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Hello again wrestling fans to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Last Monday on Raw, we saw a reunion of sorts with the Shield teaming together, and we saw the growth of Eric Rowan’s beard.  This week the panel discusses Roman Reigns and his future role in the WWE. Also Will Alberto Del Rio be returning to the WWE anytime soon?  This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

As you have seen over the past couple weeks, Frosh has taken over a top 5, so we decided to go ahead and let him do this every weeks. So without any further adeiu, let us all pay homage to Frosh in Frosh’s Five. It is the most mind boggling segment in all wrestling sites in modern history. So let’s get to it. The FROSH FIVE!


This week on the Frosh Five, we look at the top 5 Gimmicks in WWE history.  For something to count as a gimmick, it either involves a disguise, or the character’s name has to be completely different than the wrestler portraying him.  Please remember, these are my opinions, and you are entitled to disagree with them, well….that is if you enjoy being wrong.  Feel free to comment or respond on twitter, or our facebook page.  Also if you would like to see future Frosh Five lists, I will take your suggestions.

5. Doink the Clown – There will always be  special place in my heart for Doink. The man playing him was incredibly technically sound and never got the credit he was due, this is the only entry on the list to not have won a major title in WWE.

4. Razor Ramon – The Bad Guy.   THis was the guy who made the villain look cool.   So cool in fact, that he had to turn face.  Scott Hall is an unsung hero in wrestling, never winning the big belts, being satisfied with producing great stories, great rivalries and promoting up and coming talent.  Every time I leave a restaurant, I still pick up a toothpick, just so I can flip it at a make believe camera as I get in the car.

3. The Iron Sheik – Two weeks in a row making the Frosh Five!  The Iron Sheik was the ultimate villain.  He hated America and was the perfect man to usher in the coming of Hulk Hogan and the Prime Time Era of wrestling.  And the fact that he still stays in character so late in life, is just a testament to how good this guy is.

2. Kane – The Devil’s Favorite Demon.  Glenn Jacobs has been around for well over a decade (Isaac Yankem anyone?)  But by far his most successful gimmick is Kane.  Used more as an enhancement talent and/or comedy act nowadays, there was a time when the flames hit and you heard that organ music, that your blood ran cold.  This guy actually lit people on fire for crying out loud!

1. The Undertaker – Was there any doubt as to who would be the top gimmick of all time?  This gimmick is over two decades strong (we will forget about the ill advised biker gimmick of the 2000’s).  When you hear the gong, you KNOW something big is about to happen.  The Undertaker has been a part of numerous huge events, and beaten many top superstars over his career.  I am so glad that Mark Calloway did not debut as “The Eggman” as originally planned (who was supposed to hatch from the egg instead of the Gobbledeygooker).  Sending chills down the WWE Universe’s spine since that fateful Survivor Series, no gimmick has had the life, or the impact than that of the Undertaker.


Now lets get to another top five that we all are familiar with, the POWER RANKINGS

1. Seth Rollins- With Cena on the losing end of a six man tag, Rollins was on the winning side against Ryback on Raw.

2. John Cena- Who will face Cena in the US Open challenge at Hell in a Cell?

3. Kane- Corporate Kane suspended, but demon Kane gets his title shot this Sunday.

4. Roman Reigns- Competes against Wyatt in his first ever Hell in a cell match. Can Reigns get back into the title hunt?

5. Kevin Owens- The Intercontinental Champion has a rematch against Ryback, can he keep his title?


This week in professional wrestling.
Bret Hart signs a 20 year deal with the WWE

Shane McMahon quits the WWE

Chyna becomes the first woman to win the IC title in a good housekeeping match against Jeff Jarrett. It was also Jarrett ‘s last match in the WWE


And here are the questions for this week.


Should the WWE continue to push Roman Reigns through Wrestlemania as they have planned?

Steve: I say yes, he is once again over with the fans, and is starting to sound a little better on the microphone. What better place to win his first WWE title than against Rollins at Wrestlemania, who cost him the championship last year at Wrestlemania 31. Reigns has to be the next top guy possibly to replace Cena on top, more on that in a few. Reigns has proven that he can have really good matches with just about anyone. So he should be given the chance to run with the belt. The only problem is having him win the Royal Rumble, you cannot have a guy like Daniel Bryan make a return, or anyone else who is mega popular for that matter.

Eric:  No, I think the WWE needs to call a spaid a spaid and let Roman go on to become a top Mid carder at best. I don’t think they need to waste their time anymore in pushing Roman. He had his chance and he couldn’t cut it. Now it’s time for WWE to figure out who will be the next top guy and push him such as Finn Balor would be a great choice. WWE, please end Romans push.

Josh: Nope.  and Yes.  They need to continue to push him as he is going right now.  Keep him JUST OUT of the title picture, let him rack up wins and victories in rivalries, but DO NOT put him back in the main event of Mania….the FANS WILL REVOLT!  As I have long said, if you want to get Roman over at that level, GIVE HIM A CHARACTER TO PLAY!  As of right now, he is still just Roman Reigns…I came here to fight.  Similar to John Cena….I came here to fight, or Sheamus….I am Irish and came here to fight, or Randy Orton…I came here to fight, and RKO OUT OF NO WHERE!!!  Give him something to do to make him unique….he is still the most boring, bland character on WWE television…and I am including Lance Storm in this comparision, if we could be serious for a moment…LANCE STORM was more engaging than Roman Reigns…

Chad: Does WWE need a new of face of the company soon? Yes. Could Roman Reigns be that guy? I believe that he can be he has been getting better however I think that Roman Reigns needs a little adjustment to set himself apart from other people in the company in order to get back into the title picture.

Jim:  Simply Answer:  Ladies loe Roman Reigns.  So yes, pushing him is a good idea.  He’s never going to be The Rock, but he can be very popular.  It makes far better sense to push him than the junk they’ve been pushing lately.  Start comparing:  Roman Reigns vs The Big Show?  Roman Reigns vs Cesaro?  Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens?  See?  Once you start comparing, the answer is simple.  Roman Reigns is a better choice.

Todd: No. As much as I like Reigns I don’t think he is the guy to put on top at this point.

roman breast cancer

With Roman Reigns being involved with being a spokesman along side John Cena, recently in the ring with Cena for the breast, cancer survivors on Raw. Is Roman Reigns the guy that will replace John Cena as the go to guy?

Steve: Sure seems like they are pushing him to be the next top star in the business. He was out there with Cena when Cena is usually by himself when introducing the cancer survivors. He is doing solo vignettes for the Susan G Comen ads. So it does appear that they are trying to get his name out there as a guy to replace Cena.

Eric: No, I don’t think it will be Roman. Yes, he has the look for the part, but I don’t think he will be that guy. There is many other options for the WWE to us at the go to giy. I think they were using Roman to see if he could fit the oart, but I don’t think he will. There will be another guy who will come along soon and he will be the next go to guy for the WWE. Who is it? I don’t know yet, but mark.my words, we will be seeing the WWEs new go to guy be picked very very soon.

Josh: Seems like it.  At least, it seems like that is what WWE wants to do.  But they can’t do another Cena, where he is a face forever, and no change in character…that just won’t work long term.

Chad: It seems as though he is the chosen one to be the man after John Cena steps down and right now in WWE I don’t see the guy coming up in the next few months especially with Cena taking time up to getting ready for Rumble/Mania season.

Jim: The replacement for John Cena hasn’t been found yet.  Just go back over the years.  There’s only been a couple of “go to guys”.  Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhoades, The Rock, John Cena.  They’re not easy to find. So no, Roman Reigns is very good, and very likable, but he’s not “the guy”.  I don’t believe he ever will be.

Todd:  Yes sure why not. He could be the spokesman for the WWE when Cena is gone.

hell in a cell

What are your bold predictions for Hell in a Cell this Sunday?

Steve: Well first and foremost Eric Rowan’s beard will walk out as the new WWE Champion. Seriously though, In my damn opinon, sorry Eric. There is no freakin way that Kane walks out of Hell in a Cell as the WWE Champion, Rollins retains. How? I have no idea, probably a cheap win.

The Undertaker will find a way to defeat Brock Lesnar in the Hell in a Cell, I don’t really know why I think he will win but the last two matches, Taker walked out looking bad, won’t happen a third time.

The Dudleys will get their tenth title run in WWE and will defeat the New Day, while I hate the New Day, I don’t like this pick for the Dudley’s either, time to move on.

John Cena will lose his US title to Samoa Joe of NXT in the US open challenge.

Charlotte will defeat Nikki Bella, and Jim from this very RT will come out and show his love for Charlotte.

Kevin Owens over Ryback. You have to give Owens a legit title run

Roman Reigns over Bray Wyatt in the Hell in a Cell match. You wanna push Reigns, you have to have him go over.

Ambrose and ???? over Stroman and Harper/Rowan

Eric: My bold predictions for Sunday at Hell in the Cell on the WWE network for only $ 9.99 go as followed: Bray Wyatt will defeat Roman Regins inside a hell in the cell. This match will be a show stealer! Undertaker beats Lesnar clean once and for all. If you want to know my prediction for the John Cena US open challenge, tune in to In my damn opinion this week to hear that. As for the rest of the card, I think it will be mediocre at best. Will I still watch the show? Absolutely, I hope I can say next week I was wrong and the ppv was amazing! Only time will tell.

Josh: Dudleys win the titles.  Cena loses his title in a US open challence to an NXT debut…possibly Finn Balor, a returning Sammi Zayn (which would set up a great rivalry with Kevin Owens), or Samoa Joe.  Charlotte will retain.  Kevin Owens beats Ryback, I cannot see giving the title back to Ryback so soon, Owens needs it to solidify himself.  Brock handles Undertaker in a near Squash match….I hope Taker doesn’t die.  Roman will beat Bray Wyatt.  Ambrose and partner will lose to the Wyatt Family.  And this is the real bold one….Kane defeats Rollins for the WWE championship.  Give the old guy one last run, and set up a Sheamus cash in/feud leading into Royal Rumble to set up Mania.

Chad: Rollins Retains; Brock conquers the Undertaker; Dudleys win the belts; Charlotte retains; Owens Retains; Cena loses to a NXT guy; I’m personally hoping for Samoa Joe; Owens vs Joe would be great; Roman with the win in the cell.


Jim: Bold predictions?  Umm, The Undertaker has a heart attack in the middle of the ring?  Oh wait, that’s just my dream.  But Lesner will crush him.

Rollins vs Kane?  Again, Kane should and deserves to win.  Which means he won’t.  The WWE is just stupid enough to let Rollins do something stupid to win this.  However, this is the perfect opportunity for the Money in the Bank briefcase to come in to play.  As much as I hate the big pasty Irishman, I hope he cashes it and wins.
New Day vs The Dudley Boyz?  You have to know now what my prediction is.  Pain, and a lot of tables, and New Day goes away.  Please Dear God…let New Day go away.
Ambrose/Orton vs Harper/Strowman?  I hate all things Bray Wyatt.  But I’m not the biggest Orton or Ambrose fan.  But again, I hate all things Wyatt.
Speaking of Wyatt, Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns.  Again, I HATE all things Wyatt.  He’s the worst thing in the WWE right now, bar none.
Kevin Owens vs Ryback?  Ryback has naked pictures of Stephanie McMahon with me.  He must.  It’s the only reason I can see that would let him win a match.  So he’ll win this one too.  And I’ll publish the pictures anyway.
Charlotte vs Nikki Bella?  I’ve made my opinion of Charlotte well known.  She’s a terrible person, terrible wrestler, and put her own spotlight over women with breast cancer.  She can go f…..family site?  Oh, she can go away too.  I hope Nikki makes her bleed, because women never bleed.  One needs to.
And finally, John Cena vs Chris Jericho.  Let me just say this…there’s never been a bigger fan of Chris Jericho than me.  I own his merch, I own his band’s CDs, and I’ve even paid to see them live.  And quite honestly, with the rumor’s out there that Cena needs a vacation, there’s no better person to lose to than Jericho.  I hope Cena wins, but I think this is the best opportunity to pass that belt to a really great person.
Todd: The Dudleys are finally gonna win their 10th WWE tag team title. Nikki Bell will win the Divas title back with the help of Paige. I think paige has been fake as of late with PCB and the attack on Nattie. Kevin Owens will retain. Alberto Del Rio answers Cenas open Challenge and wins the U.S. title. Wyatt Family gonna win. Roman Reigns ends the fued with Bray Wyatt. This will be Undertakers last match ever. He will lose to Brock Lesner. He will never recovered from this match at his age. I predict that he will be carried out on a stretcher. Seth Rollins will beat Kane to retain after the match Kane will be frustrated that he lost and choke slam Rollins. Shemaus will come out to cash in but first he will brogue kick Kane and then brogue kick Rollins to become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion.



The WWE has expressed interest in bringing back Alberto Del Rio. If he comes back, is this smart for both parties?

Steve: For the WWE it’s a good move because Del Rio is a top star in Mexico, and he may be the best international star that is out there. Plus if they can bring back Ricardo, that is an even better. It is not a good move for Del Rio though, the way he left the WWE would ultimately come back to haunt him, as too many wrestlers, and bookers would hold it against him.

Eric: Yes, I think the WWE could benefit from having Del Rio coming back to WWE. He was great with the fans as a face or as a heel. I think it does prove the old expression “anything is possible in the WWE” I would like to see Del Rio return. He could be the top Mexican star on the roster. I mean he don’t really have much competition though but I think he would be great to be added to the main event picture. He could also help alot of the younger talent get over which is one thing all great talent can do.

Josh: I didn’t care about Del Rio when he was in WWE before, didn’t care that he left, haven’t cared about anything he did since….why would I care if he came back?  The top of the card is too full, there is no need for him.  If you need a top Latin superstar…Kalisto…done.

Chad: It’s Great for Alberto if he gets back on the WWE roster and gets that notoriety back. For the WWE I don’t think it’s a good move. I personally was not entertained by him I found his manager Ricardo Rodriguez more entertaining. It’s weird he has been in 2 title matches in Wrestlemania and thought of him coming back is a shoulder shrug and who cares.

Jim: No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  Am I clear?  Alberto Del Rio is a terrible wrestler.  He has no personality.  If he comes back, they’ll let him win again.  And NOBODY wants to see him win again.  so NO NO NO NO NO.

Todd:  I think it would be good for the WWE because he is a great talent but for him probably not cause a little while ago they were talking about never letting him come back again. Why the change of heart? Is it cause Cena is taking time off? They want to just use him in my book.

dh smith

Recently DH Smith, son of the British Bulldog aquired, the name rights to the British Bulldog and states he would be now known as, The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith  Jr. What are your thoughts on this?

Steve: Well if he thinks its going to get him back into the WWE, he can think again. Good for him though to try and carry on his fathers legacy and take on the name. I also applaud the WWE for not fighting him over the name rights of the British Bulldog, they could have, and would have won. I have a feeling though that we will never hear the name the British Bulldog’s name mentioned in the WWE again. Which is sad, because I have always thought he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Eric: I always loved the British Bulldog as a kid. He was one of my favorites. I think it’s nice that his son wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps but create your own gimmick. He will always been known as the son of the British Bulldog, never being known for himself. He will always be living in the shadow of his dad. I like the idea of the tribute to his dad, however I think it will hurt DH Smith in the long run due to he won’t every be able to estiblish himself. He’ll always be the Bulldogs son.

Josh: I don’t have a problem with it.  It was his Dad’s name…I would assume his dad would be ok with it too….The guy has a bit of talent, not anywhere near what his dad had, but has some, if this gets him some recognition and maybe another shot somewhere good, why not go for it?  Will it get him in the WWE, maybe?  It would create interesting storylines…but getting over with the fans is all on him, not his name.

Chad: I’m Ok with it the Bulldog definitely deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame…I’m not sure how this will impact those chances. I definitely do applaud WWE for allowing DH Smith to acquire those rights and if it helps him some extra indy bookings. I have seen where he has success in NJPW teaming with Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer for a cup of coffee in WWE) so the talent is there I wish him all the best in his future. I feel like the WWE broke him and Tyson Kidd up way to soon .

Jim:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Sorry, I’ll get serious and answer.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, I’m trying.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  A.  His name is Harry.  If that’s good enough for the future King of England, it’s good enough for him.  He’s not a Junior.  He’s a Harry.  B.  He’s a terrible wrestler.  He’s a product of both the British Bulldog and the Hart family.  You’d think it was make him better. But just like race horses, bloodlines only get you born.  And C.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Todd:  I think it’s disrespectful to his dad. British Bulldog is a name that Davey Boy earned. DH Smith just took it.


That’s all for this week folks. Thanks for reading. Join us every Thursday for the Wrestling Roundtable, and every Friday for Eric’s In my Damn opinion. Also Tuesday’s you can #ask7pound and submit any wrestling related questions that you may have in the world of wrestling.

Have a great week!

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