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But first we need to give you a little bit of bad news by Bad News Brennan.


So far the WWE has released 3 of the very best Nitro DVD sets that allow fans to revisit the glory days of Nitro with stars like Nash, Hall, Hogan, Sting, Goldberg, Flair…etc. But I’ve got some bad news there is not one mention of the greatest superstar of WCW….Jimmy King. What about his epic loss to DDP after a 4 post massacre doesn’t that deserve some recognition


Did you know?

Did you know that the only wrestler to hold the WWE, WCW, and ECW World Heavyweight Championships was the Big Show?


Questions? Who has Questions for me? Steve-01-288x300


Grant gets us started with a question about the first lady of wrestling.

I know that Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage were once married, then divorced, then she came back to him in the late 90’s with the NWO. Were they on good terms? I can’t imagine having my ex-wife as my valet.


Savage and Liz were married in the mid 80’s. Savage needed a valet, and they tried out several people. He suggested having his wife be his valet, the stars alligned, and history was made. They remained together until 1989, when Liz went to Hulk Hogan and was in a feud with Savage and Sherri. However, Savage and Liz were still married. They reunited at Wrestlemania VII after Savage lost a career ending match to the Ultimate Warrior. Liz came down the two embraced, ended up having a storyline wedding at Summerslam 91. They were together through 1992, when Liz and Savage divorced in real life. This caused Savage to go into depression and basically ended his WWE wrestling career. He was so distraught over the divorce, he was delegated to announcing full time. He then left the WWE for the WCW in late 1994. Liz came back to he and Hogan to manage them. Then she managed him in the NWO for little more than a year. Liz and Savage maintained a pretty good relationship after the divorce, and things ended on good terms. They remained good friends until her death. While he has never gone on record, it had been said that he blamed Lex Luger for her death, as he got her in to drugs and alcohol. So they were pretty close even after they divorced when she returned.


Hector wants to know about the Beast.

When did Brock Lesnar suffer his first ever defeat in the WWE? I feel like he was undefeated for a long time. 

brock vs show

I love it when I can research things and find out some cool information. Okay so here is the run down. Brock actually suffered his first defeat in only his second match in the WWE. He was disqualified in a match between the Hardy Boys in a handicap match. He lost two matches via disqualification to the Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam in the summer of 2002. He lost a triple threat match to the Rock along with Triple H in the match, but was not pinned. He lost a tag team match to Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio when he teamed with Tajiri. Tajiri was pinned in this match. His first pinfall loss was when he lost to The Big Show at the Survivor Series 2002 as he lost the Undisputed WWE Championship to Show due to outside interference from his own manager Paul Heyman. In his WWF/WWE career Lesnar holds a win loss record of 97 wins, 38 losses, and 5 draws. I know you didnt ask that, but I thought it was interesting information.

Sean joins us in the action

For the longest time I could never understand something. Why did Bret Hart jump ship to WCW? He always claimed to be so loyal, so if he was so loyal, why did he leave anyway, and thus Vince was forced to do the Montreal screwjob.


Money! Now I will say this, Bret Hart wanted to stay with the WWE. Vince just could not afford to honor his contract that he signed. Hart signed a contract with the WWE for 20 years for a ton of money. Vince had a change of heart and literally forced Hart to jump ship to WCW, as Turner was going to pay him something like three million dollars a year. This is a crap ton of guaranteed money for a wrestler back in 1997. So Bret was loyal to McMahon, and would have taken less money to stay with the WWE, it was McMahon who  was not so loyal to Bret. Let’s summarize what happened on that fateful November night in Montreal. Bret had stated that he did not want to lose the WWF Championship in Canada, why this was? I have no idea. I guess he wanted to save face in Canada. Never the less, Bret stated that he would surrender the championship the next night on Raw, and formally give up the championship. Vince was not about to let that happen out of concern that Bret would show up on Nitro with the WWF Championship belt. Now, Bischoff had claimed that even if he had wanted to do that, he would not have been legally able to. Vince was screwed once by Madusa when she showed up with the WWF Womens Championship on Nitro and threw it in the garbage. No chance Bret would have done this as he is a class act. Vince wasnt going to take any chances. He developed a plan with Triple H and Shawn Michaels to screw Bret Hart and he would walk out with the championship, they told the referee Earl Hebner right before the match what was going to happen, and you could tell that he was sick after the match. Earl got into his car, gear and all, and left the building. So to answer your question, Bret wanted to stay, Vince wanted him to go.


Jack wants to know about the Flair vs Steamboat feud.

During the Flair vs Steamboat feud, I don’t recall Steamboat ever getting his rematch after losing the title to Flair at Wrestle War 89. Did he ever get his shot again?

flair vs steam

Not after Wrestle War 89 he didnt. If you remember this correctly, Flair was injured by Terry Funk immediately after the match, and he was out of action for two months. He returned at the Great American Bash 89, and defeated Funk at that event, where Steamboat on the other hand was thrusted into a feud with Lex Luger for the United States Championship. Luger had turned on Steamboat after a match between Steamboat and Funk at Clash of Champions VII. Luger came out and cut a quick promo, then hit Steamboat with a huge clothesline. Pushing him into a feud that lasted most of the summer. Flair feuded with Funk for the remainder of the year. Then faced off with Sting for the next year. Steamboat left the NWA and went back to the WWE. He eventually returned as a top mid carder winning the Television and United States Championship in 1993, and 1994 respectively. He did get another opportunity against Flair in the Spring of 1994, and actually had the title held up as he and Flair pinned each other at Spring Stampeed. Steamboat lost the rematch with Flair, and that was the last time Steamboat was in the World title picture. But in case you may have forgotten the match at Wrestle War 89, lets have a look as it was one of my favorite matches ever in professional wrestling.


Randall asks about the future of former champions.

How many wrestlers who won world championships ended up being border line jobbers in the same company? I can remember that Yokozuna jobbed alot a few years after his run, was there anyone else?

yoko vs austin

Well Yoko was right there, as it seemed after he lost the WWF title to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X, he really did not have much success. Sure, he held the tag team titles with Owen Hart on a couple occasions, but then he turned face, and lost more matches than he won. So he would be a good choice to your question. Others that you could make a case for would be Bob Backlund, when he won the WWF Championship over Bret Hart at Survivor Series 94, lost it to Diesel a few days later, had literally no success after that, then again he was an antique already when he lost the title. You could make a case for the Big Show as well, as he has had his ups and downs when he was champion then lost more than he won, I wouldnt call him a jobber per se. The Miz is a glorified jobber and he was once a former WWE Champion. What has he done lately?

Lets move over to the NWA/WCW. Where there are a few more. Tommy Rich won the NWA championship over Harley Race, and after that basically did nothing.  Ron Garvin, who won the NWA Championship from Ric Flair, had zero success after his title reign, ultimately becoming a glorified jobber in the WWE. His claim to fame was a feud with Greg Valentine. David Arquette and Vince Russo? Do I really need to say anything else on that? That’s what I thought.

So I would say that is about it for guys who won the world championship and did not have much success thereafter.

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