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Halloween 2

Movie Review:

Halloween 2Halloween II

Halloween II starts off the same night as Halloween, and Jamie Lee Curtis has cut her hair,m so we do have a bad wig on for this movie. I loves me some Jamie Lee, so who cares.

Myers has been shot 6 times, but he’s Not Dead!

For some reason he goes running around town, and swipes a knife from a family somewhere. Jamie is taken to the hospital.

Jamie Lee CurtisMyers hears about Jamie being taken to the hospital on the radio- gotta love a slow news day, and ups the body count on his way there. Jamie Lee starts having flashbacks to Micheal as a little boy, so she gets the needle to calm her down, so she won’t be in too much of the movie in a bad wig until the end.

There is a paramedic that is in the hospital who is trying to hit on Jamie Lee, even though one of the nurses keeps chasing him off. in 2015, he comes off as a little Bill Cosby-ish.

Meanwhile, the Mystery Machine- er I mean Dr Loomis and the Sheriff are riding around looking for Michael. and they catch someone in a Shatner mask and he gets killed. Man, Hollywood don’t miss anything. Myers has been killing for a few days and already has the merchandise out. Mel Brooks would be proud.

Halloween 2 Hot tubMicheal arrives at the Hospital, and boy is he pissed when he finds out his co-pay. So he cuts the lights, and drops the security guard with a claw hammer to the face! Then we get, in my opinion, the best kill of the series, when he kills the Hot Nurse. This is right up there with the Jason and the sleeping bad for me- if not better since its just grusome.

So Michael is looking for Jamie, and the Calvary arrives!

So how is this one?

Well, part 1 is done better, the pacing is better, and even thought its bloodless, it still has some iconic scenes and Carpenter is all over the place. This one, not so much, but I don’t understand the hate it gets. I actually like this almost as much. The kills are better, I like the ending better, but there are some problems.

LoomisThe creepy half-assed love interest for Jamie Lee is useless, and I’d rather see him either killed earlier or just gone. The Dr Loomis/Sheriff road comedy falls flat,and then the Marshall’s office coming to get Loomis feels like a time stretcher.

Jamie Lee does nothing for SO LONG, then has to bust ass all over the place to try and make up for it, and the pacing is just DEATH. A better director could have made this one better than the first- sacrilege against Carpenter I know, but I stand by it. I’m going to give this one a 7. I recommend sitting down and watching the twosome back to back.

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