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Let’s start off this week with a little bit of BAD NEWS, with Bad News Brennan.


This Week in WWE history October 30, 1990 the Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) beat the Hart Foundation in a 2 out of 3 Fall matchup to win the WWF tag team titles…I have some bad news though….During a fall one of the ropes broke…that match was allowed to continue…but due to the event being taped the WWE at the time chose to never air the match thus the title change never officially occurred and the Rockers never won the WWE tag team titles.

Did you Know?

In the plane crash that injured Ric Flair, one man was killed, one man never walked again, and one man (Ric Flair) went on to win the World Heavyweight Champion on 16 different occasions.


And here are your questions this week.

Brian from all the way up in Vermont starts us off

With James Storm coming to NXT as a coach, first is he going to wrestle at all, or is coaching his role? 

james storm

As of right now his role with NXT is a wrestler/coach. If you saw NXT last week, Storm made his in ring debut. What impact he will have in an in ring capacity is not known as of yet. Storm was brought in to groom the younger talent, just like he did in TNA. If you know Storm’s history. He was one of the first wrestlers in TNA when they formed the company. He had much success as a tag team wrestler, and also had one brief stint as the TNA World Champion. I do not think we will ever see James Storm inside a WWE ring as being on the main roster, but I do think he may compete in some matches in NXT. However, his primary role will be a coach, and is going to be expected to develop the younger talent.


Zach from Tampa Florida chimes in this week

I recently saw that Vader was going to wrestle for TNA. My question is, with as good as he was in WCW, why wasnt he given more of a push in the WWE?


Well he did get somewhat of a push. He wrestled for the WWF Championship at Summerslam against Shawn Michaels, and actually won the match twice by DQ and Countout, before losing the match. The problem that Vader had in the WWE was two reasons. 1) Shawn Michaels didn’t really care for him, and he was the top guy in the industry. It was supposed to be Vader going over Shawn Michaels at Summerslam and walking out as the new WWF Champion, however, Shawn vetoed that saying that Vader is not the guy to take the title off of him. The plan was to have Vader win the championship, then would drop it a few months later to the Ultimate Warrior. That is before the Warrior had problems showing up for shows, and the WWF scrapped that idea. Then it was thrown out there that Vader was going to win the title, then would hold it through Royal Rumble before dropping it back to Shawn in San Antonio. Shawn did not like that idea, and because he was the top guy in the business at that time, they listened to him. 2) Vader, outiside of the ring is a real life baby face. He never stood up for himself, and always allowed management and other wrestlers to push him around, and allowed them to not give him a fair shake. Not that this is a bad thing for Vader as he did what was asked of him, and most who have worked with him say that he is a class act all around. Putting these two together, basically means Vader never had a shot in the WWE.


Ron from Atlanta GA. has a question about the York Foundation.

What was the deal with the York Foundation, and why did we not see any of them after 1991? I think they were only around for a year.

york foundation

The York Foundation was founded by Future WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda when he was known as Michael Wallstreet. He introduced the manager of the York Foundation, Alexandra York. Does she look familiar? This would be Terri Runnels, the wife of Dustin Rhodes. She was also known as Marlena in the WWE, and also managed the Hardy Boys. Wallstreet left for greener pastures for the WWE in early 1991, and they reformed Terry Taylor, as Terrence Taylor, Ricky Morton to Richard Morton, and Tommy Rich to Thomas Rich. This was the York Foundation. Why did they disband? It was because Alexandra York started dating Dustin Rhodes. His father, Dusty Rhodes was a booker for WCW at the time, and never liked Terri, never approved of Dustin having a relationship with her (until much later), so he essentially got her fired and release from WCW, and we never heard from her again, that is until Goldust came on to the scene along side his wife Marlena, who debuted in the WWE at the Royal Rumble 1996, when Goldy won his first Intercontinental Championship from Razor Ramon.


Richard from El Paso IL. asks about a young champion.

My question has to do with who is actually the youngest WWE Champion ever. I remember that Brock Lesnar was the youngest champion, then Randy Orton became the youngest champion, but I had thought Orton was older than Lesnar. Who actually is the youngest champion ever, and if it was Brock, why did they move Orton to that role?

brock lesnar

Orton is actually the 5th youngest WWE Champion in history followed by The Undertaker in 1991, The Rock in 1999, Yokozuna in 1993, and Brock Lesnar in 2002. Lesnar is the youngest WWE Champion in history at 25 years old. When Orton won the championship at Summerslam 2004, he was said to be the youngest World Champion in the history. This was more to get the spot light off of Brock Lesnar as he and Vince had a falling out when he left a few months earlier. He did not want to have Brock be the holder of any record in the WWE. So while that would defer to Yokozuna as he was the second youngest, or The Rock, or The Undertaker. The WWE and Vince McMahon wanted to have it showcased and made Orton just a little bit younger than he was, I think they said he was 24 years old when he won the championship, when actually he was 26 when he defeated Benoit to win his first championship. So it was all about being showcased on a big stage to take something away from Lesnar, when in actuality he never lost that record.


Theo from Pasadena CA.

Alot of Ring of Honor stars have made their way to the top of the WWE, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens just to name a few. Which star in Ring of Honor do you think is next to be a top star in the WWE?

adam cole

If you ask me I would have to say the next Ring of Honor superstar to make it in the WWE would have to be Adam Cole. Cole is currently a member of the Kingdom, and has won the ROH World Heavyweight Championship on a couple of occasions. Why Cole? He can talk, he has the look, and he has the raw natural talent to compete with the big boys in the WWE. He has the makings to be a superstar in the WWE. While I would hate to see him go and leave ROH. Cole could be a huge asset to Vince McMahon because he is a guy who has paid his dues for years in the independent circuit. Cole, to me could be another star that could reach the heights of a Daniel Bryan, or Seth Rollins, both who competed in Ring of Honor, and had much success. I think it is only a matter of time before he gets noticed by the brass in Stamford Connecticut and we could see Adam Cole in a WWE or NXT ring soon.




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  1. I don’t think these are questions, they probably are more my opinions but I got two of them that I wouldn’t mind if you addressed and they are both about the New Day.

    1) Why are the New Day extremely corny? I’ve started watching wrestling again after giving up on it, but everytime I hear the New Day talk I want to mute the TV. I just think they are three corn balls and I don’t see why they appear to be over with the crowd. That unicorn thing? Straight ass cheeks.

    2) What’s the deal with tag team belts? They look like huge pennies. Why did they change the design?

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