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Its time to get some expert opinions on the world of professional wrestling. It is time for the Wrestling Roundtable. We welcome you back to the greatest part of your Thursday morning, as our brains are picked and our knowledge is put to the test. We have a former professional wrestler, two heels, a shark killer, and an Asian nightmare. Let’s not waste anymore time.

We will start off with Frosh’s Power Rankings 


These are not Power Rankings, but rather, the Frosh Five.  This week, top 5 Foreign Superstars/Characters.  To make this list, being foreign has to be PART OF THE CHARACTER, not just being billed from somewhere.  And I will do mine in reverse order, to count down to number 1.  If you want to see a Frosh Five list, comment on facebook or twitter, or down below.

5. Rusev – His previous dominance deserves a spot here.  If not for more recent developments, he would  be higher.

4. The Iron Sheik – The ultimate heel from the ’80’s

3. The Mountie – I still get a kick out of just saying that name…really….try to sound mean and menacing while saying “I AM THE MOUNTIE!”  I dare you.  And this guy did it, and pulled it off quite nicely.

2. Santino Marella – This might be suprising, but how many times are foreign characters always the heels?  Yes, Santino had his time as a heel, but he really shined as a face for years.  He is quite possibly the best foreign face WWE has seen

1. Yokozuna – This huge mass of 600 lb sumo wrestler dominated the WWE for several years in the ’90’s.  He beat the likes of Bret Hart, the Lex Express, and even Hulk Hogan.


Now that that shit AMAZING DISPLAY OF WRESTLING COMMENTARY is out of the way, Here are the real power rankings. 

1. John Cena- Another successful title defense for the US Champion. What is next for Cena at Hell in a Cell?

2. Kane-  Demon Kane pinned the WWE Champion on Raw last Monday, if he does that at Hell in a Cell, the Demon will be the new champion.

3. Seth Rollins- The Champion is vulnerable, and he may very well be two weeks away from losing his championship.

4. Roman Reigns- Roman is still on his winning ways with a victory over Braun Stroman on Raw. Up next, Bray Wyatt.

5. Dolph Ziggler- Absolutely incredible match with John Cena for the US title on Raw. Even though the Show Off did not walk out the champion, he gets a spot in the Power Rankings.


This week in professional wrestling.

WWE lost another legend as Captain Lous Albano passes away

Bret Hart defeated Ric Flair to win his first WWE Championship in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Here are the questions this week.

rusev and summer

What is your opinion on the Summer Rae and Rusev angle where she proposed to him? Does this rejuvenate Rusev’s career, or does this have simply no place in wrestling?

Steve: Well the story goes that Rusev will accept the proposal of Summer Rae as soon as he gets gold around his waste. So I thought this could potentially set up another run for Rusev to gain gold once again. Possibly take the United States title off of Cena, the man that he lost it to at Wrestlemania, now that Cena is set to take some time off. As far as the so called proposal? It really could not have come at a bad time as Lana, who is the real life girlfriend of Rusev, announced with the big Russian that they are engaged, and for real this time. Now that the engagment to Summer Rae is off, I can see a face turn by Rusev as soon as Lana comes back and they continue where they left off. I can see big things for Rusev over the next few months.

Eric: No, this proves where Rusev carrer is heading…. straight into the toilet. Earlier this year, Rusev was an unstoppable force destroying the WWE and everyone that got placed on front of him. Then they start his feud with Cena, Rusev loses not one, not two but three that’s right three matches in a row at a ppv to Cena. This made him look very weak. Now, he’s being placed in a love story line with Summer Rae. This man has lost all steam. He’s not a monster like he once was, he’s a just a guys engaged to some blonde. Now the news is out him and Lana are engaged in real life. Well, now that makes the story line totally ignorant to keep going with. I think it’s time they just reunite Rusev and Lana and have him start to destroy the WWE like he did before.

Josh: I answered this question last week.  So I will answer something different this week.  How cool would it have been for Santino to have accidentally won the ROyal Rumble in 2011?  I mean at the end, for Alberto Del Rio to just slip and accidentally go over the ropes and out.   That would have been AWESOME!  Santino would have main evented ‘Mania…he may even have won the championship because the roof on that place would have exploded.

Chad: I think that the WWE knows they are up against MNF and a possible deep postseason run by the Cubs of all teams, so I feel as if they are trying anything to get eyes on the product; I feel the Rusev/Ziggler/Lana/Summer program could eventually get the US title to work with

Todd: I think it is dumb in my book. If I wanted to watch a soap opera I would just turn on General hospital or something. Rusev is too good for that trailer park trash any ways. Before WWE puts any kind of gold around Rusevs waist again they have to build him back up cause they have crushed him over the past year. They spent 8 or 9 months of him going undefeated and they did nothing with it. Now he wants gold around his waist before him and Summer Rae are officially engaged. That might take a while, if WWE does it properly.

Jim:  I think it’s pitiful that the story line on RAW is their engagement BS while in the same week Lana posts a picture of her in bed with Rusev showing her brand new real engagement ring.  I can’t for the life of me see any storyline that Summer Rae belongs in, but on one knee proposing to aI think it is dumb in my book. If I wanted to watch a soap opera I would just turn on General hospital or something. Rusev is too good for that trailer park trash any ways. Before WWE puts any kind of gold around Rusevs waist again they have to build him back up cause they have crushed him over the past year. They spent 8 or 9 months of him going undefeated and they did nothing with it. Now he wants gold around his waist before him and Summer Rae are officially engaged. That might take a while, if WWE does it properly. man is a waste of air time.  Get Rusev back with Lana, and let’s move on with “WRESTLING”!.  Remember when they did that?  As for rejuvenating Rusev’s career?  Huh? How could it possibly rejuvenate his career?  He’s spent the last 20 years, it seems, fighting one guy.  Week in, week out, pay per view, and probably in his sleep.  That’s what has ruined his career.  Put him in with Owens, let him kill him, and get the beast back on fast track.


Is Bayley the next Diva to join the main roster in the WWE?

Steve: I am going to go on record right now and say this. Bayley and Sasha Banks, are the two greatest women wrestlers that I have ever seen perform inside of a ring. I think that Bayley absolutely needs to be moved up to the main roster. The fans love her, and she is so freakin talented inside the ring. She has the ability to be hardcore, she can mat wrestle, she can fly, and she just participated in the first ever Iron “Woman” Match with Sasha at NXT Respect last week. Bayley is ready to come up to the main roster, and it should be sooner rather than later.

Eric:  Yes, Bailey has proven she can hold her own and have great matches and still be attractive. I love her gimmick, I think she has great potential and would be a great addition to the main roster. It’s no longer about just looking pretty, fans want to see great wrestling action also. Bailey will provide that to the fans. It’s only a matter of time before she is on the main roster.

Josh: It is either her or Eva Marie….I would prefer Bayley…I think everyone except for Eva Marie would prefer Bayley.

Chad: Yes if you can go and a great match let alone an iron woman match as the main event of a big show then you are ready to come to the  call to come to major leagues and really show what you can do on a larger stage

Todd:  Yes most Definitely. I don’t know what WWE is waiting for.  Everyone has seen the last two NXT title matches between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Both of them could be match of the year candidates. Her time is now. She has more talent and is more athletic than over half the divas on the main roster right now.

Jim: The Diva’s need some fine tuning.  namely, Tamina needs to go.  What a complete waste of a character.  She walks out, stands there, never smiles even, and certainly never wrestles.  I’m not completely sold on the Bayley character, but it can grow.  She’s likable, decently talented, and the fans like her.  As for Tamina, she can pick up  Natalya on her way out the door, literally, and take her too.  There are a bunch of good women on the NXT roster, and it has been announced that NXT is looking to sign a bunch more, which tells me the main stage is about to make some serious changes.  They can have a few more, and bring in some real talent who make it on their own instead of letting daddy buy them a belt as long as they go “whooo” every time a camera is on them.

Speaking of that, did you see last week’s tribute to survivor’s of breast cancer…all the WWE superstars on the stage.  And there stood Charlotte, with her damn belt over her shoulder, covering the t-shirt everyone was wearing that day.  She’s just pitiful.  But there also stood Eva Marie, who we all hope makes the main ring jump soon.


What are your thoughts of last Wednesday’s NXT Respect Takeover? Do you like having a special event for NXT during the week, or should they be on weekends?

Steve: Respect was off the freakin charts. I loved the Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament, which was won by Samoa Joe, and NXT Champion Finn Balor. I really thought the Apollo Crews and Tyler Breeze match was one that may be talked about for awhile, these are two guys that you may see on the main roster in the near future. It featured not one but two great womens matches. But the main match we discussed earlier with Sasha and Bayley going 30 minutes in an Iron Man match for the first time in history in the womens division, anywhere. These two main evented Respect, and gained respect from every wrestler man or woman in the locker room. Absolutely amazing. I think that the talent pool is in NXT, so yes, they need to start having their own events on Sunday’s, just like the WWE main roster does. I love me some NXT.

Josh: Does it matter?  With the WWE Network, for how much again, Eric? You can watch the NXT event literally ANY time.  Putting it in the middle of the week means it does not compete with football, or other wrestling shows for the initial draw.

Eric:  I thought last week’s NXT special was just like all of the others, simply amazing. These guys and gals are the future of our business. They are perfecting their craft and are great to watch in the ring. I am always impressed when ever they have a special event and look forward to them. I wish they were on weekends though like Saturdaynight. This way alot more fans could sit down and watch it live instead of on demand on the network. I think it would be kinda cool to see live wrestling back on Saturday nights, I miss seeing that like I did when I was a kid.

Chad: I think Wed are the best days for the takeover shows you’re not messing any football. If your NBA, MLB, or NHL is team is playing than you can always catch up the showI thought NXT Takeover was great. In fact WWE needs to take lessons from NXT because every match finished with a decisive winner. I was kind of confused how Finn Balor sometimes was favoring his left leg and other times he was walking around like nothing was wrong with it. Asuka was amazing. Look for her to move up the NXT ranks real fast. As always Bayley and Sasha Banks put on another Awesome match. One thing I didn’t get, how could this match be an iron man match with two women competing?  on the WWE Network for the low low price of….. 9.99 anytime 24/7

Todd: I thought NXT Takeover was great. In fact WWE needs to take lessons from NXT because every match finished with a decisive winner. I was kind of confused how Finn Balor sometimes was favoring his left leg and other times he was walking around like nothing was wrong with it. Asuka was amazing. Look for her to move up the NXT ranks real fast. As always Bayley and Sasha Banks put on another Awesome match. One thing I didn’t get, how could this match be an iron man match with two women competing?

Jim: I’d be happy with a NXT Takeover 2 or 3 times a week.  The same people fighting the same people every week gets old.  NXT is proving to be an incredible farm club, and they should continue to get them in the spotlight. That’s the future of the WWE there, and the NXT fighters need to learn how to perform on a bigger stage.

the rock

The Rock was moved from the alumni page to the active roster on WWE.com. How, if anything should the WWE use the Rock when he comes back later this year?

Steve: I could honestly care less what the WWE does with the Rock, just so long as they don’t put a championship on him. I have heard that they are thinking of pairing the Rock and the Undertaker up at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas Texas. This would be a mistake if you ask me, the Rock has no business getting back into the ring. He obviously does not have the passion for the business like he used to, and it’s not like he needs the money. He probably just wants to use the WWE stage to plug another one of his movies. He needs to make some cameo appearances to say hello, then go away. If he wants to be a full time wrestler, then great, I’m all for that, but we already have one part time superstar in the WWE, we don’t need 2.

Eric: The Rock could be back on the active roster by the end of the year, why oh why? Don’t get me wrong, the Rock has great talent and has been part of the business for a long time, however he has made it clear he’s more about making movies than wrestling anymore. I think it’s time for the Rock to hang up the boots for good and retire from professional wrestling. He will be a hall of famer one day, but he’s professional wrestling carrer is over. It’s time for the new generation to take over and they can’t with Rock still in spot light. I don’t think he needs to come back.

Josh: Meh.  The Rock was an electrifying superstar.  He could be again if he wanted to dedicate the time to it.  But why would he?  He can live at home, not be on the road, and make exponentially more money NOT wrestling.   If he comes back, I will mark out, just like about everyone else.  But I don’t see championships or anything of real value being done with him…except maybe a mixed tag with Rhonda Rousey vs. Steph and HHH at ‘Mania.

Chad: Not sure if this is a tease to get people hyped for a possible Rock return. The only sense is that it could start the build for HHH/Rock WrestleMania match. The Rock could on top of the mountain if he puts the time and is not a part-time champion but with the movies he has made, is making, and will make why dedicate to a full time road schedule with WWE. Always exciting to see the Rock come home though.

Todd:  I don’t think they should do anything with him. I feel WWE should spend their time developing all these young stars they have and stop depending on the attitude era to boost their ratings. They have all these young stars just waiting in the wings lets start seeing what they got. I know this will not happen but WWE has to let these young stars grow up sometime.

Jim:  Must be headed to Wrestlemania 2016.  The Rock needs another paycheck.  I want the next generation…NOW.  Dwayne announces he going to have a baby with his woman, and now he needs some money to redecorate the nursery????  He’s worth an estimated $125,000,000. Isn’t that enough Dwayne??????  Let him fight anyone.  Let him lose.  Let him get on with his movie and TV career.  MOVE ON MR JOHNSON!


PWI stated that Sheamus is the modern day Stone Cold Steve Austin as he has been used as a heel and a face during his Money in the Bank run. What are your thoughts on what PWI said, and What does the WWE do with Sheamus moving forward?

Steve: At this point, I don’t think even Vincent Kennedy McMahon and company know what they want to do with Sheamus. I think that they are regretting putting the Money in the Bank title on him because A) He is not getting over like they had hoped, other than telling him how stupid he looks. B) He lacks the charisma that he once had when he was a face, and when he first debuted. The smart money would be on Sheamus cashing in the briefcase and losing, or losing the briefcase all together. I think that he has only attempted to cash in twice since he won it, so he is starting to make that briefcase irrelevant. I suppose depending on what they plan on doing with Rollins and they want to get the title off of Rollins, Kane can win the match, Sheamus cashes in and joins the Authority, though I seriously doubt that is what is going to happen. As far as what PWI says? Sheamus is about as far from Stone Cold as Headbanger Mosh is from John Cena.

Eric: First of all, Sheamus is no where a Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin was the Texas rattle snake, Sheamus will never be as popular as Austin was. I think PWI is full of shit on that one. What does the WWE do with Sheamus now? Have him cash in MITB and lose. Let’s face it, this guy will never be the top guy in the WWE. He’s a best a high mid carder, but I don’t see him as champion again. Ever since he came back, his gimmick has sucked. I miss his old gimmick, I thought that was way better, I wished he’d go back to that then maybe I could come up with something better for him, but for now, have him cash in and lose the MITB.

Josh: Stone Cold had charisma.  Sheamus does not.  Stone Cold did not have stupid beard braids.  Sheamus does.  Although that would be a great direction for Sheamus’ character to go, just start copying EVERYTHING about Stone Cold Steve Austin…right down to the Texas accent.  At the very least it would be entertaining.  The MitB breifcase has about run its course though.  THey have done everything they can do with it.  They have had the cheap cash ins.  They have had pre-announced matches with the cash ins.  They did it at ‘Mania, and there have been two cash in’s where the challenger lost.  WWE may want to look at another propeller to the main event scene.

Chad: To the PWI…I have some bad news…Sheamus is not even in the same ballpark of what Steve Austin was in his day. To even suggest this is ludicrous and I don’t even want to discuss it anymore. As far as what they should do with him…at this point I can’t see a successful cash-in unless you want to make the Sheamus the man in the Authority which would not make sense storyline wise.

Todd:  I think PWI is smoking crack. I don’t know if Austin was ever really a heel or face, he was always an asshole. Not that I didn’t like Austin. it’s just the way he was all the time. Shemaus can’t Lace up Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Boots. Stone cold never came out with some weird haircut and a stupid braided goatee. I look for Shemaus to cash in his briefcase at Hell in a Cell but he won’t keep it very long. I think he will lose it at Survivor series.

Jim:  I know this is a surprise to everyone, but I’m so sick of Sheamus.  His beard is just ridiculous.  His pasty white skin is almost transparent.  His mohawk is just laughable.  His wrestling skills are almost nonexistent.  He kicks people.  Oh, such skill.  And his talking…seriously….can anyone understand a word he says?  He’s got the brief case.  He’s had it for 4 months.  Use it already.  The champ has been pinned every week now, and there’s no reason he hasn’t cashed in, other than “NOBODY WANTS HIM TO BE THE CHAMP”.


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