Movie Review: Halloween 3

Halloween 3

Halloween 3Movie Review:
Halloween 3

Everyone knows about Halloween III. Its the one that comes after the Carpenter duo- where there is no Michael, its “non canon” what ever that means for this franchise. Hell, they scrapped the three movies after this one too. (Spoiler)

Is it that bad? Does it deserve the haterade that has been poured on it?
Lets find out.

So we start off with this guy being chased by some men in a suit. The camera breaks out the SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT early by taking every opportunity to show us he’s holding a Halloween mask. A guy at a convenience store drives him to the hospital, and he is put into a room, where another man in a suit shows up and kills him, when he’s chased out of the hospital by the doctor, the killer gets into a car and sets himself on fire.

Yeah. Thats a setup. No Myers here, for sure.

Halloween 3 herosSo the Doctor shows he’s a shitty day to his kids, and when the guy that was killed hot daughter shows up to figure out why her father was killed, the Doctor decides to become a private investigator and they track the mask down to Silver Shamrock Novelties- oddly enough, the mask are not made in China. That right there is a hint that they are EEEVILLLL. Indeed. The owner of the shop- keep in mind, this is the week of Halloween, gives some exposition that doesn’t matter, since we know that theHotChick’s father owned a shop that sold the masks.

So the Doc and the HotChick are given a guided tour of the factory, and the top salesman and his family go along as well, during the tour, the Doc and the HotChick find her father car, but the Doc is unable to unleash his Hulk-Rage and get past the Men in Suits. So they are booted, go back to the hotel for the Doc to show he’s a shitty father, bang the Hot Chick, and plan their next move.

So how is this movie?

Halloween 3 tvLet me be honest, it has some major issues. Lets talk about them. ‘

1. No Michael Myers. I understand what the thought process was here. Do a yearly series of Halloween Terror. If this was a Twilight Zone movie, or called The Secret of the Silver Shamrock, this movie would get more love.

2. The Doctor is HORRIBLY miscast. He’s got almost no presence, I don’t know if they thought they had a Pacino in Sea of Love type of character, but this guy just does not do anything for a lead. Think if this movie had a Noah Wyle type guy in it, then this movie is 15-20 times better.

3. Up to this point, we have a solid movie. There is a little bit more where we find out what happens to the salesman and his family, but after that, this falls COMPLETELY apart. Holy crap this movie spirals.

4. The Men in Suits are no longer a threat. Its like a comic book or a wrestling match. Hero has to fight Doc Ock, and he’s hard as hell to beat. Has to fight Kraven the Hunter, he’s hard as hell. Venom shows up, and holy hell he’s hard to beat. All 3 show up? I can still beat them all in 22 pages.

So I’m going to go 4 here, I think the movie is worth a watch, and the music is catchy as hell. More after the Spoilers!

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