about him returning to the WWE, and this week he is the United States Champion. Was he the right guy to beat Cena for the championship?

Steve: It was surprising to see Del Rio come out at Hell in a Cell, but sure..he has history with the WWE, he is a former WWE Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion. He can do good things with that championship, and defend it like it should be. He doesnt need to defend it in an open challenge like Cena did, but he will defend it with honor, im sure.

Eric: Yes, I think he was a great option to beat Cena and win the US title. The WWE wanted to shock us fans and that’s what they did. When I heard Del Rio announced at Hell in the Cell, I got excited. I do hope he continues the US open challenge. All though there is a few other people I would have liked to seen come in and win. I wasn’t disappointed by seeing Del Rio back and winning the title.

Josh: They took what was arguably the MOST relevant title on WWE (possibly even more than the WWE heavyweight title) and turned it into the least relevant title since the Internet Championship in one fell swoop.  As I said last week, I don’t care about Del Rio…nobody cares about Del Rio….WWE had a GOLDEN opportunity to really build a superstar that NEEDED to beat Cena and they squandered it.  I am still peeved over this…Del Rio is one of the most boring wrestlers I have ever seen.  And on top of all of that, he STILL has NO personality.  Dumb move, WWE, you just shot yourself in the foot with this one.  You didn’t need Del Rio back, yous till don’t need Del Rio…I recommend taking a page from comic books and ret-con this decision, and have John Cena defend the US title at Survivor Series (call him back from vacation), and lose to someone who actually needs and DESERVES it.

Chad: I’m going to quote Good Ole JR “Why, someone tell me Why?” Why bring Del Rio it’s not going to help the product. He should go to TNA and wrestle EC3

Todd: Well I just found out that Alberto Del Rio is working on a limited schedule. I’m not sure what that means yet, but i read that he is working like a part-time. If that the case it was the wrong decision to make him the champ. John Cena spent all that time making the title relevant and it could all go down the drain.

Jim: Alberto Del Rio isn’t the right person to clean my house or wash my car.  This proved that the only reason the fired him was to avoid admitting they had an employee that was a racist.  But I guarantee you they fired him with the promise to bring him back and make him a champion.  It’s terrible for the brand.  And to pair him with Zeb Colter?  The singularly worst manager in the history of the WWE?  Turrible turrible turrible.


mania 32

An inside source has broke to me that as of right now, the rumored main event for Wrestlemania 32 will be a rematch from last year…well sort of… between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match. If this is the case, would you want to see this match, and who would come out as champion?

Steve: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, and even more Stupid if the WWE pulls the trigger with this match. We have seen the WWE championship defended in a triple threat match in the past two Wrestlemanias. Doing it a third time is just too much. We have already seen Brock vs Seth for the title. If you want to do a triple threat match, then fine. But make take Lesnar out of the match and put in Ambrose, to make it a triple threat match with the Shield. THIS WOULD KICK ASS!!!! But…on the other side of things, if you do this, you have to put the title on Ambrose not Reigns, unless you turn Reigns heel. Ambrose is over with fans, more so than Roman Reigns, and if you keep Reigns a face and give him the title in this kind of match, he will be doomed from the start.

Eric: No, I don’t think we need a rematch from last year’s main event. It was good last year but once is enough. I think the WWE could come up with a lot better options for a main event of Wrestlemania than just having another rematch. If that was to happen though, I would like to see Seth Rollins win the title again. I think he has been a good champion so far and I don’t wanna see Regins or Lesnar get the title so Rollins is the only choice there.

Josh: I am never a fan of booking matches this far in advance.  What if someone gets injured, etc?  Plans change.  Reigns is not over enough with the fans as a face to be able to win the title at ‘Mania.  Lesnar has other potential matches that should be one on one.  However, that, as I said, can change.  If he really develops his character between now and then, I may take some of the criticism that I have had of him back.  In the end, I don’t want to see that match, but if it did happen, you give the title back to Lesnar.  It would be the only thing that makes sense, and then the person who beats him for the title, is that much more relevant…Cesaro anyone?

Chad: Mania rematches are usually not a good idea except in the very rare circumstance. The match that needs to happen if you are going triple threat is the three members of the Shield fighting for the gold to give the people the match that they do want to see.

Todd: I would like to see this match only if Seth Rollins is not the Champion. I think Rollins has overstayed his welcome as the WWE Champion already. He has all the talent in the world but WWE has ruined his reputation and the reputation of the WWE title. They need to take it off him but first they need to give him a relevant opponent. Anyone under 40 please WWE. If this match does take place at Wrestlemania the clear winner should be Roman Reigns.

Jim:  If that is a fact, I will not watch Wrestlemania 32.  Period.  Case closed.  Perhaps they should consider bringing back Freddie Prinze Jr as their writer.  Because whoever is coming up with the current story lines absolutely sucks at their job.


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