Pounding 7: Stop the DVR!

Welcome to a new feature here at the 7#, out week ending top 7 lists. A Brainchild of Stephen, the thought here is to pick a topic and give our top 7 ranked answers. As you can tell, we are deep thinkers here.

If you have a top 7 topic a future week, let us know. This is going to kind of bounce around between writers, and the rule for the comments are such- if you say I forgot X, then you gotta kick Y out of the top 7.

This weeks topic?

Top 7 movies I have to stop on if I’m scrolling through the guide.

Willy WOnka and the CHocolate factory7. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

If Its past Goodnight Charlie, chances are I’m going to be singing along in seconds. I can’t sing, but neither can the Oopa Loompas- and no, I will not watch the remake again. I’ve read the books, I understand what the widow is saying- don’t care. Gene Wilder is a master at work, and again, once we get past the boring preachy parts at the beginning, I’m in.

Rock Biter6. The Never-Ending Story

My all-time favorite movie growing up. I love the Rock-Biter. I do have large hands, to go with my Size 13s, and in times of stress, I have looked at my hands. They look like strong hands. I do keep losing my grip on the stupid snail. I still have no idea what Bastion screams out the window. I love the Nothing, and how it has a simple message.

Now go read a book

5. Any Porn.


Sweeny Todd5. Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Its a flawed movie, seriously flawed, but there are a TON of good spots, and if I’m close, I’m killing 10 minutes or more. Pretty much if there a guy onscreen that was in Harry Potter, I’m good to go for a bit.

I do wish the ending was better, but I loves me some Helena.

Pulp Fiction4. Pulp Fiction

Instantly quotable. I would have thrown several Taratino movies in here, but If I’m hitting guide and Pulp is on HBO and Dogs is on HBO 2 and Kill Bill is on HBO, I’m stopping by them all, but Pulp is stop number 1. I might do this as a future Pounding 7. Pulp Fiction is not my favorite Tarantino movie, however.

Thats a tease, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Grease Banner3.Grease.

Two Reasons:

A. Olivia Newton John at the end. Yeah, If I’m close, I’m waiting. If I’m not- chances are high I’m coming back if I do have to leave.

B. Love the songs. There a down stretch in the movie, and you all know where it is, but by and large, I’m sticking around.

Wedding Singer End2. The Wedding Singer.

I love this movie. I love the ending. outside of a stretch in the middle, there are few parts on here I’m not hitting the breaks.

Let me just say the ending is awesome in 100 different ways. I’m a huge Billy Idol fan, and the closing song is how I want life to be.

Now somebody kill me please! I’m on my knees, pretty pretty please!

Vecinni1. The Princess Bride

I could quote the entire movie.


Did you see the Big Bang Theory? Howard was doing Inigo Montoya, and Koothrappali wasn’t going the Dread Pirate Roberts, and that tended to tick me off.

Andre the Giant is amazing, and even Sean Penn’s wife does a great job. Of course, my favorite part is the whole exchange about what goblet the poison is in.

And yes, I have started a land war in Asia.

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